With the new PACT Act coming into effect, many people may not be entirely sure what Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) cover. To put it simply, ENDS refer to non-combustible tobacco products and are also known as vapes, vape pens, hookah pens, e-cigarettes and e-pipes amongst many other names. Nicotine is delivered through an e-liquid that also contains other ingredients, usually flavorings. The e-liquid is burned to deliver an aerosol that is then inhaled.

One reason the government is looking to limit the shipping of ENDS through the USPS is because of the number of youths who use them despite not being of legal age. Based on a survey conducted in 2013, just over 80% of youths who use ENDS indicated that they do so because of the wide range of flavors on offer. The PACT Act is one step towards preventing the illicit use of ENDS by underage youths.

As an adult of legal age who uses ENDS, you will still be able to purchase the products you need with confidence, but ENDS retailers and manufacturers will need to abide by a stricter set of guidelines to remain in compliance. IN 2016, the FDA extended the regulatory authority, requiring all parts and components of an END to be regulated besides the vape pen itself. These include:

§Certain batteries
§Tank systems
§Drip tips
§ENDS flavorings
§Digital displays to adjust settings

The only exception to this rule is accessories.

You may be wondering exactly what the PACT Act means for you, the end consumer. Be rest assured that you will still be able to purchase your favorite products from online retailers like before, however, the shipping process will be different. For a start, the USPS is no longer shipping ENDS to end customers. This means that retailers will have to partner with private couriers to offer shipping for their products. While this can mean a slight increase in shipping fees, you will still be able to receive your products like before.

Below are the processes that will be put in place by the PACT Act for ENDS users:

§Stricter age verification process upon checkout and receiving your parcel – minors cannot sign for and receive parcels containing ENDS, even if the parcel is not addressed to them

§Nicotine addictiveness warnings and your tax obligations will be printed clearly on any parcel that contains ENDS