Why You Shouldn’t Vape Disposables That Boast More Than 600 Puffs With Nicotine.

Did you know that disposable vape pens are the most popular way to smoke e-cigarettes? They’re cheap, portable, and discreet; there’s no need to charge batteries or clean tanks and coils. However, research on vaping is becoming more accessible every day. That means we’re learning more about harmful chemicals and substances in common vape products and accessories. You see, lots of folks still assume it’s safer than smoking traditional cigarettes — but that’s not always true. 

If you’re thinking about taking up vaping with a disposable e-cig, then you should read this first: there are lots of risks involved with using disposables. So before you ditch your combustion habit for a digital one, take a look at why you shouldn’t vape disposables that boast 600 puffs with nicotine.

The Dangers of Vaping More Puffs with Nicotine
Disposable e-cigs come with all the risks that come with other non-tested vaping products. You see, vaping is not without risks, and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t vape disposables or use other common vaping products that boast more than 600 puffs with nicotine. 

There are two main problems with these disposables: they could contain harmful substances and they aren’t tested to the same standards as the legal 600 Puff Disposables. These High Puff Count Nicotine-containing Disposables are not legal in the UK which means they haven’t been tested or approved by the MHRA and could contain anything, quite literally.

High Nicotine in Vape Disposables
Nicotine is one of the most popular substances in e-liquids. However, while it’s helpful when used in moderation to help you quit smoking, a high concentration of nicotine isn’t good for anyone. 

Disposable e-cigs come with high concentrations of nicotine when compared to other vaping products. Legal and tested disposables usually give about 600 puffs with nicotine, which means the e-liquid contains more nicotine than it would in a typical e-cig. A Typical Compliant and TPD Approved Disposable Pod will contain no more than 20mg Nicotine per Pod. The higher puff count 600+ Pods that come in to the UK illegally typically contain 50mg Nicotine per pod which is extremely high.  

Not Tested To The UK & European Standards
Disposable e-cigs are made of cheap materials and they don’t have to be tested to the same high standards as real e-cigs. 

Vaping products that are made for one-time use don’t need to be tested for the same levels of toxins. That’s because the companies manufacturing them don’t expect them to last very long — or at all. That directly means that anything can be in these, especially if they’re illegal to begin with. Basically, these illegal disposables aren’t tested for toxic substances like metals, solvents, or chemicals that could be used in the manufacturing process unlike the iBreathe Xero Pro.

Summing It Up
Disposable e-cigs are convenient and easy to use. If you’re looking to give vaping a try, then spending a little bit extra on a reusable e-cig is a much better idea. It’s cheaper in the long run, healthier, and more environmentally friendly. But if you want to give dosposables a go, stick to the regulated and approved devices like the iBreathe Xero Range.