The differences between all the varying vapes on the market is truly staggering. When it comes to vaping dry herbs and using an e-cig, the difference is like night and day. While both utilize vapor instead of smoke, we will be taking a closer look at why these two are slightly similar, yet worlds apart.

The Titan 2 Vaporizer
The Titan 2 is the predecessor to the Titan 1 portable vaporizer. It is a dry herb vape pen with a fully customizable temperature control feature and utilizes convection vaping technology. Lightweight and easy to use, this battery powered vape features a large heating chamber that can be tailored to a single degree while dialing in your perfect temperature.

Unlike other dry herb vapes on the market, the Titan 2 is fully customizable with precision temperature control from 200°F - 428°F. A convenient display setting shows everything from your heat setting to the battery life. With so many features, the Titan 2 comes in with a real bargain price!

The 2200mAh battery allows the user to be able to take the Titan 2 on those long journeys away from home while ensuring enough battery life to last throughout the day. The Titan 2 is only capable of utilizing a dry herb modality, unlike an e-cig which uses an atomizer to deliver its vapor.

E-cigs do one thing and one thing well: emulating cigarette smoke. See, unlike a conventional vape that either utilizes dry herbs, wax, or oil concentrates, e-cigs are designed to vape a cartridge filled with e-juice, which in many respects is quite similar to oil concentrates. The thing is that e-juice is mainly flavored or simply salt nicotine that is filled into a tank and vaped from a vape pen.

These usually are simple in design and do not feature precision temperature controls or anything fancy. The heating element is powered on by pushing a button and usually producing intensely thick clouds of vapor that resemble smoke. Traditional vapes that utilize dry herbs for example do not produce very thick clouds.

In fact, they produce very light, wispy vapors that are nothing like e-cig clouds. The reason for this is because dry herbs by nature are not concentrated and do not atomize the way e-juice tanks do. The heating element in the Titan 2 is straightforward in its convection capabilities, and despite its lack of vapor production, is much healthier to indulge in.

The Differences Between the Vapes
Convection styled vapes are unique in that they gently heat up dry herb material right below the point of combustion. What this does in turn is produce an essence from volatile compounds that accumulate to produce a light and wispy form of vapor. E-cigs do not utilize convection technology, and instead use an atomizer to heat up the liquid contained within the tank.

While both are battery powered and can be plugged in for charging, they do not function the same, nor can they utilize the same vaping modalities. The Titan 2 has a fixed heating chamber that has to be brushed out in order to be cleaned, whereas an e-cig has a removable battery that can be swapped out.

Traditionally, the Titan 2 is not normally used for dry tobacco products, although it certainly can be. The dry herb technology of the Titan 2 allows for the use of dry tobacco products, although the main usage for any dry herb vaporizer is usually meant for cannabis. In theory, using dry tobacco in the Titan 2 could be considered much less harmful than if one were to outright smoke it.

How the Titan 2 is Better than an E-Cig
It is no secret that vaping is much better than smoking, in virtually any form. What makes the Titan 2 so much better than an e-cig is due to the simple fact that e-cigs are predominantly meant for vaporizing e-juice, which may or may not contain nicotine. E-juice does, however, contain other ingredients that may not be conducive to good health in the long-run.

The Titan 2 is simple and straightforward in that it is solely meant to vape dry herbs in a convection-styled manner. While dry herb vapes and e-cigs vape material specific to their modalities, they are incapable of being interchangeable in any manner as they do not have the same functions.

The Titan 2 is by far the better alternative when it comes to vaping as it does not incorporate artificial substances or nicotine, unlike an e-cig which is made to specialize in e-juice. Because the Titan 2 uses dry herbs instead of concentrates, users can have a much easier time dosing and gauging their vape sessions.

How E-Cigs are Better than Smoking
While the Titan 2 remains superior in terms of vaping standards that do not incorporate nicotine, e-cigs reign supreme in the realm of smoking, since they do not utilize smoke in any way. Unlike cigarettes that are lit up and inhaled as smoke, e-cigs are much healthier for the user since no combustion is created.

Smokers and former smokers alike can come to appreciate a much healthier alternative that does not produce smoke while slowly weaning off of nicotine products and smoking methods. E-cigs are made to eliminate the hazards of smoking while still being able to deliver nicotine or other flavored vapors not found in traditional cigarettes.

E-cigs are also much better in terms of being able to accurately gauge a dosage of nicotine without resorting to lighting up a cigarette or even chewing tobacco, which carries its own risks. Lighters and other accessories are things of the past in the world of e-cigs, with the convenience of having just a single button to initiate a vape session.

Final Thoughts
E-cigs produce massive vapors that are comparable to smoke, though without all the harmful toxins associated with smoke. The bottom line is that despite this fact, vapes like the Titan 2 are much better long-term because the vapors produced are all natural.

Whether you choose to vape tobacco, cannabis, or even other dry herbs in your Titan 2, the end result remains the same. No combustion is ever utilized, and smoke is never produced, making vapes like the Titan 2 one of the most renowned devices made specifically for dry herbs.

No matter what you end up choosing for your vape sessions, both e-cigs and the Titan 2 remain some of the better ways in which one can come to consume vapor. E-juice, nicotine, and dry herbs can all be enjoyed through these contrasting mediums without the consequences associated with smoking.