What Is A Vape Rig?

If you’re ready to start enjoying the world of concentrates but want to stick to using a portable and convenient vaping setup, a vape rig is exactly what you need. A vape rig allows you to enjoy dabbing without having to give up the technological advantages of a vaping system. This type of attachment is designed specifically for dabbing purposes, and it’s very similar to the dab rigs that we’re used to with analog devices.

But, as you may know, the world of vaping has gotten so enormous that today’s market offers a huge and diverse variety of vaping goods for dab-related purposes. This means that if you’re totally new to the world of dabbing, you may be a bit intimidated, not knowing exactly where to start.

The good news is that we are here to help. We’ve created a basic guide to the world of vape rigs. This way, you’ll know what to buy when the time comes to buy a rig.

What is a Vape Rig?
A vape rig, also known as an e-nail or a vaporizer rig, is a dab pen rig attachment. It’s intended to be used as part of a portable dab rig pen. It’s intended solely for concentrates that are associated with dabbing, and it’s necessary because due to the unique consistency of concentrates compared to rig e-juice, a separate piece of equipment must be used. Basically, concentrates are not compatible with standard vaporizer chambers that are intended for oils and e-liquids.

A vape pen rig attachment can either come with a vaping system or be purchased separately and attached to a vaping setup that you already own. Lots of companies make separate vape rigs that can be used with their devices, such as the Atmos pen accessories.

How is a Vape Rig Used?
In order to use your wax pen rig properly, you need to locate the nail before you do anything else. It’s in this nail where you will be placing your concentrate so that it can make proper contact with the heat that comes from the heating element within your device. 

How the oil rig attachment actually connects to your vaping system depends on the unique design of your vaping system. Luckily, every vape rig should come with instructions so that you know exactly how to attach it for a successful vape.

What Types of Vape Rigs are Out There Today?
Vape rigs can vary in a number of ways. For one thing, different models are compatible with different types of vaporizers. This means that you can’t just buy any old rig and hope that it attaches to the device that you already own. This is why it’s important to read the manufacturer’s product description, in order to know whether or not a particular rig that has caught your eye will work with your existing setup.

Rigs can come in a number of shapes and designs, and this makes more than just a superficial difference. Different shapes and sizes can actually have unique effects on the flavor, smoothness, temperature and amount of your vapor. If you’re very particular about your dabbing experience, you’ll want to choose the design wisely.

Another thing that makes vape rigs differ from one another is the way in which they supply heat to the concentrate. Different dabbing setups use different heat sources, with ceramic and quartz being the most popular at the moment due to their ability to heat the concentrate evenly.

Also, bear in mind that the price of a vape rig can vary due to a number of factors. We suggest shopping around a bit before settling on the ideal rig for your needs because you definitely don’t want to pay more than you need to. However, paying less than what’s considered average could leave you with a low-quality attachment piece.

If You’re Gonna Start Dabbing with a Vaporizer, a Vape Rig Might Be the Answer!
This will ensure that your concentrates taste great, provide consistently adequate amounts of vapor and avoid getting burnt due to high settings of a particular device. Use this guide to learn more about vape rigs so that you can go about purchasing one and using it properly.