What is vape flavor made of and what are the types of vape flavors

Vaping liquids are made with the blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavor essences with or without nicotine. There are around 7000+ vaping flavors available in the market. The health impacts of these flavor liquids are never neglected. According to FDA many of the flavors are not safe to use. So first of all always look on the label of any vaping liquid is it approved by the FDA or not, if not then go for the other one.

The flavored vaping liquids are available in the flavors of candies, desserts, fruits, foods, menthol, drinks, tobacco, and many others. Most of the time people choose vaping to quit smoking and the other reason is the fashioned smoke tricks. In both cases, flavors are essential for vaping. There are a lot of vaping liquid choices. To enjoy the vaping experience you not only need a good vaporizer but also a good and smooth liquid flavor to fill it up.

What are the types of vape flavors?
You can vape with the unflavored liquids, and it doesn’t mean that an unflavored liquid has no taste these liquids have not any artificial or natural flavor. These types of liquids are made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and also available in nicotine variations from 0ml to 6ml. If you love to vape the flavors then there is some information about the flavor categories you can choose from.

Candies/Chocolate Flavors
Candies and chocolate are favorite for all ages. If you have a sweet tooth then these kinds of flavors are made for you to enjoy the vaping experience. You have an option to choose like cotton candy, caramel chocolate, and some sour treats.

Dessert Flavors
Most of the time people choose a dessert after their meal, why not choose a vaping flavor for yourself which can provide the feeling and taste of your loved desert-like custard, pudding, cookies, or any other dessert. Yes, the desert flavors are a great idea to vape and leave a mild and creamy taste in your mouth.

Drink Flavors
The vaping liquids are also available in a wide drink flavor list to enjoy. These liquids are available in coffee, shakes, teas, juices, soda, and even in some alcohol flavors. These are just to provide you the taste and fulfill your thirst for any of your favorite drinks. The alcohol flavor does not create the feeling of drunk but provides you just the taste the same thing is with the other flavors, like if you have love to drink and like the smell of coffee but want to quit the caffeine intake then the coffee vaping flavor is good for you to choose.

Food/Fruit Flavors
You can enjoy the taste of your favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner item at any time with the help of vaping liquids available in the flavor of French toasts, cereals, cakes, nuts, seeds, and also bacon. So you can enjoy the taste of each and everything you like by just smoking it not by eating the food items. The most favorite fruit flavors are strawberry and watermelon. You can also choose other flavors like apple, banana, avocado, and all the other fruits.