Website Promotes Opposition to UK Vape Tax

Two non-profit groups dedicated to vaping and nicotine consumers have launched a website to help mobilize opposition to the British government’s recently announced vape tax proposal. The site, called, is a collaboration between advocacy group the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and vaping news aggregator  

The proposed tax will increase the prices of all vape products that contain e-liquid, including zero-nicotine products like shortfills. It will send many vapers back to smoking and expand the already-growing black markets for both vapes and tobacco. The NNA calls the proposal “highly damaging and ill-thought-out.”

A major concern for vaping advocates is complacency among British vapers who have faced almost no serious legal or regulatory challenges in recent years. Ironically, a decade of generally vape-positive positions by elected officials and government health agencies now works against harm reduction advocates trying to generate rapid, large-scale opposition to the Sunak government’s tax proposal and other attacks on vaping.

Sharing the site with friends who vape and on social media is a convenient way to spread awareness about the proposed tax, and encourage consumers to participate in the government’s public consultation—which will accept comments until May 29—and write their Members of Parliament expressing opposition. 

The site explains how to reply to the consultation, and offers a list of suggested talking points to include in responses. It also includes an excellent explanation of how the tax will work, and features brief (100 words or fewer) stories from vapers, explaining how the tax will affect them.

The NoVapeTax site and campaign is being funded by donations to the NNA GoFundMe page. Both the NNA and are non-profit organizations, run by volunteers.