Which box mod upgrade will make the most difference?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of vaping, is the level of personalisation you can bring to the hobby. You can tweak and perfect your vaping gear until you’ve found your ideal set up. And once you get tired of the same old set up, you can switch it up to keep it fresh.
If you’ve been vaping with a box mod for a while, you probably already know a thing or two about customisation. But how many different upgrades have you tried? Let’s take a look at the different parts of your box mod device you can upgrade, and which makes the biggest difference to your vaping experience.

Upgrade your drip tip
Changing the mouthpiece on the end of your device can bring some surprising results. In addition to changing how your device looks, opting for a narrower tip can actually produce a more intense flavour since your vapour is more concentrated. Or cloud chasers, a wider tip could help you create larger vapour clouds.
There is also the other consideration of how your drip tip actually feels between your lips. Drip tips come in a variety of materials which can impact your vaping experience. Try stainless steel for a cool vape, bendy PVC tips for a vape that won’t knock your teeth, or an acrylic drip tip customised into a shape that suits you.

Upgrade your tank
Vape tanks are the part of your box mod which store your e-liquid. A simple upgrade to a different tank could enhance the flavour of your vape, make your device easier to use, or produce larger plumes of smoke than ever before.
Try out a sub-ohm tank for high VG liquids, and experience big flavour and even bigger clouds.

Upgrade your coil
Coils deliver a different vaping experience depending on how their built and the type of wire that’s used. You can choose from mouth to lung coils or direct lung coils - either way, the vape coil in your device is what turns the e-liquid into vapour.
Across all devices, coils will need to be replaced. So why not try out a different level of resistance coil with your vape mod for a new type of vaping experience? The resistance of your coil is determined by how many amps it pulls from your battery. For low-resistance coils, also known as sub-ohms, you’ll need a compatible battery. A sub-ohm coil produces more vapour, so are perfect if you enjoy big clouds.

Upgrade your battery
And last, but certainly not least, consider upgrading your box mod battery. Box mods tend to come with either integrated batteries or external batteries. If your device features the latter, then you have some good options for upgrading.
When considering a new vape battery there are two important aspects to bear in mind: the milliamp hours or capacity, and the discharge amps. The best type of battery for you depends on what kind of vaping experience you prefer. You’ll want to weigh up how long your want your batteries to last, versus how much power they pump out - because usually it’s a trade off.
Remember to be careful when changing a battery that you choose the right type for your device, and always follow manufacturer’s guidance.
Ok, ready to upgrade your box mod? Get stuck in to our selection of box mod accessories and switch up your vaping routine today.