What Makes a Vaper Go Straight for a Specific Vape Juice Flavor?

Have you ever wondered why vapers tend to gravitate immediately toward a specific e-liquid flavor? Well, we have a few theories as to why this is the case. One is that the idea of starting a new vaping hobby and choosing the right setup can be a tiring experience for a newcomer, and so they simply want the decision of choosing an e-liquid flavor to be as fast and easy as possible.

Of course, the more obvious reason why this is the case is because it’s a flavor that appeals to their taste buds. Most of us instantly identify with a particular vape juice flavor because it’s something that we crave on a regular basis. Maybe it’s a flavor that we used to indulge in all the time before we had to be more conscious of calories, or maybe it’s something that reminds us of a treat our grandma used to make.

Major Flavor Categories
Now, let’s break down the main categories of e-juice flavors and cover why vapers tend to gravitate toward them.

Mints & Menthol
Many people who choose a minty or menthol flavor do so because they once smoked those types of analogs. The sensation of menthol on the inhale and exhale is something that many of us continue to crave long after we get over our tobacco-related urges. Vapes made with mint or menthol provide that same experience.

Tobacco flavors will obviously appeal to those who have just stopped using real tobacco, since it provides that same flavor profile without requiring that we actually smoke a cigarette. Most people choose tobacco when they first invest in a vaping setup after quitting. With so many tobacco flavors to choose from, it’s no surprise that many wind up staying with tobacco flavors, too.

If you find that you choose candy flavors, then it’s likely that you’re someone with a sweet tooth. Maybe you feel tempted to indulge in real candies on a regular basis, and hate the fact that you have to turn them down due to dental health or weight-related reasons. Candy flavors allow us to enjoy sugary sweets all day long, making them a popular choice.

Allow us to indulge in something that’s usually considered sinful and bad for our health. So, a lot of vapers love the fact that they can choose from a wide array of rich desserts just as though they were picking one off of a restaurant menu.

A lot of people like fruit flavors because they are uniquely refreshing. Plus, feeling refreshed when we vape is an added bonus to engaging in this hobby. Fruit flavors, and beverage flavors containing fruit extracts both help us feel more mellowed out and rejuvenated throughout the day.

It Really is All About Preference
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what flavor you choose to vape. The wonderful thing about vaping is that we can choose any flavor we’d like and treat ourselves to it all day long without feeling the guilt of indulging.