What To Do When Your Vape Battery Doesn’t Work

It has been a long day and you’ve been looking forward to that first drag from your vape pen. The moment arrives – and your battery doesn’t seem to be working.

Here are a few reasons why your battery is not be operating properly, as well as tips to fix whatever the problem may be.

Is it on?
It may sound supremely obvious – but first – ensure your battery is on. If your battery is on, pressing the button will illuminate a light around the button and power the atomizer. If the battery is off, nothing will happen when the button is pressed.

Is your connection perfectly clean?
With the frequent heating cycles your cartridge undergoes, sometimes it may leak a tiny bit of oil down through the coil and onto the battery connection. Even the smallest bit of debris can cause a connection issue and make your button flash. Luckily, it's a simple fix!

Unscrew your cartridge or charger from the battery and click the button 5x to turn it off. Take a cotton swab and dip it in 91% isopropyl alcohol, the same kind of stuff you use to clean your bong. Give both the battery connection and the cartridge coil or end of your charger (or both while you're at it, why not?) a nice scrub with the swab and let it dry before you reconnect the two pieces.

This is by far the most common cause of a battery malfunction. Frequent cleaning of your battery can eliminate this problem altogether. Make a habit of giving your battery a quick cleaning each time you change your cartridge, and you'll greatly increase the overall lifespan of the vaporizer.

Is your cartridge coil making a connection?
Your 510 thread battery has a small round piece on the very bottom, this is your coil. Sometimes you'll unfortunately receive a defective cartridge from the dispensary and it simply won't connect with the heating element of the battery. 

Check to see if the round center piece is perfectly straight and aligned with the battery connection. If crooked, gently push the coil back into the correct position using a toothpick or bobby pin. Be careful! Pushing too hard can cause further damage to the cartridge, so make sure you pay attention to what you're doing.

Is the battery damaged?
Did you drop your battery on the ground or in water? Unfortunately, it could be permanently damaged if the internal connections have been interfered with. If nothing else is working, it may be time for a new battery.

Typically, a vape battery can last for many years, depending on amount of use and care. Here are some tips to ensure your battery works optimally and consistently provides flavorful vapor:

1.Don’t Overcharge

2.Installing Cartridges
When installing a cartridge onto your battery, ensure you don’t over-tighten. A cartridge too tightly screwed in could cause connectivity issues. The metal rings needed to conduct electricity could be pressed too deep, making them unable to be in contact with each other. If this does happen, you should be able to gently pry the metal ring up with a paper clip – just be careful not to break that ring off, as it’s connected with only a thin wire.

3.Store at the Proper Temperature
Batteries should always be stored at room temperature. Temps that are both too high or too low can drastically reduce battery longevity.

Most battery brands offer a warranty, and as long as you follow basic guidelines, the manufacturer should be able to replace your device if need be. Taking care of your battery will ensure that the malfunction you’re experiencing will be covered by the warranty’s terms and conditions.