What are the features of advanced vape mods?

If your primary goal is to keep your vaping experience as simple as it can possibly be, you’ll probably be happiest if you stick with the device you’re already using

If you vape, there’s a good chance that your first vaping product was a small device like a vape pen or pod system because those are the devices that almost all new vapers use. Small devices are great for new vapers because they’re simple and inexpensive. They’re also designed to use higher-nicotine e-liquid, which is great when you’re new to vaping because you’re going to want a vaping setup that provides the same throat sensation you would get from smoking a cigarette.

Once you quit smoking and switch fully to vaping, the next thing that you’re probably going to do is start looking into what you can do to make your vaping experience even better – and that means you’re going to spend some time browsing the selection at your favorite online or local vape shop. When you do that, you’re going to see a huge array of fancy vape mods – and that’s going to make you curious. Should you switch from your current device to an advanced mod? What would you get if you did switch?

If your primary goal is to keep your vaping experience as simple as it can possibly be, you’ll probably be happiest if you stick with the device you’re already using. If you’re willing to trade the simplicity for a vaping experience that’s richer in features, though, you may love the experience of using an advanced vape mod. These are some of the features that the best vape mods offer.

Fully Variable Power Delivery
The best aspect of switching from a smaller device to an advanced vape mod is that you’ll enjoy full control over the power delivery of your device in the form of variable wattage adjustments. If you have any ability at all to adjust the vapor production of a vape pen or pod system, you can usually only choose between coarse settings like “low,” “medium” and “high.” With a vape mod, on the other hand, you can select the exact wattage you want. That makes it possible for you to fully customize your vaping experience, and it also ensures that your mod will be compatible with a wide variety of third-party vape tanks.

Automatic Temperature Limiting
One of the things that you can do with an advanced vape mod – but can’t do with most smaller vaping devices – is automatically limit the temperature of your atomizer coil. Automatic temperature limiting works because of a principle called temperature coefficient of resistance, and it’s compatible with vape coils made from stainless steel, titanium or nickel. Titanium and nickel coils aren’t common, but there’s a good chance that your favorite vape tank has stainless-steel coils available. Automatic temperature limiting prevents the harsh “dry hits” that can occur if you’re chain vaping a bit too aggressively or forget to keep your tank full.

Automatic Coil Preheating
If you haven’t used your vaping device for a while, do you find that you need to puff on it several times before it produces a satisfying cloud? If you use a tank with a larger coil, it can take a bit of time for the coil to operate at maximum efficiency because of its high mass. An advanced vape mod can eliminate lengthy ramp-up times by automatically giving a cold coil a bit of extra power when you first begin vaping. 

Custom Power Curve
Do you find that the vapor produced by your vape pen becomes uncomfortably hot when you take longer puffs? One possible solution for that would be to have your vaping device produce a little more power at the start of a puff to get the coil going before slowly reducing its power to prevent the coil from getting too hot. Vape pens can’t do that, but an advanced vape mod may give you the ability to define a custom power curve that gives you exactly the puff you want – every time.

Luxury Materials
If you’re tired of using a vaping device made primarily from plastic and are feeling a bit envious of the devices you’ve seen at vape shops, you’re going to feel even more envious when you really begin to investigate all of the new things that the manufacturers are doing to make their vape mods look great. One of the biggest trends in vape mod design over the past couple of years has been the use of luxury materials. One popular trim option for today’s vape mods is stabilized wood, an attractive blend of wood and resin that allows for the creation of wood blocks and panels with unique swirled patterns. Some of the other trim options that you’ll find when shopping for high-end vape mods include leather, mother of pearl, and carbon fiber.

Better Vapour Production and Battery Life
One of the biggest selling points of advanced vape mods is that they offer dramatically better performance than smaller vape pens and pod systems. If you have any friends who vape, you’ve probably noticed that a few of them use devices that can really fill a room with clouds. Those people are using vape mods. If you’re intrigued by the idea of a vaping experience that prioritizes vapor production and flavor over throat hit, you’ll probably enjoy owning a vape mod.

Downloadable Firmware Upgrades
With all of the different features available in today’s advanced vape mods, there’s always a chance that a firmware bug in a given vape mod could escape detection until the mod is already in production. It’s also very common for the manufacturers of vape mods to add new features to their devices after they’re released. In contrast with most smaller vaping devices, the device that you buy isn’t necessarily the device that you’ll always have if you’re an owner of a vape mod. That’s because most vape mods offer downloadable firmware updates. If the manufacturer of your device fixes a bug or adds a new feature, you can download the latest version of the device’s firmware and install that firmware on your device through your computer.

Large Color Display
When you own a vaping device with as many features as today’s vape mods offer, you need a device that can clearly communicate what your current settings are and make it easy for you to access and change those settings. Unlike most smaller vaping devices, a vape mod will almost always have a large color display to provide an interface that’s completely user-friendly.