What is the best vape set up for flavour?

With a massive and exciting range of flavours to choose from, it’s hardly surprising that lots of vapers are looking for ways to make the most of their favourite vape juice. 

If you’re a flavour chaser and maximising flavour is a top priority, then be sure to check out our picks for the best vape for flavour, as well as our tips for keeping your flavours feeling fresh.

Best prefilled pod kit for flavour
If you are looking for a simple prefilled starter kit with a fantastic flavour range that will give you plenty of options to choose from, our top pick has got to be the new Lost Mary Tappo.

This device is small and lightweight, with a user-friendly design that is perfect for new vapers who are just getting started on their vaping journey.

The pods for the Tappo come prefilled with e-liquid, so there is no need to worry about refilling the pod or changing the coil, Simple push the base of the pod in to release the e-liquid and the pod is ready to use.

The Lost Mary Tappo is cross compatible with a range of different pods, so you not only have the range of Lost Mary Tappo pods to choose from, but also the Elf Bar ELFA and ELFA PRO pods, giving you over fifty different pod options. The huge variety of flavours available within these three compatible pod ranges makes this our top pick for flavour range.

The Lost Mary Tappo pods are also fitted with QUAQ mesh coils, which offers optimum flavour payoff and a consistent vaping experience throughout.

Best starter vape for flavour
The Vaporesso XROS 3 has proved to be incredibly popular with all different vapers, and the incredible flavour payoff is a big reason why.
This device has refillable pods which can be paired with your preferred 50/50 or high PG e-liquid, so you can choose whichever flavour or nicotine strength you prefer. Each pod can be refilled a number of times before needing to be replaced, and the kit comes with two different pod options so you can test them each out to find which one best suits you.

We love that the XROS 3 offers a really satisfying and intensely flavourful vapour, with the ability to adjust the airflow setting to your preference, while still being simple to use and approachable for new vapers.

Best sub-ohm vape for flavour
SMOK have years of experience within the vaping industry, and this is certainly evident in devices like the RPM 5.

The device itself has a 2000 mAh built-in battery and offers a maximum wattage output of 80W, offering plenty of power and the ability to adjust your wattage settings and find what feels best for you. The screen on the front of the device helps you keep an eye on your remaining battery life, see your wattage settings, and lets you keep track of which resistance coil you are using.

Where this device really shines is with the multiple coil options, which each have a different resistance and can be used at different wattage ranges. This lets you experiment with each of the different coils to find the one that offers you the best flavour payoff and feels most comfortable and satisfying. We found that the flavour from each of the different coil options was top notch, and as they pair with a high VG e-liquid there are countless different flavour to choose from so you’ll definitely never get bored.

Best advanced vape for flavour
If you’re an advanced vaper and a flavour chaser we definitely recommend the Vaporesso Armour Max.

There are a number of different modes you can use with the device, all easily accessible through the on-screen menu. These modes include temperature control for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium, which is a great option if your main focus is flavour as it helps you control limit how hot the coil can get to help maximise flavour.

The Armour Max kit comes with the iTank 2, which has multiple coil options and offers a rich, dense, and super flavourful vapour with instant ramp up. Something we really love about this device is the locking mechanism. The fire button also acts as a switch which can be pushed up to lock the device when not in use. This means you don’t have to turn the device off every time you are done vaping, but instead you can lock it and know that it is not going to accidentally fire in your pocket which could burn out the coil prematurely and really affect the flavour of your vape.

Best disposable vape for flavour
When it comes to disposable vapes there are certainly a lot of options to choose from. Our winner for the best disposable vapes for flavour is BrewBox, not only for the quality of the flavour but also for the diversity of the flavour range.

BrewBox are manufactured by Ohm Brew, who are known for their phenomenal e-liquid ranges and fantastic flavour options. So, it’s no surprise that the BrewBox disposable vapes have excellent flavour payoff and a high quality, premium e-liquid.

There are eight flavours to choose from, with some classic disposable vape flavours like passionfruit guava kiwi and blueberry sour razz, but there are also more traditional flavour options that cater to those vapers who want something that tastes similar to cigarettes, like classic tobacco and fresh menthol. This inclusivity makes this range a great fit for all different types of vapers, and you really can’t go wrong with flavour like this!

Our tips for getting the best vape flavour
No matter what vape kit you are using, there is likely a number of ways that you can improve your flavour payoff by making some small changes, or even just ensuring you keep up with maintenance. Let’s take a look at some ways you can get maximum flavour from your vape kit.

Choose a mesh coil
First of all, look out for vapes that have mesh coils. Covering a larger surface area and offering better flavour distribution, mesh coils are well known for enhancing the flavour of e-liquids. They can also contribute to a smoother vape and offer greater longevity than standard coils.

Mesh coils are available for many different vape kits now, including vape pod kits with fixed coils. If your vape kit has a mesh coil option available, we recommend giving it a go to see if it can offer optimised flavour and vapour production.

