Electronic vaporizers comprise the most popular form of cannabis and nicotine consumption. This is mainly since vaporizers are easier and often safer than smoking. Tobacco products have always been risky, and vaporizers have taken combustion out of the equation to offer a healthier alternative. This article will look at the pros and cons of electronic vaporizers.

What is an Electronic Vaporizer?
To start off, there are many types of devices on the market that produce vapor. Some are electronic, while others rely on manual applications to produce vapors. Dab rigs are a great example of a vaporizer that uses no electricity, though it should be noted that devices such as the G Pen Connect E-Nail exist to create a dab using electrical means.

The majority of electronic vapes will fall under the category of either a desktop vape, vape pen, or box mod. All of these utilize electricity and are among the most well-known. Desktop vapes are not meant to be portable, though are the most powerful in terms of efficiency, durability, and vapor production.

Vape pens are thin devices that are perfect for stealth users and those looking to take their vape sessions on the go. Portability is what makes vape pens so popular, with most of them being able to accommodate everything from dry herbs and wax to e-juice and oil concentrates. Each has their own pros and cons, though each one will undoubtedly provide the user with a reliable method of vaporization.

Why are Electronic Vaporizers so Popular?
Smoking is outdated, unhealthy, and expensive! Instead of gently heating up material and allowing for further usage and preservation after the fact, smoking destroys the product in the end and requires additional accessories to produce smoke, such as a lighter, pipe, papers, etc.

Electronic vapes offer the user more in terms of control, reliability, and convenience. Whenever you smoke something, you must finish it all in one go, otherwise you risk having burnt material fall all over your pockets or purse, plus it smells very strong and takes a while to cool down. Add to the fact that many pipes are made of glass, and you have a delicacy issue that compounds an already bad method of consumption.

Vaping eliminates the majority of all these problems by mitigating the issue of having to finish a session. With the push of a button, hits can be taken on the fly at a moment's notice. Vapor is known to be incredibly odorless compared to smoke, and the thought of not having to use a lighter to take a hit is just the icing on the cake.

What are the Pros?
Smokers will find the transition to smoking incredibly easy compared to quitting cold-turkey or resorting to gum, nicotine patches or chewing tobacco. In fact, vaping devices such as the AGO allow the user to smoke material without the use of a lighter! With the push of a button, anyone can take a hit and can easily switch to aping by adding a glass screen.

Vaporization eliminates the carcinogens found in smoke and is a much healthier alternative compared to smoking and chewing products. One of the most convenient aspects of vaping is the fact that users can control their nicotine dosages to dial in the desired amount without stinking up their clothes or creating a lingering odor.

Smoke is notorious for permeating nearby clothes, furniture, and making itself known through the adjacent area. Vapor on the other hand does not linger or penetrate clothing the way smoke does. In the long run, users will find that vaping is profoundly cheaper and much easier to handle in their lungs than smoking.

What are the Cons?
The cons of electronic vaporizers are far and few, though they do exist. The truth is that even though vaping has been shown to be a demonstrably superior and safer method to cannabis and tobacco consumption, long term studies have yet to definitively show the lack of risk associated with vaping. Nonetheless, users have reported that their health has improved significantly after switching from smoking to vaping.

Replacing smoking with vaping might be considered replacing bad habits with the lesser of two evils, though the fact remains that vaping is much more tolerable than someone smoking. Most health risks associated with vaping are directly attributed to certain types of e-juices. Vitamin E, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin hailing from China have been responsible for producing bad health effects.

It should be noted that none of the negative health effects of vaping have been related to vaping natural products such as cannabis or its constituents. Wax and oil concentrates have never been responsible for any overdoses or deaths, whereas the vaporization of chemicals like the ones mentioned have been directly responsible for numerous deaths in the US.

So, are Electronic Vaporizers Safe?
Yes, they are safe, depending on what you vape. If you choose to vape nicotine products, just make sure you know where they come from and what is in them. The fact remains that vaping is much better than smoking, though vaping the right type of e-juice is just as important. Vaping wax, dry herbs and oil concentrates are among the safest methods and materials to vape known to man.

Whether you choose to vape, always know that you are making a wiser decision for yourself and your health when you go for an electronic vape over smoking a bowl or a cigarette. Always make sure you acquire not only your material, but your devices as well from a reputable company. The more well-known and reliable vapes on the market are what those in the vaping community know and recommend.