VOOPOO DRAG H80s & E60 Review: Different Shapes, Many Similarities

Product intro and specs
The DRAG H80s and E60 are the two latest AIOs by VOOPOO. They are parts of the DRAG line, which features a variety of products coming in many shapes and sizes, practically covering the full spectrum of the vaping market.

The H80s looks a lot like an evolution of the widely popular DRAG X. It takes an 18650, has a similar shape (although it is thinner), and shares a lot of design lines with it. The E60 on the other hand is a compact boxy AIO with an internal 2550 mAh battery. Both devices feature large color screens and are powered by the latest GENE.TT 2.0 chipset.

When VOOPOO announced to us that they’ll be sending these two products, I wasn’t sure if it had to be two reviews or a 2-in-1. After unboxing them and spending some time using them, it was clear to me. While these are two seemingly different devices, they are similar in many ways. They are powered by the same chipset, they have the same features and functions, and, most importantly, they are the two currently available vessels for VOOPOO’s latest 4.5 mL pod tank, called the PNP Pod II.

If you are looking to find out which of the two new DRAGs is a better fit for you, keep reading!

Price: TBA (DRAG H80S at Element Vape), TBA (DRAG E60 at Element Vape)
Colors: Both: black, golden / H80s: brown, red, gray, carbon fiber, plum red / E60: pink, gray, coffee, carbon fiber.

·Materials: Zinc Alloy
·Aluminium Alloy
·Output power: (H80S) 5-80 watts / (E60) 5-60 watts
·Output voltage: 3.2-4.2V
·Resistance: 0.1-3Ω
·Battery capacity: (H80S) Single 18650 / (E60) 2550 mAh internal battery
·PnP Pod II capacity: 4.5 mL / 2 mL (TPD)
·Material: PCTG

Kit contents
·1 x Device
·1 x PnP Pod II (4.5 mL)
·2 x Coils (H80S: PnP TW15 0.15 ohm / PnP TW30 0.3 ohm) / (E60: PnP TW20 0.2 ohm / PnP TW30 0.3 ohm)
·1 x Type-C cable
·1 x User manual

Build quality and design

The build quality on both devices is top-notch. I received the Grey Carbon Fiber edition of the H80s which comes with a carbon fiber battery cover, and the Coffee edition of the E60 which has a smooth and sexy leather frame. The screens are identical, while the H80s has two separate buttons for +/- and the E60 has one button that can be pressed left or right.

The shapes of the two devices are very different. The H80s is a tall AIO, which is to be expected as it takes an 18650. Without a pod on, it is actually a little bit taller than the DRAG X—but the pod goes further in when inserted, so they are practically identical in height. But it is much thinner than the DRAG X, so it’s more compact overall. The E60 on the other hand is a box-style device that’s only 68 mm in height (95 mm with the pod tank on.) If you have big hands, you may even be able to fit it inside your palm.

Both devices take the new PNP Pod II, which uses the Adapt tech that was in use on the DRAG Q I recently reviewed. Unlike the Q, the pods don’t automatically adjust power/airflow on the H80s and the E60, but the device recognizes the coils and sets the wattage accordingly. The pods are transparent and easy to see through, and they allow you to set the airflow by turning them when inserted. You can even use just one of the two airflow slots if you want (although with the coils that come with both devices, there’s not much use doing that).

Finally, the pods come with a built-in mouthpiece. It is a wide-bore drip tip for DL and RDL, and it’s very comfortable. I do wish the tips were replaceable, but at least the fact that they are part of the top cap makes them hard to lose.

Getting started

While these two look like advanced devices at a glance, they are surprisingly easy to use. Here’s a rundown of basic operations:

·Turn the mouthpiece counterclockwise to remove it.
·Fill the pod through one of the two small holes.
·Set the device aside for five minutes to allow the coil to saturate.
·Press the fire button five times to turn on/off.
·Press fire to vape.
·Press fire and + simultaneously to lock the device.
·Press +/- to adjust the wattage.
·Press + and – simultaneously to enter the menu.

The menu is pretty basic, offering four options: Mode, Puff reset, About device, and Exit. Entering the Mode submenu, you’ll find three options, Smart, RBA, and Eco. Smart is the preset mode that sets the wattage automatically and limits max wattage to avoid burning the coils, RBA mode allows you to freely set the wattage, and Eco dims the screen and uses less power.

