What is a Vaporless E-Cigarette?

Vaping is not only about huge vape clouds and lots of vapor. Many vapers prefer a discreet vaping experience. Pen styles usually produce some vapor although not as much as powerful mods. That is why, most of vapers choose pen style vapes for stealth vaping.

There is another type of vaping devices called “vaporless” that produce zero vapor. This kind of vaping devices are ideal for stealth vaping as they are practically undetectable.

Why a Vaporless E-Cigarette?
There are many reasons why vapers choose vaporless e-cigs. The main reason is the need for a discreet vaping. Stealth vaping is a better option for vaping outdoors. This kind of vaping device produces small quantities of vapor that is not easily spotted.

Vaporless e-cigs is a step forward. This vaporless e-cigs don’t have LED lights and they are of small size. Most of stealth vapes fit in the palm of your hand as they are intended as portable and discreet vapes.

There are also some techniques to improve the stealth vaping experience. For example, you can take short puffs, hide the LED light if your devices have one and obviously, vape pod vapes or disposable vapes that are specifically designed for stealth vaping.

Aspire has planned to launch of a new vapor-free vaping device that will offer a new stealth vaping experience. This device will allow you to vape with no vapor. In short, vaping will be practically undetectable. Moreover, these vaporless devices are disposable.

Vaping Isn’t Just About Huge Clouds
As previously mentioned, many vapers don’t care about cloud chasing. As a matter of fact, most of vapers aren’t cloud chasers! They prefer an effective and stealth vaping over huge clouds. Big vape clouds is fun, and it’s also a good choice for flavor chasers. However, nicotine intake and stealth vaping are more practical for daily vaping.

Vaporless e-cigarettes aren’t the same as zero vapor. Zero vapor is a vaping technique that consists of multiple short inhales, holding your breath and then exhaling with pursed lips. With a vaporless e-cigarette, you don’t need to learn any new vaping technique. A vaporless e-cigarette is vaped the same way as any other MTL vaping devices. In conclusion, it is much easier to stealth vape vaporless e-cigarettes than zero vape a pod system.

Aspire has developed a new vaporless vaping devices that will be available soon!