Why Do Coil Heads Not Last Long In Vape Tanks

Have you ever bought a new vape tank, you start vaping and immediately fall in love with the brilliant airflow and the true flavor extracted from your favorite e-liquid? Join the crowd because there are many users who experience this. However, the fascinating experience will often sour shortly after your purchase. Why do coil heads not last long in vape tanks? We have all the answers you seek listed just below!

1. Coils Heads Are Temporary / Disposable
Believe it or not, but coil heads were designed to be temporary or disposable. In fact, if the coil head you use in your new tank lasted forever, how would the manufacturer continue to make money from you? You see, these manufacturing brands all have strive to sell you products, and an even bigger goal to make you a repeat customer. Many vapers may think mods make manufacturers the big bucks, but that’s far from the truth. Tanks and e-liquid are the best vape products when it comes to a continued stream of revenue. Why? Because they’re temporary and will not last forever. Once you vape the e-liquid, it’s gone and you have to buy more. Once you use a coil head for so long, its performance begins to diminish and to achieve the same experience, you must buy a new one to replace it. Coil heads are temporary, disposable, and you must first understand that they were specifically designed this way. However, there are ways to increase the longevity or lifespan of a coil head. There are also different type of coils head that are said to have a longer lifespan, such as ceramic coils.

2. Improper Priming of Coil Heads
If you’re wondering why your coils heads aren’t lasting long, it could be because you aren’t priming your coil heads properly. In fact, it’s very common for new vapers, and even some of the most experienced, to forget or completely disregard the whole process of priming the coil before using it for the first time. Some manufacturers do a great job by including cards to provide instructions on how to prime coils, but most do not provide the instructions that will deliver the best success rate. The whole ‘fill your tank and let it sits for a few minutes’ isn’t quite the guide you should be following. If you want to see your coil heads lasting longer, prime them the correct way. First, you’ll want to remove the coil head from the tank before you use it. Next, apply drops of e-liquid in any area where the cotton wicking is exposed, which is often the wicking ports. Keep adding drops of e-liquid to the wicking until the cotton looks soaked or saturated with the e-liquid. You may then install the coil head back into the tank and begin filling the tank as normal. What this does is that when you first activate your device and apply power to the coil, the coil will have e-liquid to vaporize. When the coil head isn’t primed correctly, the coil will heat up and it will burn the cotton, leaving you with a bad taste that can’t be undone.

3. Dry Burns Can Become The Death of Coil Heads
Have you ever pressed the fire button on your mod, took a draw from your tank with hopes of delicious flavor, only to receive a burnt taste and a super harsh throat hit. If so, welcome to the world of dry burns! They’re known for killing coil heads and have plagued vapers for years. So… how does this happen? Well, when you press the fire button on your device and apply power to the coil, if the wicking isn’t saturated with e-liquid, then the coil is literally burning the cotton. If the cotton is dry, the heated coil will burn through the cotton, and you’ll experience an unpleasant taste thereafter with each use. What stops this is making sure when the coil heats up that it has e-liquid to vaporize. In other words, make sure the cotton is always soaked and saturated with e-liquid. Dry burns can be the result of many things, such as the e-liquid being too thick to saturate the cotton wicking or the airflow being too restricted.
4. Choosing The Wrong E-Liquid Ratio Can Have Detrimental Effects
The e-liquid ratio is a huge part of how your coil head performs. Choosing the wrong e-liquid ratio can have detrimental effects, causing your wicking material to become burnt, which in turn will reveal an unpleasant taste. If you use an e-liquid with a high viscosity and it’s too thick to saturate the cotton wicking material, your coil will heat up and burn the cotton. Once the cotton is burnt, you’ll receive an undesirable taste. If you go with an e-liquid that’s too thin and not thick enough, the cotton wicking can become over saturated. When this happens the coil will be flooded, the performance is weakened, and your tank will leak. It’s best to find an e-liquid with a ratio that will bring out the best qualities for the specific coil head and tank you’re using. For instance, a MTL (mouth-to-lung) tank will often require an e-liquid that has a thinner consistency. On the other hand, a high performance sub-ohm tank will require an e-liquid that is thicker. It’s up to you to find an e-liquid that best suits your setup.

5. Some E-Liquid Ingredients Can Destroy Coil Heads
While you may have a favorite flavor and feel as if you can’t live without it, you may want to sacrifice its goodness for the sake of your coils. It’s true, some e-liquid ingredients can destroy coil heads. In fact, if you’re having trouble with the longevity of your coil heads, it could potentially be the ingredients that are the cause. For instance, it’s known throughout the vaping community that darker e-liquids are more prone to gunk up your coils. Cinnamon flavors, e-liquids with  lot of sweetener, and and e-liquids in general with an abundant amount of flavor are known to leave your coils with gunk.The gunk is simply e-liquid that hasn’t been vaporized and caramelized, preventing the coil from heating properly.