What Happens if That CBD Balm Dries Your Skin?

Did you know CBD balm provides a fast-acting and targeted way to let cannabidiol’s properties ease away discomfort within the muscles and joints, all while offering a host of properties that can regulate and balance the skin.? Well, now you do. Also, at the same time, ideally, a CBD balm provides a generous level of moisture and hydration to skin that’s dry, irritated or chapped.

But what if somehow your skin felt dry instead of hydrated? As you’re about to find out, it is often easy to identify the culprit, and make the right changes to reverse the problem.

Is it Normal for a CBD Balm to Dry Out Your Skin?
Essentially, using a CBD balm should not cause dryness or irritation – or any skin-related side effects, for that matter. High-quality, effective CBD balms are crafted with plant butters, oils, and/or waxes that each offer moisturizing properties. Plus, contain no ingredients that would take moisture away from the skin. Basically, this means that if you’re experiencing dryness with your CBD balm, it’s time to get a new formula.

Why Some Balms Might End Up Being Drying
If your skin is getting dry with each application of CBD balm, first, you want to make sure the balm is the culprit, and not something else you’re applying to your skin, an underlying skin condition or a change in your environment, such as dry weather.

If the balm is the problem, then it’s time to look at the ingredients. There are generally two reasons why a balm would dry out your skin – one is that it contains drying/irritating ingredients, and the other is that it contains ingredients that aren’t inherently drying, but your skin is allergic to them, and this causes an inflammatory reaction that leads to irritation, flaking and dryness.

What ingredients should be avoided then, due to their drying nature?

·Any synthetic ingredients can dry out your skin, because many of them are naturally irritating. CBD balms should be made strictly from natural, plant-based ingredients, so in fact all synthetic ingredients should be avoided.

·Alcohol and alcohol derivatives also have a tendency to dry out the skin, so keep that in mind.

Before buying a CBD balm, read through the list of ingredients carefully to make sure that each component in the formula is working for your skin, and not against it. If you need to, look up ingredients that you don’t recognize to see whether or not they’re known for taking away moisture and hydration out of the skin.

What to Do if Your Skin is Extremely Dry
Like we said, any CBD balm that is causing the skin to dry should be replaced with a higher-quality formula. But, in the meantime, while your skin heals, we recommend using a natural moisturizer to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, making up for the moisture loss and easing away irritation. You can even find CBD-infused skin moisturizers that you can incorporate into your routine along with your balm.

Bottom Line: If CBD Balm is Somehow Drying Out Your Skin, Just Stop Using It
Dry skin should never be a side effect of CBD balm, since this product type should, in fact, be very moisturizing. So, make sure to read the list of ingredients before buying a balm from now on, and stick to products that contain only 100% plant-based, moisturizing ingredients, and are scented with naturally derived rather than synthetic fragrances. Of course, it helps to read reviews as well.