For all of the serious smokers out there, cigarettes can need their own separate department of cash flow altogether. Add in the long-term side effects of cigarette smoking and all of the health issues associated, it is no cheap bargain. If only there’s a way to bypass all of the ugly byproducts associated with cigarette smoking...

But what if there is?

The Vaping Trend
Originally created by companies to encourage smokers to find safer alternatives to cigarettes, e-cigarettes have gradually taken a turn into a new trend: Vaping. While it’s still a bit controversial, and medical specialist don’t have enough research data yet to settle the arguments, vaping is believed to be a lot safer than traditional cigarette smoking. 

E-cigarettes, now more popularly known as vapes, vape mods, e-hookah pens or juuls, come in different shapes, flavors, and functionality. They usually basically have the same concept though: you inhale and exhale vapor.

The vaping trend is also definitely cool, but let’s try to do the math first before getting ahead of ourselves. After all, getting a decent vaping kit is quite the investment on its own. How much would you really save if you switched to vaping? Will you even save at all?

Switching to Vaping: The Saving Checklist

1- You Save On Money
If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, that’s an average of $5.50 in the best-case scenario. In same states, and depending on the kind of tobacco you prefer, a pack may go up to $14. Let’s go with the lowest price per pack, and that would be $2,000 a year for a pack a day. With taxes on cigarettes on the rise, however, you might find yourself spending $5,000 a year only on cigarettes.

When it comes to vaping, you’re going to pay more upfront - no sugar coating that. A beginner vape kit will cost you on average a $40-$50. Along with the vaping pen, you’ll probably need e-liquids or pods, batteries, and coils (if you get a kit with a disposable coil). Other kits with permanent coils will cost more on the upfront, but on the long run, they’ll cost almost the same. In case of smoking a pack a day, you’ll probably need two and a half 30ml bottles of e-liquid a month. With an average of $10-$30 for a bottle, that’s an annual average of around $600. This also depend on the company from where you buy your liquids. The best choice is to always shop around for quality and flavors you love, plus keep an eye out for promo codes that will lower the price even more.

Can you see where this is going?

2- You Save Your Health
Some studies have shown that vaping goes all way up to 95% to be safer than cigarette smoking. If we look at the indirect impact this has on your money, switching to vaping will not only save your health a little longer, it will also cut down on treatment costs in the long run.

3- Bonus Points: Extra Flavors
Yes, there are some flavored cigarettes in the market. But have you ever found a vanilla ice cream flavored one? Or a mango cigarette? There are just way too many mcu more creative options with vaping!

Choosing Your Vaping Device
Once you start looking into all of the vaping options, it might feel a little bit too overwhelming. While different kits and devices vary greatly, they usually have the same operating pieces deliver a certain function. Understanding how they work might make a little bit simpler for you:

Different Parts of an E-Cig:

1.Overall Look: some might have the look of a traditional cigarette; others will have all different shapes and looks. The device is responsible for taking power supply from the batteries and delivering it into to atomizer.

2.Vape Battery: the source of power. Some devices come with built-in irreplaceable batteries, but most come with replaceable or rechargeable high-drain batteries.

3.Atomizer: this is where the e-liquid is stored in the vaping device. The atomizer encloses the coil and the wick.

4.Vape Coil: made of coiled wire in the shape of a spring, all to create resistance. The resistance of a coil depends on the material, the number of turns, and the diameter of the wire, and that affects the power needed and the heat produced, thus the vapor and the flavor produced too.

5.E-Liquids: comes in all flavors and kinds, and also in nicotine dosage. E-liquids can start with being nicotine free, or have 3mg/ml nicotine, or 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg or 24mg.

6.Wicks: they act like the transport medium that delivers the e-liquid from the tank into the coils.

Where to Start
If you are just getting started, you’ll probably just need a device to vape without any of the complications. Our guess is that you don’t want to delve into the physics of operating a vaping device before vaping. In this case, the safest bet is to get a regulated device with low output, internal batteries, easy to be filled atomizers and 1.0-ohm coils. Other more advanced devices might also deliver the same output, perhaps with better power and flavor. But the extra options will just be too wasted, to be left without use.

Getting Your Vaping Kit Ready
If you’re still not sure about switching to vaping, it’s better to go for a cheap disposable one first to try out before investing in expensive kits. Those would cost $6 per one. If you decide then vaping is definitely the thing for you, then there’s a whole world of wonders waiting for you! It might feel like getting a cheaper kit will be the best saving option. While the more decent kits will cost more upfront, but on the long run, they’ll need less maintenance and changing of coils/batteries. On a plus side, they’ll also give you a premium vaping experience.