Voopoo VMate E Review - Better Than the New Infinity and Original?

A debate is emerging between three major pod devices released by Voopoo - the classic 2021 VMate and the new duo for 2022 - the VMate E and VMate Infinity. What do you prefer; style or substance? The undoubted winner of the best looking kit goes to the Voopoo VMate E, which is a slick leather/zinc alloy combo, but what about performance, flavour, durability and comparing the features? We decided to do a side by side comparison to determine if there is a clear winner and loser overall.

Voopoo VMate E Key Features and Specifications
·1200mAh battery capacity
·Protective dust cap
·0.7 Ohm & 1.2 Ohm MTL/RDL coils
·Adjustable airflow
·Leak proof pods
·Puffing pressure regulation
·Leather & metal design
·Anti-light reflection technology on the pod prolongs e-liquid life
·Compatible with new VMate Cartridge V2 & VMate Thru pods

Now, although the VMate E features are slightly upgraded, this is expected because it’s a higher price and offers a more sophisticated design with the mixed leather. But if you were to put the same e-liquid across all three, the flavour is still outstanding with each kit in its own right.

Let’s Talk About the VMate Cartridge V2 With Built-In Coils

The Voopoo website states that the new pods have a different cotton wrapping method to create smoother clouds and to avoid spitting issues. With a big side fill plug similar to the VThru pods, adding fresh e-liquid is easy enough whenever you’re required to do it. It’s recommended you use 50/50 balanced vape juice with a mixture of PG and VG to maximise performance when vaping MTL. But you could use high VG of a 70/30 ratio and get a tight DL draw and still get decent cloud and flavour without burning the coils.

Its potential for no leaking is also increased by the innovative dual air inlets at the bottom of the pod which supposedly capture balanced air. The jury is out on that one so far but the pods are transparent to clearly see your e-liquid levels and the Voopoo design on the side of the pod provides anti-light technology to help prevent deterioration of the vape juice via too much sunlight.

Granted the VThru pods were already super popular for creating amazing flavour with different e-liquids, creating crispy and juicy smooth textures from various flavoured e-liquids. However, these additional design features on the VMate Cartridge V2 have taken it up another notch.

Do They Vape Differently?
There are just more options with the VMate E, thanks to the adjustable airflow, providing a loose or tight MTL draw, which isn’t available on its sibling the Infinity or the previous VMate version. Therefore, it gives you a different hit when you vape the more expensive version and greater versatility, which creates a decent draw however you prefer to experience mouth to lung vaping.

There is also a dust proof cap for the VMate E, which Voopoo created with good intentions. However, it only does the job if you hold it in your hand after removing it to vape. For instance, should you remove it and put it inside your pocket or bag, the dust will then collect inside the cap. Because it doesn’t allow the vaper to attach the cap on the end of the pod kit, this creates a dilemma. Nevertheless, Voopoo is on the right track for thinking outside the box by helping to prevent dust collecting on the pod, which is a common issue.

In addition, the cap is designed with a plastic protruding element inside which when clicking on to the VMate pod creates a clicking action to apparently help oxidise the e-liquid inside the pod. Voopoo states that this insulates the e-liquid, slowing the decay to prolong the life of your vape juice and thus create longer lasting freshness. If this works which is hard to prove or deny, it’s a great idea!

The Infinity uses the same pods with the 0.7 Ohm preinstalled coils, so the taste is pretty similar. But because of the airflow and the additional 1.2 Ohm pod you get with the VMate E, it gets a seal of approval in that regard too.

Functionality and How to Use the Devices

All three kits are your run of the mill devices for basic vaping, to create no confusion or panic for vapers, whatever the level. There are no buttons to press with auto-draw applying to all three. The first VMate has a 12W or 17W performance based on the pod you choose and the VMate E and Infinity reach up to 20W of power. All of the devices have an LED indicator to demonstrate the battery level and what you have remaining before needing to charge. Each has a type-C charge port on the bottom for fast charging. While the original has a 900mAh and the same with the Infinity, the VMate E is larger thanks to the 1200mAh.

Appearance Breakdown
One of the key selling points of the Voopoo VMate E is its design. Just look at it - a beautiful kit for vaping while out and about. For professionals and nights out with friends, it does the job equally, thanks to the slick leather design. The Infinity and original VMate have a similar shape and are built with the same materials. They’re your back to basics vapes that weigh considerably less - at roughly 45g and 44g respectively. In comparison, the VMate E weighs in at 94g, so it definitely depends on what you prefer from your kit!

Made from aluminium alloy, the Infinity and Vmate are smaller in depth, height and width. Both without a dust proof cap, it all boils down to personal preference what you like the look of. The VMate E is definitely the luxury choice out of the three.

Why Choose the Voopoo VMate E Kit?
·It’s the only one with adjustable airflow, different types of draw possible from restrictive MTL and RDL to loose MTL
·Largest battery yet in the VMate series - plenty for MTL vaping
·New cartridge with updated features to improve atomisation, oxidation of e-liquids and prevent leaks, also compatible with the older VMate device
·The puffing pressure heat regulation system helps to reduce chance of overheated vapour touching your lips and prolongs coil life

Any Disadvantages?
·The weight of it for a pod kit could put some vapers off who prefer something a little lighter, but that’s a subjective point
·Protective cap is a little bit loose

This compact kit is everything you could want from a mouth to lung device. With a super nice design and a decent size battery, it’s a step up from its predecessor because of its adjustable airflow. Voopoo has done a good job of catering to DTL enthusiasts while still holding many of the aspects which made the first VMate so popular for those who prefer MTL.

If you can get past the weight difference and the novelty of the protective cap (which some subjectively may not appreciate), the VMate E is a great alternative to the original and the Infinity, making it the perfect evolutionary next stage of your vaping journey.