What Is a Vape Atomizer & How Does It Work?

If you vape, it's extremely important to know how all of the elements of your device work. It's also important to know the differences between each part and how best to replace and clean them.
So how does your vape work? Do you know what a vape atomizer is? Do you know when it should be replaced?
Keep reading. We'll get you set well on the way to some great vapes.

What is a Vape Atomizer?
The most important part of your vape is the heating element.
This is called the atomizer. Atomizers are made of several parts: the heating coil, a mesh screen, and a wick that for absorbing the e-liquid of your choice. Keeping the atomizer soaked in liquid keeps it from overheating.
Many atomizers rely on the e-liquid itself to act as the coolant. This has become the most common method and probably the way your vape device works.

Different Types of Atomizers
There are many kinds of atomizers to look for.
When starting out with vaping it's a good idea to start with a basic device that may have a disposable atomizer. This allows you to replace an accidental burnt out heating coil easily.
Replaceable atomizers are commonly found for most vape devices. These atomizers allow a vaper to have a unique vape experience. They are generally more expensive but they are easy to replace, and there are a few kinds that you can try.

How Does it Work?
The magic of your vape device happens in the atomizer. It's the most important part of any great vape experience. The atomizer holds the heating coil. This is where the vapor from your e-liquid is kept. It will heat to a certain degree (usually between 140 and 160) which will then allow the liquid to vaporize and disperse.
The atomizer is activated when the user takes a drag on the device. The nicotine within the juice turns into a vaporous smoke which the user can inhale safely before expelling.
There are many kinds of vape juices to choose from. Some may require a certain kind of device and atomizer to be smoked. Be sure to discuss all of your options with your supplier.

Are Rebuildables Good?
During your research, you've probably come across information on rebuildable atomizers.
This kind of atomizer is not for the novice vaper. They allow the user to construct a heating coil arrangement to their specific needs. The customization of this atomizer gives the smoker a more hands-on approach to their vape device.
Check out some RDA kits here and see if there are any you think you might like to experiment with.

Where to Buy the Best Vape Equipment
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