What's More Harmful than a Vape or E-Cigarette?

Even at the dawn of vaping as a separate culture of consumption, steamers, and both real and potential, from all over the world wondered: what is more harmful than vape or cigarettes? Of course, the absence of caustic and unpleasant smoke, able to pray literally all around, as well as the absence of ash and other waste in large quantities impeding the vapes to the advantage. At the same time, the first vapers began to note that steam from an e-cigarette in UK does not lead to the formation of an unpleasant yellow plaque on the teeth. In general, fans of the ups and downs received a beautiful alternative to traditional smoking- SMOK TFV16, flavoured with a rich variety of aromas.

What is a Vape?
To understand what is safer, vape or cigarettes, it should be clarified, what are smoking and vaping as such? However, with cigarettes everything is clear initially: pressed in a paper cylinder tobacco shaving just burns, the smoker inhales this smoke, saturated with nicotine and other substances.

Vapes are high-tech devices that consist of a battery unit (fashion) with electronic stuffing and an atomizer (tank or drip). MOD from powerful high-flow batteries feeds the power on the atomizer, which is installed spirals with cotton wool laid in them, on which spirals gradually receives liquid for vaping. Heating on spirals at a temperature of 150 to 300 degrees, the liquid with flavours evaporates, entering the light steamer.

Differences between a regular cigarette and SMOK TVF16
Based on the foregoing, it is easy to guess that the main difference between conventional cigarettes and vaping lies in one fundamental condition. Thus, in the first case, the smoker inhales not just tobacco smoke, but actually smokes from the tiny smouldering on the end of the cigarette bonfire, and in the second - the vaper consumes water vapor from special ingredients, flavoured with flavouring and, optionally, nicotine.

The dangers of tobacco smoke
The composition of tobacco smoke is not only tar and nicotine, which manufacturers have long been obliged to warn on the packaging of tobacco products. Together with them, cigarette smoke saturates the human body with such dangerous substances as ant poison, cyanide, acetone, isoprene, hydrogen cyanide, oxide and carbon dioxide, as well as about 4,000 other chemical compounds, 40 of which are considered to be aggressive carcinogens, that is, substances that provoke the development of cancer.

Does Vaping harm the body?
Let's not be cunning - to call vaping completely safe for the human body is impossible. But a number of fundamental differences vape from a traditional cigarette still shows in favour of the theory that vaping causes the body tens or even hundreds of times less harmthan a cigarette. And if there is no nicotine in the liquid used in the vape, experts say that the vaping becomes almost completely harmless.

Liquid for ecigarette in UK consists of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, flavouring and, if desired, nicotine.

What to choose: a vape or regular cigarette?

The benefits of soaring have more significant advantages:

·no yellow plaque on the teeth
·disappears bad breath
·No plaque from smoke on all surfaces