Why You Should NOT Pay More Than $50 for a Vape Pen [& What to Actually Grab for That $50]

Being in the business that I’m in, I often get asked by friends and acquaintances about how much they should pay for a simple pen-like vape. A simple, little vape that will work as advertised… that will vaporize their e-liquid… oils… or concentrates… and help them kick those nasty tobacco products [in the groin, preferably].

And my answer is always the same — 50 bucks… five or take a dollar or two. And that’s for an excellent vape device.


Well, I’ll tell you that in a second… but, first, understand that I’m talking about simple vapes. Things like cigalikes, simple pod systems, and disposable vapes are included here… but they should cost you much less than that.

Does that make sense?

So if you want a good vape device— with a decent internal battery, good battery life, variable voltage, and maybe even temperature control — you shouldn’t be paying more than $50. Cause you’ll get everything you need with that. And it’s just about how much the Pure will put you back.

But don’t mind the plug and the link there — it’s there if you want to skip knowledge-hunting and go straight for a tried-and-tested vape juice vaporizer that gets the job done. 

But… if you really want to know how much you should pay for all this— and why paying $100 and more is a rip-off, plain and simple — then keep on reading.

Wanna know?

Let’s get into it.

Vape Pens… or Vape Box Mods?
Today, we’ll be talking about vape pens specifically.

Vape mods are a whole different beast — they’ve got more power… huge 4000mAh internal batteries… different styles and designs — for them to cost more is only to be expected.

When you’re eyeing vape pens, I assume three things about you are true:

#1] You’re looking for great flavor… but not billowing clouds of vapor.

#2] You want a simple, high-quality vape device… and compact design.

#3] You’re looking to lower your overall cost of vaping.

If these three things are your priority, then you’re on a market for a good pen [a vape juice pen, a cannabis vape pen for oils, or a wax pen — it doesn’t matter at this point]. So that’s what I’ll be focusing on here.

And here’s how much you should pay for any of these.

What Should I Pay for a Vape Pen?
Believe it or not, this is not such a tricky question.

Most manufacturers simply pile stuff on — bells and whistles — that is unnecessary for the casual vaper. And they do it in the hopes of justifying an exorbitant price point.

But here’s the thing…

Vapers who opt for a pen are looking for simplicity. Not necessarily a cheap vape pen… but a device that does what it says on the label. They — and I’m guessing you because you’re reading this — don’t need things like vortex airflow, a mobile app, or a mesh coil. Dependability and simplicity — that’s the key here.

That’s why I say — you don’t need to pay more than $50 for the best vape starter kit.

I’ll offer you three reasons for that:

#1] You don’t need a whole lot — you’re looking for ease of use & flavor. 

#2] You don’t want to pay for marketing hype… & a lot of it is hype.

#3] High-quality vape pens are pretty cheap when mass-produced.

With big brands — such as Kanger K-Pin Mini and Joytech eGo AIO — a lot of what you’re paying is marketing and mark-up. Of course, these things run you anywhere between $75 and $100. But here’s the thing — this extra money doesn’t go towards development… so you might as well go with an affordable vape pen because the quality will be the same. And when you’re buying from a brand, they can afford to keep their price in line with the actual value.

So I’ve got a bit of good news for you — you can do that today. You can get an affordable but great device AND and keep your initial cost low… all at the same time!

Pricing Advice for Different Types of Vape Pens
There are vape pens… and then there are vape pens. 

That’s because we conflate everything and apply the same sticker to it. So to clear things up. I’ll break down some of the more popular types of vape pens… and tell you how much you should pay in order to not get fleeced.

High Quality Vapes
At the risk of sounding boring and repetitive — no more than $50! Slightly cheaper models can be found for around $35 to $40.

These pens can be vape mod shaped or look like an actual pen. What makes them high-quality is their make and functionality. They’ll have a 510-connection with a tank that’s refillable and can be separated. They’ll also have a powerful internal battery with long battery life, several temperature settings, and will come with a USB charger. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about dry herb vapes here — they tend to be a bit more expensive due to their different and more complex design.

Disposable Vape Pens


Think of these as a worst case scenario solution to your vape shortages. And never pay more than $5 bucks for them. The vape juice inside is terrible, and they are very much overpriced for what you get.

These disposable vapes come in different styles, but you’ll mostly find them as cigalikes. They are sold in general stores and pump stations, not so much in vape shops.

These pens are quite cheap and easily found. 

Pod Systems
Pod systems are the middle ground between high-end vape devices and less complex vapes that are in pen form. If you are setting back from vape mods and want to cut your expenses pod system will be a good downgrade.

But this sh*t is too expensive, especially if you’re going for upscale brands.

Don’t pay more than $30 bucks. The vape cartridges alone will be a hefty expense down the road.

4 Features to Look for In a Good But Affordable E-Juice Vaporizer
I’m gonna pare this down dramatically here, and only list the features that are absolutely essential to have for a quality vaping experience.

So don’t be surprised if I don’t mention things like vortex airflow, ohm mesh coils, stainless steel construction, attachments that turn your pen into an oil vape pen or a wax vape pen. Those are ‘nice-to-haves’, and not essential features.

So let’s dig into it.

Performance-wise, there’s nothing wrong with expecting superior performance from your new device, even if it is a relatively cheap vape pen.

Performance with these comes down to two things — dependability and flavor. If these two things aren’t to your liking, that’s a good reason to give that particular brand a miss.

The flavor [and to an extent, nicotine delivery] is what’s it all about. If you can’t get good flavor with your vape kit, then all the accessories and bells and whistles are for nothing. So when buying a device, check out the reviews that talk about the flavor — is it on point? Too strong? Too weak? This is something that you can correct by switching out the atomizer and fiddling with the coil resistance, but it’s best to get something that you can use straight out of the box.

Battery Life
Here’s the thing — you can’t expect a 5000 mah battery packed into a little gadget that’s supposed to be carried in your pocket. That’s just not going to happen. But, 400-500 mah? In a small internal battery? That’s possible — and that’s what you can aim for.

This type of internal battery will give you the juice that you need to last a day. You just have to be careful you’re not burning your nicotine vape juice at high wattages or using a very low sub-ohm coil. Battery power is important but, for more of it, you will have to make size concessions. If you’re not comfortable with that, a 500 mah battery will do.

Ease of Use
If possible at all, opt for one button operation. Generally speaking, you want to be able to control your vaporizer using a set of simple steps. That’s why I advise having a power button and maybe a voltage controller that allows you to change the voltage and wattage of your pen. But that’s it.

Most people — vape users included — get hung up on the design. We want different colors… different styles… different fancy additions that look cool.

But… that’s not important here. When thinking about the design, use common sense and think practically. Your device needs to be small enough to fit in your pocket. Safe enough to not turn on accidentally. And inconspicuous enough that you can vape without attracting attention.

Another thing to consider is the size of your tank. A 1 ml tank isn’t going to be all that fun to use. You’ll need to have a bottle of vape juice on you at all times. That’s where a 3 ml tank comes in — one of the benefits is that you won’t have to re-juice it all the time.

Ready to Pull the Trigger?
Vaping cost should never be a reason for you to not give it a try.

It’s far cheaper than tobacco products, no matter how you look at it. And, if you want to vape on dry herb or other things [and are thinking about picking up an oil vape pen or a dab rig, for example], the cost should be only slightly more than what you pay for a regular device.