Why You Need a Shock Proof or Waterproof Vape Mod

Have you ever ruined an expensive vape mod because you dropped it or let it get wet? If that’s ever happened to you, you'll want to read on...there is a new breed of shock proof and waterproof vape device that will stand up to anything.

Why You Need a Device That Resists Shock and Water
If you’ve ever accidentally dropped your vape or tried to use it near a pool, you already know how delicate your device is. Vape mods rarely survive getting wet or getting dropped on a hard surface. Like your cell phone, your vape mod needs to stay safely away from dangers like water and blunt force.
What if it were different? What if you could find a vape device that you can take into any environment? With advanced technology from premium vape manufacturers like Vaporesso, you can.

How To Protect Your Vape Mod
Do you know how to keep your vape working its best? Follow these basic maintenance tips to get the most out of your device.

Clean It Regularly
Your vape will work better and deliver clean flavor if you get rid of the junk and keep it clean. Once a week, take your device apart and remove any remaining e-juice. Use rubbing alcohol or plain vodka to clean the tank and other parts. Let the pieces air dry before you reassemble them.

Wrap Your Device Carefully When You Travel
Are you planning to travel with your device? If you are, be sure you understand airline regulations if you plan to fly. We’ve blogged before about knowing the regulations and proper packing of your device. Even if you have a shock proof mod, wrap it carefully before you subject it to a bumpy airplane ride.

Store Your Liquid Correctly
Overly warm temperatures can harm your e-juice. They can cause the color, flavor and even nicotine levels to change. Keep your e-liquids in a cool, dry place. You can even store them in the fridge.

Features of Rugged Vape Mods
Many vapers are interested in devices they can use during the rest of their busy, active lives. They want a vape device they can bring camping, fishing, flying and on road trips. Breaking your device while you’re running around having fun is a good way to ruin your weekend or vacation plans.
Cases are helpful, but you have to remove your device from the case before you can use it.
That’s probably why more than 60% of vapers have said they worry about breakage or water damage to their devices.
Some vape manufacturers have responded to the need for stronger devices. They have developed vape devices with secure, thick cases that resist wetness and shock. They also have additional safety features, including short-circuit protection and over-charging protection.

The Best Waterproof Vape Mod Is the Vaporesso FORZ TX80
If you want a sturdy, waterproof vape mod, you can’t do better than the Vaporesso Forz-TX80. This device is ready to go anywhere with you.

Sturdy Construction
The rugged construction starts with a high-tenacity rubber and fiberglass case. Fiberglass is one of the most durable materials available anywhere. It’s used in roofing shingles, storm windows and other items that have to stand up to extreme weather situations. The fiberglass blend makes the TX80’s case strong.
The protection continues in every detail of this well-designed device. The silicone coating means this device won’t slip out of your hand. High-strength zinc alloy joints and fasteners keep out water and rust.

Advanced Coil Technology
The new GTR coil is another technological advancement that increases flavor while protecting your device. The sub-ohm GTR coil is completely leak-free to protect you and your device.
You never have to worry about messing with a bunch of little pieces when it’s time to change coils or fill your tank. With the TX80, you get easy screw-to-fill liquid refilling and one-handed coil switch.

Sleek Style
The interior workings are as impressive as the exterior construction. The TX80 gets its power from an advanced AXON chipset. Two MESH coils give you the flavor that has made Vaporesso a favorite among flavor-seeking vapers.
Vaporesso wraps all these outstanding features in a sleek, stylish package that looks fantastic and works consistently.

·Waterproof, damage proof and dust proof.
·AXON chip 2.0.
·Quadflow airflow technology.
·0.69-inch OLED screen
·Variable 5 to 80 wattage.
·Tank capacity of 4.5 ml/2 ml.
·Available in five trendy colors.

The next time you want a vape device that can hit the road with you, count on the Vaporesso TX80. This sturdy, great-looking device will not let you down.