What is Atomizer Short and How to Fix Short Atomizer? 

In this post we are going to be covering the basics of an atomizer short. Before you start the process of learning more about this technical issue with atomizers, it is important to understand the basics of a vaporizer atomizer.
There is a fair amount of technical information surrounding vaping, and it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming especially with some of the terminology that people that vape often may use. It's very unlikely that you'll need to know all of the technical terms for vape components to use a vape successfully, but learning the basics will help you to understand how your device works. Learning more can also prevent the chance of a technical problem form improper use.
One of the most widely used terms in vaping is the atomizer. This is a component that makes up a vape or e cigarette. The atomizer is a crucial piece of a vaporizer and without this component almost no vaporizer would work.
Atomizers can also have varying configurations especially in terms of RDA vaping, RBA vaping and clearomizers. We’re going to deliver a full description of what these atomizers deliver and how they work before we explain how to fix an atomizer short.

What are Atomizers?
Atomizers are basically what makes any type of vaporizer work successfully. Without access to an atomizer, you will just have a tank of e liquid that does not heat up successfully or properly vaporized material.
Atomizers are basically the component in a vaporizer that's essential for turning the substance inside into the mist or vapor that you're inhaling. The atomizer is usually a very compact heating element that delivers precision heating to create vapor.
E-cigarette atomizers are responsible for seeding e-juice mostly and not dry materials. These types of atomizers are often found between the mouthpiece in the tank and air responsible for heating up the E juice to output vapor through the mouthpiece.
Atomizer shorts can be just one small problems associated with an atomizer, which is the same as these 2 common issues: Atomizer low and Check atomizer. Check atomizer is also called No atomizer.
Atomizer shorts are often displayed when a coil begins to short-circuit. Atomizer short warnings will completely disrupt energy that goes into the atomizer to preserve it. Seeing these atomizer errors should never keep you from using your vaporizer. The good news is that they can be quickly fixed once you've diagnosed the issue from the error code.

How to Detect an Atomizer Short?
An Atomizer short warning will display on your screen when a malfunction has been detected If  your coil has short-circuited this will interrupt the current flow of energy and cause the device to shut off. If the coil is interacting with an area of the mod container that's unintended to interact with it, this can cause a short circuit and the shutoff. There's also a chance that the coil could be broken and this can cause a short circuit as well.
If you're using the coil that came from your manufacturer with the tank there's a chance that the connection could be loose. If you are using an RBA atomizer is a chance that the coil could be catching against the cap or the deck and that is causing the shutoff.
If you receive any of these errors you should not continue to press the fire button in order to fix your vaporizer. Check on the atomizer and if it's interacting inside your vaporizer, or try screwing it back in again to fix the issue before you try to fire the device up again.

How to Fix an Atomizer Short?
These warnings will occur when there is a disruption in the overall flow of energy throughout the device. There could be a number of other reasons why your device is also presenting the message for atomizer short. If you are using an RBA the coil could be interacting with an area that's unintended along the casing or internal structure of your vaporizer. If you have a tank or prebuilt style coil there is a chance that it could simply be defective or just loose. In some rare cases you may also have an issue with the vape battery that will cause the error.

Top causes of this warning
·Defective replacement coils
·Contact with the internal structure and atomizer
·A defective battery
·A defective box mod (Corrupt variable wattage mods typically).
Troubleshooting the issue begins with first identifying the root cause for the problem. It's a good idea to first start with the coil and then looked towards the batteries to see which area of the vaporizer is causing a short-circuit.
In order to check the battery you just need to remove the battery from the device and check them using an external battery charger. If your battery is not able to hold a charge or showcase a stable output, this is the problem. Finding the right coil resistance for your battery if it is able to hold a charge may also be important. This can involve calibrating your battery with your device or trying out a few different wattage settings in order to find one that works best between your vaporizer and your battery or battery replacement. If troubleshooting wattage doesn't seem to help it may be wise to just pick up a new battery that's recommended by the manufacturer.
Checking on the coil can also be quite easy. RBAs require a quick check to make sure that when the coil is screwed in it's not touching or interacting with any other aspect of your vaporizer. If the coil is interacting with the internal structure of your vaporizer you may need to take up a new coil or rebuild the coil so that it doesn't have the same break.
Make sure any coil replacement you get is the right size and this can prevent the chance that it will touch the deck or cap. Be sure to unscrew your coils and gently re-screw them in tightly so that they are in the correct position. This can also prevent the chance that the coil can jostle in your vape which could cause the error in the future.
If you are using preinstalled coils with a vape tank, you'll need to make sure that the base of the coil is connected to the base of your tank. Pull the coil base out just slightly and then reassemble the coil in the tank to make sure that it is held tightly. If you still get the same error after the device has been screwed in again, it could be wise for you to pick up a new coil as the one you have is likely defective.
Atomizer shorts can come up due to a number of issues with the atomizer, mod or the batteries. Be sure to use our rundown to figure out what's wrong quickly.