Mesh coils are also now available in some disposable vapes and prefilled pods, like the Lost Mary BM600S and Elf Bar 600V2 disposable vapes, as well as the Lost Mary Tappo and ELFA PRO pods.

Choose the right VG/PG ratio
Which VG/PG ratio you need is mainly dictated by what kind of vape kit you are using, and choosing the right one will not only sure that you are getting the best flavour, but also keep your vape kit working at its best and offering you the best vape experience.

The two main ingredients of e-liquids are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). VG produces the vapour that is exhaled while PG accounts for throat feel. PG is also responsible for carrying the flavour and ensuring any nicotine remains evenly mixed throughout the vape juice.

For starter vape kits and pod systems you will usually want a 50/50 or high PG e-liquid. This is because they have a thin, watery consistency that is easy for the coil to absorb between pulls. This ensures that your coil is always saturated, giving you optimal flavour and avoiding dry hits.

Sub-ohm vape kits and advanced vape mods on the other hand have larger coils which need the thicker consistency of a high VG e-liquid. These e-liquids absorb more slowly, ensuring that the coil does not become over saturated, which can cause leaking and spitting. The larger vapour production these vape kits provide means you get plenty of flavour on both the inhale and exhale.

Switch up your e-liquids flavours
We recommend switching up your e-liquid flavours every now and then. If you’ve found a favourite flavour, it’s understandable that you’d want to stick with it, but when you stay with the same one for a long while it can lead to ‘vaper’s tongue’. This is when the flavour of an e-liquid becomes muted or seems as though it’s changed because your palate has grown used to it.

There are a few things you can do to help reignite your taste buds, from brushing your tongue and swilling with mouthwash, to sniffing coffee grounds, but the most reliable method is to switch to a different flavour of e-liquid for a while.

The ideal solution is to switch to an e-liquid that has a different flavour profile rather than one that is similar. So, if your favourite is a sharp fruity flavour, try a creamy dessert or a zingy menthol as your palate cleanser. When you switch back to your favourite, it should feel as though you’re able to taste the flavour more fully again.

Look after your e-liquids and coils
If you want your flavour to stay as strong as possible for as long as possible, then looking after your vape juice is a smart choice. This means making sure you tightly seal the cap between uses and storing your bottles somewhere away from direct sunlight or any extreme temperatures.

Good coil maintenance will also help ensure you get the best flavour for as long as possible. This includes properly priming your coil before using it, and regularly replacing your coil.

Consider double concentrate e-liquids
The higher the concentration, the stronger the flavour is likely to be. Anyone who’s ever mixed themselves a glass of cordial will be able to tell you so. And the same is true for e-liquids. Some e-liquids, like the Double Brew range, contain a higher amount of flavour concentrate for a more intense flavour payoff.

With double the concentration of other e-liquids, the Ohm Brew Double brew range give you the kind of strong flavour you might associate with disposable vapes. They’re available in a variety of flavours and you can choose from 5 mg, 10 mg & 20 mg/ml nicotine strength.

Think about nicotine strength
When you’re picking the best vape juice for flavour, it’s also worth having a think about the nicotine strength. A higher nicotine strength can result in a more notable throat feel, which can easily be mistaken for a better flavour. Depending on the sort of flavours you like best, you may actually find that lower strengths of nicotine enhance your flavour experience.

Explore sub-ohm vaping
If you’re a flavour chaser looking to expand your range, then switching to a sub-ohm vaping kit could be just the thing. Sub-ohm devices have low resistance coils and higher wattage settings which tend to attract vapers who have a little bit of experience. They’re perfect for those who enjoy a bigger and denser cloud. To achieve this effect, many sub-ohm tanks have a wide airflow slot, which helps to create that large amount of vaper.

When you’re concentrating on flavour, it’s a good idea to close the airflow to a halfway point. This will help you avoid losing flavour to the increased airflow while also enjoying the denser characteristics of the sub-ohm vape.

Sub-ohm coils are generally bigger than those found in starter kits and pod systems, meaning they tend to be best served by high VG e-liquids to avoid over absorption and leaking. There are high VG e-liquids in all sorts of flavours, so finding the one that suits you shouldn’t be a problem.

Experiment with wattage
The wattage that your device is drawing can also have an impact on how intense and flavourful your vaping experience is. Also, some flavours actually work better at lower temperatures, while others have flavour elements that are more or less prominent depending on power and temperature. If you have a vape that allows you to adjust the settings, you can play around with altering the wattage and seeing what affect it has on your favourite e-liquids.

Any stock coil should offer advice for which wattage is best and it’s possible for you to experiment within this range to see if there’s a sweet spot for you, flavour-wise. Do bear in mind the fact that running a coil with a higher wattage than is optimal can cause it to burn out more quickly.

More advanced vapers may even want to experiment with temperature control as a way to optimise flavour payoff. Temperature control allows you select the temperature your device is firing at, as opposed to the wattage. This means that rather than getting hotter throughout the pull, the device will adjust the wattage throughout to maintain the same temperature. Some vapers find this offers better flavour with sub-ohm coils and even when building your own coils.