What are the Benefits of Nicotine Salts?

We explore the benefits of Nicotine Salts and why you should consider them…

They basically let you vape at higher strengths of nicotine without the rough impact on your throat. Cue more nicotine, for less vaping, meaning more money in your back pocket. Bonus right!?

We’ve spoken to many prospective customers who smoke and have come into the shop asking for our specialist advice. Many have told us how they’re reluctance to switch to vaping is often based on the thought that they’ll get a harsh hit on the throat combined with an incomparable buzz to that received with a cigarette.

That’s before they even consider the vast amount of vaping products on the market following the huge leap forward in vaping technology. This is where the benefits of Nicotine Salts come in!

The Benefits of Nicotine Salts
So, what are the benefits of Nicotine Salts? Well, there’s many:

1. Higher Nicotine Levels
As mentioned, the higher nicotine levels that come with using Nicotine Salts is a big advantage, especially for those looking to quit cigarettes. That instant rush is easily replicated and can be very effective in helping fight any cravings. You also get much more value for money, with less vaping required due to the higher strength of the salts. Buzzing!

2. A Better Vaping Experience
Are you looking for a smooth, easy vaping experience combined with a higher level of nicotine? Is that even possible? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s one of the benefits of Nicotine Salts. The impact on the throat is not as harsh as the feeling you get smoking freebase nicotine found in cigarettes and traditional vape juices.

3. Use Less E-liquid
Higher nicotine levels mean better absorption into your lungs and brain, meaning you won’t need to consume as much e-liquid. This means you can make your money go further by not having to replenish your supplies as often. Nicotine Salts are a high-performance, cost-effective option.

4. It’s Longer-Lasting
Nicotine Salt is essentially the chemical in its natural state in tobacco leaves. As a result, it’s much more stable than its freebase form. This means it won’t oxidise as fast, thus leaving you more time to enjoy it (depending on how much you vape of course!).

5. Devices Are User-Friendly
The majority of devices that use Nicotine Salts are easy to use. They tend to be pocket-friendly in size and provide the option of cartridges if you don’t like the messy game of refilling e-juices. What’s more, if you prefer to be discreet when vaping, you won’t have huge clouds following you down the street.

Are Nicotine Salts healthier?
A very valid question. As a responsible provider of vaping products who care for our customers, we’ll always provide as much balanced information as possible. Of course, as you’re no doubt aware, the core ingredient to these products – Nicotine – is highly addictive. As Nicotine Salts are generally at a higher strength than freebase vape, there is the risk of increased nicotine addiction if the necessary precautions aren’t taken.

So, to recap, the benefits of nic salts are;
1. Higher nicotine levels
2. A better vaping experience
3. Using less e-liquid
4. It’s longer-lasting
5. Devices are user-friendly

If you’re looking for a high-performing, cost-effective product that provides increased levels of nicotine, we’ve got just the range of products for you.