What does Check Atomizer Mean?
The no atomizer or check atomizer often comes up when the electrode pin in 510 configuration is not pressed against the firing pin, when the prebuilt coil is not connecting inside the base of the 510 electrode, or when the RBA is not correctly connected to the deck. Check atomizer represents a full disconnect where the device can no longer read your atomizer in place.

How to Fix Atomizer Check?
If you get these atomizer warnings,  this often means that the chipboard insider devices no longer able to read your atomizer. The quickest way to fix this issue is to screw the coil in again and make sure that the 510 connection and the coil meet. There could be a problem with your connection or just something stuck in the threads if you are getting this error.
Remove your atomizer completely and clean the connections. Remove the coil from your atomizer and then reconnect it. This is often the quickest fix.
Check the 510 pin and make sure it's properly connected to the mod. Pull the pin slightly and then adjust them to interact.
RDA or RTA atomizers can sometimes cause this error when the coil touches the cap or other metal piece in the deck. Make sure there is no breaks along the coil as well. Sub ohm tanks require a connection to the tank base. Pull out the coil slightly and reassemble the tank. RDA RTA and RDTA atomizers may simply need their post screws tightened. Sub ohm tanks with manufactured coils will sometimes ship with a bad coil. Try out a second one from the pack. External ohm readers could help you check atomizer range. If you have one of these devices you could see if the resistance is within the proper limits of your device.
If you aren't able to troubleshoot the issue from the early checklist items, try another atomizer completely. If you get the error again, the issue is with your vape mod.  If the mod is the problem. Pull out the 510 pin slightly and reconnect. If the 510 pin reset does not work you should consider replacement on your mod via a potential warranty.

What does Atomizer Low?
Atomizer low is a warning that you will receive when the resistance of the coil does not meet mod specifications. When you are using a specific modification and you've set the resistance coils to load the device will prevent itself from firing as a safeguard.
If you're attempting to use a 30W mod for example with a 0.25ohm coil, it's likely that you would run into compatibility issues. Using this example the manufacturer would have placed the coil resistance no lower than 0.4 ohm on the coil which prevents it from interacting with the mod. The atomizer low error will always display based off of this incompatibility.
Atomizer low means that the device is not capable of supporting the resistance on the atomizer. If the resistance on the atomizer is too low, this means that it incompatible with the mod you are trying to use. Be sure to double check information on your mod and any other attachments you want to add to your vaporizer before you use them. If you know that you're using mods which are completely compatible double check that everything is connected properly and screwed in tightly. If you're still experiencing the error there is a chance that you could need a new atomizer or mod.

How to Fix Atomizer Low?
Disconnect the mod and atomizer. If your device has a tank open it up so that you can see the coil. Screw the coil tightly into the base of the tank. If you have an RDA, make sure the negative and positive posts are well screwed in. Some inexpensive coils can remain constantly loose or trigger the warning with the slightest jostle. Reconnect your mods and try to fire the device. If you still receive the warning, it could be wise to check into a new mod with better support for your atomizer.
There are a few options in choosing a more compatible mod. Switching over to another tank or an RBA can help you reach a compatible resistance. RBA users may also be able to rebuild the coil in order to achieve the right resistance for the device. Picking up replacement coils if you are a tank user could also help you find a compatible resistance.
If you have complete compatibility the problem could be with your coil being loose. If you get a faulty connection with the 510 threads or defective coil it could just be wise to replace the coil completely. Make sure that everything is screwed in tightly edited the worst-case, if you think you have a bad coil replace it before you try to fire the device up again. A faulty coil can often be the worst-case scenario in a no atomizer or check atomizer error. If you go through the full inspection process, this is likely the best option. Defective coils can often make their way through quality control and coils won't even start to break down while they are in use.
If your vaporizer is displaying the no atomizer you can quickly solve the issue by troubleshooting using our strategies. If you don't feel comfortable opening up your device you could also consider taking it to a local shop to get professional assistance.

How to Choose the Best Atomizer for your Mod?
As atomizer problems can be quite common for regular vapers, picking up the right atomizer could help to save you time and stress. Using a vape does come with a bit of a learning curve but they can have an excellent value when they are properly set up for use. Work at finding a modification that will be billed for longevity and if you need to, pick up a few different atomizers to find out which one will last the longest without giving you any trouble.