What to do After Making Vape Juice

So you have all you need to make a vape juice all by yourself. You found a recipe, you did the mixing, what next? Whether you like it or not, once you have put the cap on and you shake the bottle for a couple of minutes, you have successfully completed your homemade bottle of e-juice. Making your own vape juice is one thing, making your own vape juice with high-quality manufacturers like Flavorah is another, but what comes after you are done making the e-liquid is more interesting. Keep in mind that just like wine, e-juice gets better with time – but not too much time.

When you were making your DIY e-juice, you had a recipe you followed. If you did not have, or if you simply just made something up, you better give it a name. On each e-juice bottle, when you are done mixing, you need to label it with the VG/PG ratio, nicotine level, flavor percentages and the date you created it. 

You need to do this immediately you are done mixing the e-juice so you don’t end up too many bottles and eventually get confused.

This seems like something so simple until you find out how many first-timers omit this and end up with an unnecessary mixup. Imagine stumbling on a perfect DIY e-juice blend and you do not have a way of recreating it.

In addition to labeling, always save every minute detail in your recipe in a notebook so you do not lose it. You can post it on forums as an added security and also help other DIY enthusiasts like yourself.

Steeping is all about leaving your vape juice for some time to allow the flavors to blend together properly. This ultimately leads to better flavor. Most DIY e-juice recipes containing more than one flavor need a certain amount of time to let the flavors blend together.

Simple DIY e-juice flavors like fruity blends can be vaped right away or be left for about one week to steep before you can enjoy the full flavor. On the other hand, multi-layered dessert flavors sometimes need about three to four weeks to be able to give you maximum flavor. 
Some recipes already come with a designated steeping time, and there are various methods to steep an e-juice.

Testing and Tasting
Whichever way you call it, once you are done steeping, you now have to test your e-juice.

You are testing both its performance and flavor richness. Grab one of your bad boys, if you have a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), you should use it because it will give a better idea of how your homemade e-juice feels and tastes like. It will also save you from wasting coils on bad experiments.

Keep in mind that resistance and temperature can affect the output of your DIY e-juice. Start off with your favorite setting, and then you can try a few other settings to see how you e-juice tastes.

It might not sound important until you know that sunlight, heat, even oxygen can have a negative impact on your e-juice. Every time you are done with a bottle of e-juice, seal it tight and keep it in a cool dark place. Also, keep it away from your children or pets.