Why do more people prefer vapes over traditional cigarettes?

The vape was created as a way to reduce the impact of tobacco on the body or as a full-fledged way to combat tobacco addiction. In this regard, there are three reasons to throw away the last purchased pack of cigarettes and, finally, switch to vaping.

Reason 1 - no negative impact on health
Vaporizers are safer than cigarettes. About 6 million people die each year from nicotine exposure. European and American scientists have conducted hundreds of studies in which they monitored the health of ordinary smokers and vapers for three to four months and sometimes one to two years. All studies are in favor of vaping devices.

Reason 2 - saving money
Cigarette prices are rising monthly. At the same time, a pack is enough for active smokers for 1.5-2 days, and someone even for one. Yes, all the elements of a vape device are more expensive than a pack of cigarettes, but here you need to take into account an important point.

A vape is a reusable device, and a cigarette is a disposable one. After a smoked pack, it remains only to throw it away, buy a new one, and so on, one after another. For vaping, you only need to purchase removable items from time to time- liquid or cartridges, depending on which device you choose.

In fact, this is a long-term investment that will help you save on smoking in the future. In addition, removable elements are cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, and they last for a more extended period. 

Reason 3 - getting rid of nicotine addiction
For many smokers, this is a decisive factor. For those who want to give up the usual smoking format altogether, manufacturers release nicotine-free cartridges and e-liquids.

Previously, special books, plasters, chewing gum, and even hypnotic techniques were popular in fighting against nicotine addiction. In fact, this is a simple pumping out of money.     Vape is a complete alternative to cigarettes. You still release smoke, which is also pleasant to the taste, but together you do not saturate the body with harmful substances.

What to choose vape or regular cigarettes
So, what does less harm and danger to the human body, vape or cigarettes? What exactly should you give preference to if you cannot quit smoking completely, including giving up the use of vaping? The answer seems obvious to us. You can even discard the potential effect on the body of glycerin compounds with propylene glycol, which a person consumes daily in a variety of foods, not thoroughly studied by medicine. After all, the advantages of vaping are more significant:

·lack of yellow plaque on the teeth
·bad breath disappears
·no smoke deposits on all surfaces
·no shortness of breath

Finally, when the vape is vaped, the vapor, already freed from almost all potentially harmful compounds, is exhaled, which is harmless, first of all, to others. This means that vaping saves society from one of the main problems of cigarettes - secondhand smoke - which, recall, scientists consider even more harmful than smoking itself.

Let's not be cunning - it is impossible to call vaping completely safe for the human body. But several fundamental differences between vaping and a traditional cigarette still support the theory that vaping causes the body tens or even hundreds of times less harm than a cigarette. And if there is no nicotine in the composition of the liquid used in the vape, we can say that the vape becomes almost entirely harmless. That is, in fact, you can not compare vaping with cigarettes, but wondering what is more dangerous, cigarettes or vaping with nicotine. Since without the presence of this alkaloid, the chances of vaping harm to health really tend to zero.