What Essential Oils Are Good For Vaping?

You may have heard that essential oils are good for vaping. However, you can’t just use all types of herbs and plant extracts for your vape. There are specific products you should know to avoid, while others are actually beneficial to your health. Apart from the vape smoke, which is, of course, damaging to your lungs when not used in moderation. Either way, this article is intended to help you understand which essential oils are safe to vape and which are commonly used in vaping.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. They all bring their own unique, pleasant aroma to the room, and they all have unique, mood-changing qualities. Many even claim that they provide other, health-related benefits.

What Are Essential Oil E-liquids?
Essential oils are usually obtained by distilling a specific plant. E-liquids are mixed with these plants to create essential oil vape juice. The oils typically carry the beneficial properties and fragrance of the plant they’re extracted from.

Essential oils aren’t ideal for vaping due to their viscosity. Were you to vaporize essential oils directly, the taste and sensation would likely not be pleasant.

Essential oil e-liquids are the solution to this problem. Like all e-liquids, they’re composed mostly of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The essential oils are added to the base, and they usually make up a minority of the e-liquid’s ingredients.

Why Vape Essential Oils?
Many claim that essential oils have unique and beneficial effects on both the mind and body. Essential oils are typically diffused in an oil diffuser, and sometimes they’re vaporized by means of indirect heat.

It’s possible to vaporize essential oils with an e-liquid vaporizer (or e-cig,) but inhaling some essential oils directly can be very dangerous. For this reason, vaping standard essential oil isn’t a good idea.

Luckily, there are essential oil e-liquids made specifically for vaping. These oils are safe, and they offer the same potential health benefits.

Benefits Of Vaping Essential Oils
Essential oils have a very pleasant aroma, but their benefits exceed these atmosphere-improving qualities. They’ve been said to have positive effects on people’s mental and even physical health.

·Essential oils can relieve stress and anxiety;
·Essential oils can relax and soothe the mind. Some are recommended for increased relaxation and quality of sleep;
·Some essential oils have been said to reduce physical pain and irritation;
·Some essential oils have been said to fight off certain illnesses, and they can supposedly boost the immune system.

Essential oils don’t affect everyone in the same way, and many health-related essential oil claims are unsubstantiated. They certainly have their benefits, but the extent to which they’re beneficial is a hot debate topic. Try it for yourself, but take these claimed benefits with a grain of salt.

What Essential Oils Are Good For Vaping?
You should only vape essential oils that were made specifically for vaping. Don’t buy standard essential oils from your local supermarket and vape them. Rather, you should find and purchase e-liquids that incorporate these essential oil’s fragrances. This is the safest way, and e-liquids like this are widely available.

In terms of essential oil e-liquids, all of them are great to vape for different reasons. Different essential oils offer different benefits, and you should choose an essential oil e-liquid that specifically benefits you.

One of the more common products people enjoy vaping are all available on Amazon. I’ve included links to the products, so you can immediately check them out there and purchase them to try it out yourself. This is my top 3:

·MONQ: By far the biggest and most trusted brand in this field are MONQ vapes. Personally, I really enjoy the Ocean Blend type, which is eucalyptus, lime and tangerine mixed together. A very refreshing and (relatively) healthy mix of flavors!
·KININ: This aromatherapy starter pack is great for people that want to explore the world of essential oils vaping. A rechargeable pod is included. It’s expensive but the fact that you can recharge makes it more than worth the price of this starter kit.
·DREAM: The MOXĒ is a blend of lavender, lemongrass and grapefruit. It’s one of the best bangs for your buck. The DREAM-brand has a lot of different aromatherapy flavorings, so do make sure to look around in the related products before picking your favorite. The MOXĒ sure is mine, so if you’re unsure that’s a safe pick to try out. You’re not going to empty your wallet on this one, so why not try it out?

Vaping Essential Oils For Anxiety
If you’re looking for an essential oil to help with your anxiety, you’re in luck. There are a number of essential oils that are said to benefit those with anxiety.

·Lavender is a beloved fragrance, and lavender-scented essential oils are great for the treatment of anxiety.
·Valerian e-liquid isn’t hard to find, and the scent has been known to positively impact those that are struggling with anxiety.
·Jasmine is another essential oil scent that can easily be found in e-liquid form. It’s great for the treatment of anxiety, and its fragrance is extremely pleasant.

Vaping Essential Oils For Sleep
If you have trouble sleeping, or if you want sleep of a higher quality, there are a lot of essential oils that help with that.

