Vaping cannabis wax and concentrates has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years. However, those new to the world of vaping THC might be intimidated by the learning curve and the sheer volume of wax vape pens on the market. Where do you start? And how do you make sure the wax dab pen you’re buying is of the highest quality? Well, you’re in luck, since today the experts are here to explain everything you need to know about vaping wax and concentrates. 

What are Concentrates and Why are They Popular? 
“Concentrates” is the more technical, official name for “dabs”. Dabs are potent concentrations of the active substances found naturally in cannabis. Rather than smoking a flower, you are vaping an extract. 

There are a variety of reasons many prefer concentrates to traditional cannabis smoking. First off, vaping avoids producing the harsh smoke and asks that smoking does. Second, dabs offer stronger, more powerful hits that deliver an effect that is more satisfying to many. Third, many individuals find the taste of vaping dab concentrate pens more pleasant and preferable. Fourth, vaping dab pen concentrates is more discreet than smoking so those who want to vape stealthily and avoid the attention of others often prefer vaping concentrate dab pens. 

What Types of Concentrates are Available?
Vapers are an innovative group always looking to expand their options and explore a variety of experiences. Therefore, several types of concentrates have proven popular for different reasons. 

1.Wax: Wax for dab pens is the most commonly available choice. It is also the most affordable and has the weakest potency. Wax dab pens also use soft wax so it is easy to vape without the need for more elaborate dabbing tools. For these reasons, it is the recommended choice for new dabbers. 

2.Budder: Budder is similar to a wax dab pen in that it is less intense in its potency. It is also soft so it is easy to use without tools to handle it. It differs from wax however, in that it offers a more flavorful experience. Those wanting to emphasize flavor over potency should give budder a try. 

3.Crumble: Now we’re getting into more intense territory. Crumble is a harder form of concentrate that can be easily broken down into chunks. 

4.Shatter: Shatter is the stronger concentrate available. It has its name from it’s constituency which is glass-like, making it highly breakable. It is recommended to build up to vaping shatter due to its strength. 

What Do I Need to Vape Wax or Concentrate? 
Other than one of the aforementioned categories of concentrate like wax for dab pens, you’re going to need a dab pen device. Dab pens, or wax pen vaporizers are basically vape pens made to utilize concentrate or wax rather than traditional e-liquid. They have two main components, a battery and a heating chamber. They are similar to classic vapes in their operation, however with wax pens, rather than filling the chamber with e-liquid, you are placing concentrate inside it. 

Which Dab Vape Pen Should I Buy? 
If you’re just getting into dabbing and want a simple to operate device or just want something portable and discreet, the Mig Vapor Wasp Wax Dab Pen is sure to satisfy. If you want to upgrade to a more fully-featured device with multiple temperature presets and a ceramic chamber.