Note that when the battery drops to 40% on both devices, a message will pop up and prompt you to choose if you want the Eco mode activated. Not a big fan of this—it appears when you press the button and always feels like the device has turned off—but VOOPOO claims that Eco mode will increase the number of puffs by 10%, so there is some use for it.

That’s about it, pretty simple and straightforward without complicated modes and functions.


Each device comes with two coils in the box. Both kits include the 0.3-ohm coil, which is rated for 28-36 watts. The H80s comes with the 0.15-ohm coil (rated for 55-70 watts) and the E60 with the 0.2-ohm coil (rated for 40-55 watts).

All three are mesh coils and make use of VOOPOO’s “Dual in One” tech which is stated to improve the coils’ efficiency by consuming less juice. They can all be used with the H80s, but I wouldn’t recommend using the powerful 0.15-ohm coil on the E60. I’d also advise you to get a 25-amp battery for this coil, and not go over the recommended wattage.

When it comes to performance, the 0.15-ohm coil is the star of the show. The flavor I got from it at 60-65 watts was comparable to what I get from the 0.2-ohm coil of VAPORESSO iTank, which is one of my favorite sub ohm tanks. The only drawback is that you won’t be getting much battery life out of an 18650 at 60+ watts. I keep a pod with this coil on my desk, but I use one of the other two coils when I am out and about.

Both the 0.2 and the 0.3-ohm coils are solid and vape much better than the previous PnP coils with the same resistances. I had to close the airflow a little bit when using them, and you may even need to raise your nic levels a bit for the 0.3-ohm coil as it is noticeably cooler. But they are fine mid-range coils. Go with the 0.2-ohm coil for flavor and use the 0.3-ohm when you want more battery life.

One thing I need to note is that one of the 0.15-ohm coils I received suddenly produced a kind of a metallic taste and stopped being recognized by the H80s. It wasn’t burnt, but it felt like something short-circuited on it, and it gave away. The second coil I tried is still going strong after many refills so hopefully that was a random occurrence.

Finally, the top-fill design of the PNP Pod II seems to help with leaking. I still see a fair bit of condensation under the pod on a hot day, but it doesn’t interfere with vaping, and I never had spitback or a gurgly coil.

Battery life and charging

This section is only relevant to the E60, as you’ll be using an 18650 with the H80s and battery life will depend on the battery you choose.

The E60 comes with a 2550 mAh battery. I tested it with the 0.3-ohm coil and managed to go through around 1.5 pods (approximately 7 mL) on a charge. I expect around the same mL from the 0.2-ohm coil, which is not bad at all for a device that’s so compact. I didn’t turn the Eco mode on for my testing, so you could manage to get a little bit more out of it—but Eco mode also affects performance, so you’ll be getting a cooler vape if you turn it on.

VOOPOO mentions “superspeed charging” on the device’s page, but they don’t list a charge rate. I timed a full charge at __ minutes

Pros / Cons
·Excellent build quality
·E60 is compact and lightweight
·H80s is smaller than the DRAG X
·Large color screen
·Redesigned top fill pod tank
·Fully adjustable airflow
·Surprisingly easy to use
·Great flavor from the 0.15-ohm coil
·Good performance from the other two coils
·Great battery life from the E60 (even without activating Eco mode)

·Mouthpiece is non-replaceable
·One 0.15-ohm coil probably short-circuited
·Eco mode prompt at 40% charge is a bit annoying


The DRAG H80s and E60 are two great pod mods.  If you are looking for the best performance, then the H80s is the one to get. It’s a successor of the DRAG X, which was one of 2020’s most popular pod mods for a good reason, and the 0.15-ohm coil is a couple of steps above the other two when it comes to flavor.

But there’s something about the compact boxy design of the E60 that makes me want to hold it in my hand. I have more than 1500 hits on it, while the puff counter of the H80s shows 864 as of writing this sentence.

In any case, the devices are surprisingly easy to use, the new coils are very good, and VOOPOO updated the PnP pods in all the right places. I wish the 0.15-ohm coil didn’t act up on me, so I’ll keep an eye out. But other than that, both kits are recommended.