What You Need to Start Vaping

Welcome to the wonderful world of vaping. We’re thrilled to have you come on this fantastic journey with us. Here at Vapemate we are tirelessly working to ensure that your vape experience is the best it can be.
So if you’re new to the vape life, or you’re thinking about making the best decision you have ever made and switch over to vaping from cigarettes, then wow have you come to the right place.
Allow us to introduce you into this amazing new community, an inclusive, warm and friendly place, where we share knowledge, experience and new innovations with everyone who’s interested in vaping.
But first, you’re probably wondering where do you start? You’ll have seen people with electronic contraptions producing enormous clouds of vapour, or smelled sweet aromas and wondered how you can get in on the action, and that wonderment has brought you here.
So let’s start at the very beginning and set you up on your vape journey. Because vaping might be a hobby, or a way for you to quit smoking, but it’s also an enjoyable, fun activity that has so many possibilities, sometimes the choice can be a little overwhelming.

Vaping Hardware
Here at Vapemate we stock a range of starter kits, vape pods and mods. We recommend that new vapers start out on the vape pods or the starter kits, because the mods can be complicated, the mod is short for modified after all.
Our starter electronic cigarette kits are the ideal hardware for you to make the switch from cigarettes to e cigarettes. They are simple in design and easy to use. No ash, no tar, no nasty smells, just simple smoke free pleasure.
The starter kits we stock such as the Endura T18 II Vape Pen Starter Kit or the Flare Vape Starter Kit are the perfect vape device to set you on your vaping journey.
Easy to use, discreet vapour delivery and budget friendly, these e cigarette starter kits will see you through to the more advanced and bigger, more powerful mods.
Or, if you aren’t keen to invest in a starter kit if you are only trying vaping, then might we suggest you opt for a disposal pod, like one of our Dash Nic Salt Disposable Pods?
We have a wide range of flavours available for you to choose from, and if you really like them, why not take a look at getting a Dash bundle so you aren’t limited to just one e liquid flavour?
And speaking of e liquids…

The E Liquid
One of the best things about vaping is the wide range of e liquid flavours that you can choose from. If you invest in a starter kit you are opening yourself up to a world of e liquid flavours, and wow do we have a treat for you.
No matter what flavour you’re into, creams and custards, soda drinks, tobacco or mixed fruits, we have something to tickle every taste bud.
On a side note, if you’re switching over to e cigarettes from regular cigarettes, one of the best flavour starting points is in fact with a traditional tobacco flavour e liquid.
You’re already making a huge change by ditching the cigarettes, why introduce a flavour change too? Particularly when tobacco e liquids are exact reproductions of all the rich flavours that can be found in regular tobacco products.
So you’ve got your choice of hardware and you’ve selected a handful of e liquid flavours, there’s only one more decision you need to make - do you go nicotine or not?

Because here’s the thing, unlike regular cigarettes, you don’t have to have any nicotine in your e liquid, if you don’t want to.
And why would you?
Nicotine is an incredibly addictive substance that doesn’t add anything to your vaping experience, so if you’re looking to quit smoking or if you’re looking to cut down on your nicotine intake, why not vape nicotine free?

Finding the balance
One thing to note when you first start vaping is that what suits one person may not suit the next, it can take you some time to find the right balance of e liquid for you, or to narrow down your preferred e liquid flavour, or to find the right nicotine strength that you’re after.

But that’s the beauty of vaping, it isn’t about the destination, it is all about the journey, and that’s why we’re excited that you’re choosing to travel with us.