What Are The Different Types of Vapes and How to Choose the Best One

You will be familiar with the term vape juice, and how to make vape juice. Some people mistake vape juice (e-juice or e-liquid) to smoke generated by a vape device.

But an e-juice is the liquid that is actually used to generate the vapor inhaled by vapers during a vaping exercise.

For the vapor to be created, the e-juice is passed through an atomizer which is actually a heating element. This happens similar to what happens when a drop of water is placed on a hot frying pan – the drop vaporizes due to the high temperatures.

When the e-juices vaporizes, the vapor is inhaled like smoke although it comprises different particles (components) from the smoke.

Irrespective of the fact that vaping keeps on rising year in year out, statistics show that it’s still a new and young practice.

Due to this reason, there are thousands of questions and even misconceptions about this practice among the people, including what it evolves and whether it is safe to do it.

What is Vaping?
“Vaping” is slang for “vaporizing” and it is the way/act/practice of taking in (inhaling) vapor from commercially-generated liquid (e-liquid / vape juice/e-juice) using a vaporizer accessory or a vape.

A vaporizer is a handheld device that can fit into your pocket and carry it wherever you want. It comes with different shapes, forms, sizes, and even colors depending on the vaper’s preference.

Some vaporizers are almost the size and shape of a common cigarette. Others have a resemblance to the regular cigarette but look stylish.

Also, others are shaped like the rectangular pack of cigarettes, or remote controls or may have the shape of a cigarette lighter.

Ideally, these devices are designed in any shape provided that they are sufficiently small to fit into your pocket and carry them like any device.

Basic Parts of a Vape
A vape or a vaporizer has four fundamental parts:
·a tank (cartridge)
·an atomizer (heater)
·a battery
·a sensor

The tank is the part that stores (holds) the e-juice being vaped.

The vape atomizer is a small heating component and is where the real magic occurs. Atomizers come in different forms – clearomizers, cartomizers, et al. – and the difference is associated with the way the e-liquid is contacted by the atomizer. Regardless, all atomizers perform the same heating purpose and heating principle.

The battery provides the power required to heat up the atomizer.

The sensor is the brain of the vape which commands the battery to charge the atomizer to heat the e-liquid.

Its principle of operation can be likened to a car starter.

Even though there are various reasons why people vape, the majority of them do it in a bid to stop smoking.

With hundreds of vapes and different types of vaping devices available in the market currently, it can be rather confusing to determine the correct accessory that best suits you.

You should invest your money in a high-quality vape that can deliver the right nicotine to your “system” while at your convenience of home or office.

Different Types of Vapes

Below listed are the 4 different types of vapes. This guide will serve as a guide for beginners to help them make informed decisions when purchasing for one.

1. Vape Mod
A vape mod is an abbreviation of “modified e-cigarette” and is also referred to as an advanced personal vaporizer (APV).

This device features extreme firepower backed by enhanced personalized properties.

The original designers of this device borrowed the idea from vapers who modified flashlights to make vaping accessories to obtain huge clouds.
Lovers of vaping like experimenting using various accessories by modifying them to achieve an advanced vaping experience.

In this case, more clouds but characterized by sketchy moments and explosions are experienced.

The majority of vape mod makers today manufacture high-quality pieces after adopting the currently available devices in the market today.

These devices are available in different shapes, stylish designs, sizes, and even colors and deliver powerful vape clouds.

2. Vape Pen
These vaping accessories come in a cylindrical pen just like a typical pen and different styles.

Compared to cig-a-like vape devices, a vape pen is larger and comes with a more powerful battery capable of delivering huge clouds.

These forms of vaping accessories became popular back in the mid-2000s when vapers discovered their powerful battery capacity, application of different atomizers, and a microchip in the battery compared to their rivals.

The pen-like shape of these devices provides unmatched flexibility and wonderful vaping experience.

Manufacturers have unveiled high-quality vape pens with seasoned features for effective vaping of CBD.

Now, to keep the device operation and in good condition, good battery care of the vape is necessary. They come with a temperature control property, they are discrete, easy-to-use, and are portable.

