WATT and Porsche 911, Geekbar’s success at the World Vape Show

Renowned disposable vape brand Geekbar recently announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Geekbar WATT, at the 2024 World Vape Show in Dubai. The Geekbar 911 LUSH, a product co-branded with the Porsche Absolute Racing Team, also had its premiere during the show. These products, featuring cutting-edge technology and unique user experiences, drew significant attention from visitors and industry professionals.

Highlights of the Expo
At the World Vape Show in Dubai on June 12, 2024, Geekbar officially debuted its ground-breaking Geekbar WATT. This significant event in the vaping industry brings together leading global brands and numerous new products. Geekbar drew plenty of fans and industry insiders with its display of several new releases.

“We are thrilled to present our latest achievements at this expo, especially for users in the Middle East,” the vice president of Geekbar, Gavin Zhang said. “The technological breakthroughs and user experience with the new product reflect our long-term commitment to adult users worldwide. We aim to share our innovations with more users and drive the continuous development of the industry.”

Geekbar WATT: Intelligent Design, Immersive Experience

Geekbar WATT integrates more sophisticated and interactive elements, such as a huge display and greater vaporization power, to enable adult consumers worldwide an engaging experience. The Geekbar WATT boasts 1.8-inch HD display in the market, free WATT management, and great airflow direction. These creative designs allow users to monitor and change the e-liquid and battery power levels in real-time, which enhances the user experience.

A few of the delectable flavors that Geekbar WATT offers are Cherry Lemon, Sour Apple Ice, Watermelon Ice, Kiwi Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, and Mango Peach. To satisfy the varied needs of its customers, Geekbar is dedicated to consistently creating new flavors and investigating a larger variety of ingredients and methods.

Co-branded Product: Geekbar 911
Geekbar also proudly introduced the co-branded Geekbar 911, developed in collaboration with the Porsche Absolute Racing Team. Inspired by the Porsche Absolute Racing Team’s championship car livery, this product combines the speed and passion of racing with Geekbar’s innovative technology, offering a unique user experience.

The Geekbar 911 features a 2.0-inch ultra-large HD display, dual mesh coils, and built-in VPU, providing dynamic and normal modes. The dynamic mode offers instant dual heating and 20W power boost, delivering a more impactful flavor experience, while the normal mode ensures a smooth and durable vapor experience. Additionally, the unique design of the Geekbar 911 allows users to enjoy both vaping and the thrill of racing.

The Head of Middle East Sales of Geekbar, Kobe Hu added, “Geekbar 911 is the first disposable e-cigarette with a Porsche livery and large screen. We are launching 15 classic liveries favored by car enthusiasts in the UAE market, featuring a leading 2.0-inch color screen that provides higher definition and more vivid interactions compared to traditional screens. We continue to utilize the widely recognized dual firing mode and dual coil technology, delivering strong and consistent flavor. This product also supports customer customization, allowing new liveries and UI designs to meet diverse regional market needs, maximizing product competitiveness and efficiency.”

Quality at the Core
Geekbar prioritizes product quality as a strategic focus and core of product development. The research and development team continuously explores new materials, technologies, and ingredients. Additionally, Geekbar’s intelligent manufacturing partners operate fully automated production lines in sterile environments, ensuring high-quality products for global users.

Future Development and Market Prospects
Geekbar’s core philosophy is technology innovation and partnership success, consistently adhering to principles of openness, fairness, and mutual benefit. Potti Lan, Chief Marketing Officer of Geekbar, stated, “Over the past few years, we have transitioned from a single-brand manufacturer to an ecosystem operator, supporting a comprehensive, healthy, and vibrant ecosystem. Our next step is to open our manufacturing, design, and promotion capabilities to Middle Eastern customers, helping partners achieve complementary strengths and mutual development.”

The Head of Middle East Sales of Geekbar, Kobe Hu stated, “Despite the UAE’s relatively small geographical size and population, its e-cigarette market is projected to reach $68.5 million by 2024. As a key distribution hub in the Middle East, the UAE attracts global brands’ attention. The market faces intense competition from local OEMs and major brands from China, Europe, and the US. Product quality varies, and logistics can be unpredictable. Geekbar is committed to the mission of ‘Being healthier,’ creating tailored products and flavors for the local market, recruiting top local agents who share our corporate culture, and protecting the interests of local and regional partners and customers.”

About Geekbar
Geekbar is dedicated to innovation and optimizing the user experience. As a leader in the e-cigarette industry, we continually strive for excellence, providing high-quality products and services to users worldwide.