·We mentioned before that Lavender is great for the relief of anxiety, but it also promotes restful sleep. The next time you can’t drift off, try lavender oil.
·Chamomile is everyone’s favorite sleepy-time tea, but this classic scent isn’t just for tea. Chamomile is an essential oil, and it’s been known to help those in need of sleep.
·Sandalwood is another essential oil scent that’s been known to benefit those in need of sleep. It isn’t the most common essential oil e-liquid, but there’s still a good selection to choose from.

Vaping Essential Oils For Pain Relief
Some say that essential oils can reduce physical pain and irritation. We recommend CBD oil over essential oils for pain relief. However, if you insist on using essential oils for the relief of pain or irritation, these are the essential oils that are said to be the best.

·Eucalyptus essential oils have natural anti-inflammatory properties. It’s even been said to reduce physical pain and irritation. If you regularly experience pain or soreness, give Eucalyptus essential oil e-liquid a try.
·Peppermint essential oils are great for the relief of pain, irritation, and swelling. If you want to try peppermint essential oil e-liquid, make sure that the e-liquid includes peppermint essential oil and not just peppermint flavoring.

Oil For Pain Relief: Essential Oil, CBD Oil, or THC Oil?
If you’re in pain and need relief, there are several options. Essential oils, CBD oil, and THC oil are all options that are preferred by different people for pain relief. Each oil treats pain in a different way, and I’m going to do my best to explain the benefits of each so that you can decide which is best for you.

Essential oils have a calming effect on the mind that can supposedly extend to the relief of physical pain. Typically, essential oils are massaged into the affected area for pain relief, but there are reports of diffused, airborne essential oils relieving pain through scent alone.
It is, however, possible that these effects are due to positive association or placebo. This is why we suggest the use of CBD oil over essential oils when it comes to pain relief.

CBD oil is a more tried and true solution to pain. It’s extracted from CBD-containing Cannabis, but it doesn’t get you high in the way that weed does. Rather, it provides the user with a gentle, uplifting euphoria that’s been known to subdue and even eliminate pain.
Because CBD oil offers relatively powerful pain relief without causing mental fog, it’s the ideal pain-relieving oil. The next time you need relief, try CBD oil. It’ll be your new best friend.

THC oil is the most sure-fire way to relieve pain, but its effects can be debilitating for some. It can really kill your productivity, especially if you’re not used to its powerful effects.
It’s almost certainly going to take care of the pain, but its side-effects make it less than ideal for a lot of people. If you’re not experienced with THC, we recommend trying the prior methods before turning to this one.

Is Vaping Essential Oils Safe?
I strongly advise against vaping standard essential oils. Some may be safe to vape, but because they’re not intended for this, there’s no way to tell if an individual bottle of essential oil is safe to vape or not.

Instead, use essential oils e-liquids. They’re intended for vaping, which should give you some peace of mind. Essential oil e-liquids can be used with any vaporizer.

There are even disposable e-cig units made specifically for those that want to vape essential oils. MONQ is a company that sells “essential oil diffusers.” These pen-sized units fit in your pocket, and they’re available in a variety of scents. These disposable e-cigs contain e-liquid that’s 80% soy-based vegetable glycerin and 20% essential oil.

Side-Effects Of Vaping Essential Oils
There are only a few potential, negative side-effects caused by vaping essential oils. However, these side-effects can be induced by vaping in general, and they’re typically more common among new vapers.

If you’re new to vaping or if you’ve just been vaping a lot, you might experience dryness of the mouth or throat. If you keep vaping, that dryness may even turn into soreness. Typically, a glass of water or two will improve the dry mouth, and a cough drop will help soothe your sore throat.

Can You Get High From Vaping Essential Oils?
Essential oils have a unique effect on the mind that some would consider a “high.” It isn’t the kind of high that causes your mind to feel foggy. Rather, it’s a generally uplifting sensation. Some essential oil e-liquids contain nicotine, and these e-liquids provide the same sensation that you’d expect from any nicotine-containing e-liquid.

Much like vaping CBD oil, the plant-based oils will not contain any active substances that will give you a feeling that resembles any type of regular drug. You will only experience a feeling of relaxation, yet this will happen with a clear state of mind. If anything, the experience will give your mind clarity and will help you deal with certain health issues.

Vaping & Essential Oils
Vaping essential oils can reportedly bring many benefits. Although it isn’t advised to vape standard essential oils, many e-liquids incorporate essential oils. These e-liquids are fine to vape, and they offer the same benefits as standard essential oils.

The disposable MONQ e-cigs are pre-filled with essential oil e-liquids, but you can just as easily purchase your own essential oil e-liquid for use with an e-liquid tank or e-cig.

There are several devices that’ll allow you to vape essential oil e-liquids as well as standard e-liquids. If you want to save some time and skip the low-quality vaporizers, check out my list of all the best vape gear. These are premium devices made for vape enthusiasts and beginners alike.