What Flavour is Mr Blue Elux Bar?

Mr Blue Elux Bar – What Flavour is it?
What flavour is the Mr Blue Elux Bar? If you’re one of the many vapers who are now taking a keen interest in these new single use devices, you might want to find out the answer to this question.

Over the past year or so, Elux Bars have truly taken the disposable vape market by storm. Known for their great flavours and massive puff count that’s made possible with their rechargeable batteries, Elux Bars have fast become one of the most popular disposables on the market. 

One of the best-selling flavours is Mr Blue, but despite being a fan favourite, many people still aren’t sure what the flavour is. So, what flavour is Mr Blue Elux Bar? Let’s find out…

What Flavour is Mr Blue Elux Bar?
Many vape flavours such as Cola, Watermelon and Mango are easily identifiable by their name. However, at first glance, guessing the flavour of the enigmatic Mr Blue isn’t so straightforward! So what flavour is it then?

Well, if you’re into berries and menthol then you’ll be delighted! That’s because the Mr Blue Elux Bar takes a delicious berry medley and adds a slight touch of cool, invigorating mint. The end result is a fruity, fresh and unique-tasting vape that’s reminiscent of a berry slush. Sounds delicious, right? Well that’s why it’s become such a smash hit among those who regularly vape it!

How Many Puffs Do You Get?
Along with the delicious flavours on offer, one of the Elux Bar’s biggest draws is the huge puff count. Indeed, the Elux Legend provides an incredible 3,500 hits, making it excellent value for money.

Some of the other Elux Bars such as the Legend Mini provide the standard 600 puffs. But if it’s longevity you’re looking for then the Legend 3500 smashes the competition right out of the park!

So now you know what flavour the Mr Blue Elux Bar is, only one question remains: are you going to purchase one? We currently have an amazing 3 for 2 offer on all disposables, so if you decide Mr Blue is the one for you then take advantage of this offer and bag yourself a real bargain!