What Should Newbie Vapers Know About Vaping Menthol E-Liquids in 2024?

Starting up a vaping hobby as a beginner can be intimidating – trust us, we’ve been there too. First, you have to know what kind of setup makes sense for your needs, whether it be a high-powered box mod or a portable, low-wattage pod system. Then, you have to know about coils, batteries, output levels, and the like, while finding the perfect e-liquid to suit your preferences, being mindful of the type of nicotine that works with your particular needs.

Sound overwhelming? Well, luckily, with trial & error, everyone eventually finds their sweet spot. And, when it comes to choosing the perfect flavor with which to enjoy your new hobby, you have two choices: menthol-infused vapes, and non-menthol flavors.

Getting to know the Basics on Menthol
First up, let’s talk about what menthol is, since there’s a lot of confusion. Menthol is a derivative of the mint plant, as an independent compound that can be extracted and infused into everything from cough medicine to hand lotion – and, in this case, vape juices.

One of the most important things to know about menthol is that it’s not actually a flavor – that is, it has no flavor molecules, as those are separate compounds in mint. Menthol does, however, offer a unique sensation when it’s inhaled and exhaled, which is described as cooling, invigorating, and icy. Menthol delivers a powerful throat hit, and that’s a big part of its appeal, while being extremely refreshing.

Now, a lot of e-liquids on the market contain menthol without any mint flavor. But, you’ll also find a number of e-juices that contain both mint flavor and menthol, to offer a sort of multifaceted “minty” experience while you vape.

Is Menthol in E-Liquids Authentic?
As you may have guessed, there are ways to replicate menthol in a lab, to deliver the same sensation that people expect from the real thing. However, at The Vape Mall, we stick to authentic menthol crystals extracted from the mint plant, as we believe that going with what’s natural is always better.

Is Menthol Safe?
Menthol is, by all means, safe. After all, it’s found in many medicines, and again, it’s a compound found in mint, which is widely consumed all over the world. Vaping menthol is not known to pose any harm to anyone, as the only real complaint some individuals have is that e-liquid brands who go heavy-handed with the menthol can end up creating formulas that irritate the throat due to how intense the menthol concentration is. Basically, you don’t have to worry about menthol vape juices being harmful in any meaningful way, as long as the vape juice brand producing it is legit.

What Types of Menthol Flavors are There?
Menthol can be enjoyed in all kinds of e-liquid types, as that frosty sensation can complement all kinds of flavor profiles, such as:

·Desserts: Yes, menthol can complement all kinds of desserts. We particularly love menthol in ice cream-inspired desserts, since the cold touch of menthol can add to the effect of enjoying a frozen treat.

·Tobaccos: Menthol-infused tobacco is a classic flavor, and a great choice for vaping beginners who want to mimic the taste and feeling of what they were smoking before they decide to make the switch to a tobacco-free lifestyle.

·Fruits: Menthol-infused fruit flavors can be intensely refreshing, offering a soothing kiss of iciness that exhilarates the senses while the fruit adds a rejuvenating touch. Many fruit and menthol flavors also contain mint flavoring, to really enhance the overall effect.

·Candies: Yes, you can find menthol-infused candies, which add a cooling touch to an already enticing flavor, like sweet and sour gummies, and so on.

·Misc.: You can find menthol in other flavors, too, like beverages (milkshakes, colas, slushy beverages, lemonades, etc.) along with cereal flavors, which are extremely popular. In the case of cereal flavors, the menthol can give the impression of enjoying sweet cereal with cold milk fresh out of the refrigerator.

·Pure Menthol: Finally, we have e-liquids that contain just pure menthol, or mint paired with menthol. These can be enjoyed on their own, or simply added to your favorite existing e-liquid to add a crisp and cool touch.