Aspire is a well-established e-cig/e-juice brand that has one of the widest selection of vape devices to choose from. They offer an enormous selection of vape kits, which means you will have all the pieces you need to get started vaping (aside from the e-juice, of course). You can have your pick of slim, discrete devices all the way to full-featured, powerful devices that can power a number of different accessories (including accessories that allow for dry herb or wax vaping).
Another unique aspect you will notice about Aspire is the availability of several different kinds of vape tanks. If you have a vape battery you love, then having several different kinds of tanks is a great way to keep your vaping experience varied without having to have several different kinds of full devices. 
If you are not in the market for just a tank, Aspire offers a lot of different “kits” where their tanks are paired with a vape battery, making them ready to use out of the box. This is a very convenient option for those who are new to vaping or are looking for a completely brand new vaping device, as opposed to simply augmenting the one they already have.
Another attractive option about the Aspire brand is the number or spare accessories you can purchase. You can buy spare vape tanks, box mods, replacement batteries and more! If you like investing in a device and then being able to upkeep it for a long period of time, Aspire should be a very attractive choice.

They are a TON of different vaporizers that Aspire offers. Take a look and see which one is your glass slipper!

One of the overwhelmingly best vape mods you can get, the Nautilus GT is a full-featured, high-end device that allows precision customization of your vaping experience. The stainless-steel, refillable vape tank allows for refilling from the top, which keeps messes less frequent. The Nautilus GT sports a monster 18650 battery with adjustable output between 1-75W. The LED screen makes it easy to see any customized options you have made, and the 510 threading allows for other attachments to be easily connected, including for dry herbs or wax.

A sleek, modern vape is what you find with the Breeze. It does not look like a traditional vape pen, which makes it super discrete. The breeze has a built-in vape tank that is easy to refill, replaceable mouthpiece, and an 800mAh battery. For stylish vaping that will not draw a lot of unwanted attention, the Breeze is a fashionable choice. 

The AVP is another sleekly designed vaporizer that has a special focus on ease-of-use. There are no buttons! simply start drawing in a hit, and the AVP will automatically turn on and begin producing vapor. It also features an easy to fill built-in tank, a 700mAh battery, and is available in a wide variety of colors!

This tank is not a full-fledged vaporizer, but it can help turn any box mod into one of the best vaporizers you have experienced. Constructed from stainless steel with Pyrex glass, the Cleito tank is durable and long-lasting. It can be filled from an easy-open top and features a new coil design that allows for more vapor to be produced with a more complex flavor profile. The Cleito Tank is made with 510 threading, which means it will fit on most vape batteries and box mods (you just need to make sure that the battery powering it is compatible with its resistance).

If you want power and performance but prefer a more traditionally styled vape, the Tigon might just be perfect for you. It is made with a classic tubular design, but still has several benefits that are seen in the aforementioned vapes. This includes a top-fill tank and hefty battery options (either 1800mAh or 2600mAh). The tank connection is 510 threaded, so it can handle other attachments as well, including those for dry herbs and wax concentrates. 

The Revvo is another refillable tank choice that puts a huge emphasis on the efficient production of vapor and flavor quality. The heating coils are of a radial design (very similar to what you would find on an electric stove), which means there is more surface area for direct contact with your e-juice. The Revvo tank also allows for airflow control, top-side filling, and is available in several different colors.

If you plan on having or already have a monster battery and want to use and abuse that power, the Athos Tank is the perfect choice. It is designed to take advantage of power vape batteries, it operates from 60 - 120W of power output, depending on the specific design you get. That power is pushed through triple or quintuple heating coils, which means that you can produce absolutely huge vapor clouds in a very short amount of time. The power-users dream tank, the Athos is available in several different colors.

Aspire has a lot to offer in terms of the variety of vaporizers they offer, so you will likely have a bunch of questions. Below, you will find some of the more common questions regarding its product line. 

The vast majority are. In this article, all tanks, the Tigon, and the Nautilus are compatible with 510 threading. However, it is important to keep in mind that just because a tank or battery has 510 threading does not mean that it is compatible with anything that fits. You need to take into account power requirements and resistance compatibility if you want to be sure that a certain tank and battery will work together. If you are unsure, reach out to us and we can let you know what fits together well.

None of the tanks listed here by Aspire are compatible with anything other than any liquid specifically meant for vaping. That includes the vape batteries as well. Aspire is a very vape-liquid centric brand. However, the batteries listed here could be used with dry herb or wax atomizers, which would allow all kinds of vaping. If being able to vape several different kinds of product is imperative to you, then choose an Aspire vape battery with 510-threading compatibility. 

Though it will vary specifically on what device or tank you are looking at, most of Aspire’s devices are designed for easy filling. The tanks can be filled from the top and most have some kind of easily removable cap. They are one of the easiest vaping devices to fill with vaping liquid. If you like some of Aspire’s vaping devices but not their refillable tanks, most of their batteries are compatible with prefilled 510 vaping cartridges.

You should NEVER soak any parts of a vaporizer you get from Aspire. All parts, including the tanks, have small, fragile electronic components that will be easily damaged if soaked in a cleaning solution. Instead, soak a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and gently scrub any surface that has unwanted residue build-up. This also works for the inside of the tanks. However, it should be noted that, over time, even a regularly clean tank will need to be eventually replaced.

If you like the option to replace parts as they wear out on your vaporizers, Aspire is a fantastic choice in a brand. They have replacement mouthpieces, tanks, tank heating elements, and even batteries for a large portion of their device catalog. It makes it much easier to make a significant financial investment when you know a brand gives you the tools to keep your vape up and running for years to come! 

There is no real way to say which Aspire device is objectively the best. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices that are offered, we recommend taking an inventory of what you want out of a vape. Do you want the power required to vape other materials besides liquids? Do you want something more discreet or more powerful? Do you want a removable tank or one that is built into the body? Ask yourself these kinds of questions and then find the best vape device that fits what you are looking for.

While you may have some limited luck finding Aspire devices in retail stores, you may be frustrated at the selection from your local vape shop. We strongly recommend buying Aspire devices online, where you can have access to the entire catalog of Aspire devices.