Why Do Some Pod Mods Have Dual Firing Modes – Draw or Button Activated?

It’s hard to believe that pod mods have only been around for a few years, especially when you think about how advanced they’ve become. Today’s pod mods are more exceptionally high-tech than ever before, with all kinds of customizable features that allow us to control every aspect of how we experience our favorite e-liquids. One of the more unique features, which is becoming more and more common, is dual firing mode – aka, the ability to switch between draw-activated vaping and button-activated vaping.

In order for e-liquid to get converted into vapor that flows through the mouthpiece, a device needs to be “fired.” This means that a process is initiated in which the battery of the device informs the coil that it needs to be heated to a certain temperature, so that the e-liquid inside of the coil’s wick becomes vapor. One way for a device to be fired is through the power of the user’s lungs. A draw-activated device requires that the vapor pull on the mouthpiece, which in turn sets this process in motion.

Draw-activated vaping allows the user to control the flow of vapor with their breath, and it’s no different from the process of smoking a cigarette, except for the fact that, of course, cigarettes don’t work electronically. Still, that’s the biggest part of the appeal of draw-activated devices – they remind users of cigarettes, and many feel that this gives them more control over their vaping experience.

Then, there’s button-activated firing, which is more traditionally associated with vaping, since it’s the standard method for the box mods that existed before pod mods hit the market. Button-activated vaping requires that the user press down on a button, which produces vapor regardless of whether or not the user is actually pulling on the mouthpiece.

So, what’s the appeal of button-activated vaping? Well, because the button initiates the process of producing vapor, there’s less work for the vaper – in other words, they don’t need to pull as hard in order to get in the perfect cloud. The vaper can take in vapor more leisurely, since it’s not how hard they pull that determines the output. Button-activated vaping also makes the vaper less likely to burn out the coil by pulling too hard. And, on top of all that, pulling less hard means less risk of flooding the coil, which is caused by pulling so hard on the mouthpiece that the e-liquid doesn’t have time to fully convert into vapor, and ends up getting pulled into the coil, causing the coil to work poorly.

Why Certain Pod Mods Allow You to Choose
Now that you know how these two draw methods work, we can better understand why some pod mods give you the option to choose between the two. Basically, we know that each vaper has their own preferences when it comes to the entire process of vaping. And, from a commercial standpoint, hardware companies know that if they offer one type of draw mode, they’re singling out an entire community of vapers who prefer the other method. By offering dual firing modes, then their devices appeal to vapers who prefer both methods, and this makes their devices generally more appealing to the entire vaping community.

But, besides that, today’s hardware manufacturers know that most vapers prefer choice in general. That’s why pod mods have gotten so advanced, with all kinds of features like variable wattage, temperature control and airflow control. The more options, the more the vaper can customize their vape to find their most precise sweet spot, to ensure that they’re satisfied as much as possible.

Final Pod Activated Thoughts
Dual firing mode is a gamechanger when it comes to the world of pod mods, offering yet another wonderful way in which we can really personalize our vaping experience. Whether you prefer the more “analog” style of draw-activated vaping, or the convenience of button-activated vaping, today you can find plenty of mods that let you simply switch between the two as you so choose.