These accessories are manufactured in different sizes and colors enabling vapers to make a choice for the ones they prefer.

3. Cig-A-Like
Even someone who has never heard the name Cig-A-Like can assume how the device looks.

As the name suggests, this vape resembles the shape of a regular cigarette.
Although the device is an entry-level vape, it gave inspiration for the manufacture of an e-cig.

The main objective, an idea rather than designing the cig-a-like vape, is to make a vaper look like they are smoking as both are pleasurable experiences. The whole idea was to encourage or enable a smooth transition from smoking to vaping.

All in all, the cig-a-like vape is easy to use, consumes less e-liquid to deliver powerful clouds, ultra-portable, and is a fuss-free vaporizer.

4. Pod Mod
Compared to cig-a-like vape, a pod mod device has a smaller wattage capacity but is a look-alike and popularly used to draw nicotine-based e-juices.

They are sometimes regarded as an improved version of the cig-a-like vapes and closet vaping accessories to cigarette smoking.

They are best suited for smokers trying out vaping as they are easy to use for smooth transitioning from smoking to vaping nic salts.

Moreover pod mod allows an easy vaping of strong vape juice nicotine levels from nic salts to enable a similar feeling got from smoking.

They are ultra-portable and can fit well in your pocket.

Choosing a Vape That Works Best For You
Clearly, vaping’s a vast industry. Sales for e-juices, vapes, vaping joints increase annually.

Companies affiliated directly or indirectly to vaping are experiencing substantial growth.

Nevertheless, it is expected in future this industry will slow down due to the stiff regulations anticipated to be put in place. This is to ensure the safety and control of vapers and vaping respectively from unscrupulous vendors and businesses who take advantage of new vapers.

The hardware is still in its development stage with most nicotine smokers who switch from cigarette smoking to vaping usually hopping directly into more improved types of vape juice consumption like using mods, cloud chasing, or sub-ohm coils.

But smokers are advised to begin with simple and not the big devices.

For instance, smokers are recommended to begin with the vape starter kit which is regarded as the most suitable cig-a-like vape ever made. With time, they will be comfortable with big mods that can deliver much satisfaction that the simple one.

Now, for heavy nicotine consumers (smokers in particular) wanting to switch to vaping, the pod mod vapes are easier to use and even more efficient than cig-a-like vapes.

For any beginner in this class who plans to invest in a cig-a-like device, they should consider investing in a pod mod. The box mod types aren’t ideal for beginners as they require some knowledge of fundamental things.

Nevertheless, they are the right investments for experienced vapers who are searching for powerful devices that can produce huge clouds and astonishing flavor.

The vape pens devices are best suited for both starters and vaping pros as they are user-friendly and highly efficient in producing the best satisfaction. Vape pens deliver the correct amount of CBD as well as flavorful clouds.

For someone anticipating joining the sub-ohming world, they can consider investing their bucks in a high-quality vape pen as it is the best option for the general vaping experience.

How to Achieve the Best From Your Vape Device
To get a wonderful user experience does not necessarily mean you should draw large sips from the vape, taking small sips can serve you well.

For beginners, might they be a past smoker or new nicotine consumers, it is paramount to know that vaping is way different from cigarette smoking: they ought to obtain the right strength for their e-juices that properly suits their preference.

Taking Care of Your Vape
The inspection of the device is very important.

The device should be recharged between uses as well. If this isn’t possible, always carry a spare battery in your pocket. The spare must be fully charged while the other is being used in the vape.

Also, you must know that some vapes are designed to work with specific types of e-juices. You must understand the nature of the vape you are using; the principle of operation, type of atomizer, how to clean it, where to get spares, et al.

Most importantly, especially for people who share these devices, they must be cleaned appropriately between uses.

Even the cigarette manufacturers consider smoking as a harmful habit that can affect overall body health. Vaping is an alternative form of consuming nicotine and isn’t associated with those repercussions.

Anyways, before getting the plunge, you need to invest in the right device to allow you to get a smooth transition. With a wide variety of vapes available in the market, the best quality vape is the right device that offers the best vaping experience.