Empty vape cartridges are often discarded prematurely. Most people think that since they’re disposable, the only course of action after the material has been depleted is to throw the cartridge away.

Chances are your empty vape cartridges still have some life in them and can be reused. As long as you’re employing best practices when using your vape, e.g., not setting your voltage too high (click here to learn the best voltage setting for your vape), or taking exceedingly long pulls, your vape cartridges can be used for a few more refills. They’ll last even longer with ceramic coils as opposed to cartridges that have wicks.

Some vape cartridges have replaceable coils. If this is the case, your empty vape cartridges will last as long as you keep them in good shape. Replacement coils are very cheap and come in packs of 3-5 which typically last for months.

There will come a time when your cartridges and replaceable coils have reached the end of their service lifespan. How will you know? The atomizer coils may not ignite anymore or your vape tastes burnt. This is the time to throw the empty vape cartridge away and get a new one. Please be aware that with people increasingly moving away from cigarettes and using vapes daily, there have been increasing amounts of vape waste. The vape community is constantly under scrutiny and the last thing it needs is more restrictions put into place because of garbage. Vape users are encouraged to research and adhere to local guidelines for recycling empty vape cartridges and devices.

So, what should you do with empty vape cartridges? Let’s recap:

1.Don’t immediately throw away an empty cartridge.
2.Check to see if your cartridge can be refilled. It may even have replaceable coils, which means your cartridges can last even longer.
3.When your empty vape cartridge is completely finished, check with your local sanitation department to learn the best way to discard them.

After you’ve tossed out your used vape accessories, the next thing to do is to purchase new vape cartridges.