Water-Based Vaping Has Arrived. Here’s Why You Should Care

Press Release
Water-based vaping looks to be the future of next-generation nicotine. Millions of smokers around the world are making the switch to vaping. In the past year, the growth of disposable vapes in particular has been a sight to behold.

According to Public Health England, vaping is approximately 95% less harmful than smoking, so it’s no wonder that many are making the switch. However, the current crop of vaping devices isn’t perfect.

New UK-based firm Aquios Labs is setting the benchmark for the future of vaping, with its ground-breaking water-based vaping technology. Unlike other vapes, devices using Aquios AQ30 technology contain 30% water. This huge change in ingredients addresses several of the annoyances regular vapers will be all too aware of.

The first big advantage of water-based vaping is smoothness. Many vapers, particularly those who have just recently switched from tobacco, find that vaping produces a harsh sensation. Due to the 30% water content of Aquios AQ30 vapes, the vaping temperature is lower, and the vapour produced is more naturally aligned with our bodies, resulting in a smoother, cleaner vaping sensation.

Next up is nicotine delivery. Increasing nicotine delivery speed is a huge deal in vaping, as it allows vapers to satisfy cravings and reduce the temptation to reach for a cigarette. The vapour produced by water-based vaping devices has higher bioavailability than traditional vapes. This means nicotine is delivered to the bloodstream more efficiently, resulting in faster satisfaction than ever before.

Another huge advantage of water-based vaping is flavour. Vape flavours have a tendency of being overly sweet or producing a synthetic aftertaste. This happens for a wide range of reasons, including high vaping temperatures and poor ingredient selection. Water-based e-liquids express flavours without introducing any artificial notes. Water is the most natural flavour carrier there is, allowing for clean, accurate and pure profiles. In addition, Aquios Labs uses a special formulation process to create their water-based e-liquids, which means only the best ingredients are used and everything is fully traceable.

The final key advantage of water-based vaping is preventing dehydration. Regular vapers will notice that vaping causes dehydration and requires you to reach for water more regularly than non-vapers.

This is because VG and PG, the main ingredients in e-liquid, draw water from the body. In water-based vapes, the combination of water content and reduced VG and PG content massively reduce the dehydrating effect of vaping. This benefit is very noticeable when making the switch from traditional vaping devices and is a huge bonus during the hot summer months.

Aquios Labs has already introduced its AQ30 technology to several devices and the firm says it’s currently working to increase the possible water content of vapes. With the benefits that 30% water can provide, the future of water-based vapes with even higher water content looks bright.