VOOPOO Drag X Plus Review, Now with 510

The Voopoo Drag X Plus is a single battery mod that has just been released alongside the Drag 3. It’s the updated to the Drag X of 2020 and it brings with it a few new changes over its predecessor. One big change is that the Drag X Plus has a 510 connector. It can also take a 21700, 20700, or 18650 battery and will fire up to 100W — a 20W increase over the Drag X. Let’s get started on the Drag X Plus review.

Appearance & Design
It looks very much like the original Drag X, main difference is that the Plus is not a pod-mod but a 510-mod. The materials used feel proper and the leather finish gives it a nice warm grip. Leather flows into the metal frame nicely making it look properly finished. As we have winter now, the metal frame on this device is cold, can’t remember a device this cold.

For me personally there is a bit too much branding going on with Drag X Plus on the leather, DRAG right above it on the frame, Voopoo and Gene chip on the side. Also, on top of the pod there is some more branding, ‘DESIGNED BY VOOPOO, and ‘ADAPT TPP COILS’ It would have been sufficient for me to just have DRAG on the leather.

The Device
It has one of those slide-door systems which I am not a fan of. This one feels quite ok and when a battery is inserted it sits in place well. It is a matter of going careful when the door is open to not snap it off. Only battery marking is on the inside of the door (-), which for me is clear enough. Fact that it is taking a 21700 battery is just thumbs up. Included adapter allows also for 18650 batteries.

Buttons are the familiar Voopoo buttons as on previous devices such as the Drag S and Drag X. I like these buttons, they react well and click nicely, no rattling whatsoever. The circular shape makes it feel as is if the fire-button adjusts to the finger.

A large and colorful screen clearly shows all details. Gene is one of my favorite Chips if its about ease of use and firespeed. On this mod you can actually not do that much, its all about wattage, either in RBA (no limitation) or Smart mode (limited wattage dependent on the coil). Smart mode is very useful for the stock coils, they give this little extra protection not burning your coils by accident due to too high wattage.

It is easy to navigate through the device; below are the different things you can do with the buttons:

5x fire-button = turn on/off the device
3x fire-button while on = switch between RBA and SMART mode
Fire-button + up = lock/unlock the device
Fire-button + down = reset puff-counter
Hold up and down = switch between UI (Iron or Core)

Overall, not much for a 21700 mod, and I am not sure if a firmware update will allow for more functionality. Like all Gene chips locking the device also locks the fire-button, so its quite useless, same as turning off really. Ability to change between the horizontal and vertical lay-out is a nice addition. It would have been nice if it was also color-adjustable and brightness adjustable. The brightness is more than enough, but adjustability is always nice.

The TPP Tank
As said, a new pod-type with new coils. I think Voopoo wanted to create a taller and larger capacity pod and therefor invented the TPP pod and coils. Pods are nice and transparent and hold proper amount of 5.5ML. Coils are larger than PnP and are not cross-compatible.

Bottom fill plug can be easily opened, and the fill port is OK in size for most bottle tips. I think they could have gone with top fill on this pod, but maybe esthetic wise it wasn’t of their liking. Metallic parts on the pod match in color with the metallic parts of the mod.
Both pod and 510-pod adapter make a strong magnetic connection. Bottom

airflow ring turns smoothly and provides lots of airflow. It does not have a stopper, but the ring sits tight enough for it to bot easily spin around. I would have preferred if the diameter of the entire pod with be the same, for me it looks a bit weird with its thinner bottom.

I was happy to see that this pod has a replaceable 810-drip tip but was a bit disappointed to see that it only counts for drip-tips with O-rings. Pretty much all my drip-tips are without O-rings as they are from tanks with O-rings built-in the top-connector. Voopoo should have done the same thing, an integrated O-ring inside the top of the tank.

Idea of these new TPP Coils is kind of like PnP, bottom plug coils that will be cross compatible. Both 0.15 and 0.2ohm have two large bone-shaped wicking ports, in total cotton coverage is larger than regular mesh coils. This can result in two possibilities; leaking issues or very saturated flavorful vape.

Cannot complain about the vape on these coils, for me these coils are better than the PnP coils. First, the flavor is better and second, the coils don’t get dirty so quickly, something I don’t like about the PnP coils (too little cotton). The large bone shaped wicking holes make sure that chain vaping is no problem at all, also did not experience any leaking issues with these coils.

Airflow of the TPP tank is a bit turbulent and when closing it off more than half it whistles quite a bit. Such a pity as the coils are good, the airflow is not in my opinion. Overall, I think it would have been nice if a proper mesh tank was included, and not this pod adapter thingy. Good news is that you don’t have to buy the whole kit.

Conclusion on Drag X Plus Review
A small, light weight 21700 mod that will suffice if you are just into wattage vaping. Gene chip as always fires up like a beast. It feels like a solidly made mod with a nice large screen. You see and feel that Voopoo took special attention in making this device small, lightweight and portable.

The new TPP tank and coils are an upgrade to the PnP, providing better flavor and longer lasting coils.

§Overall machining is proper
§Lays very comfortably in the hand
§Light weight and small for a 21700
§Gene Chip fires up instantly
§Large and bright screen
§Smart mode is a nice feature
§TPP coils are an improvement compared to PnP
§Proper tank capacity
§Very proper flavor and clouds

§Bit too much branding
§Limited to wattage only
§Airflow is a bit loud
§Tank only compatible with 810 drip-tips with O-ring
§Not able to lock and vape