Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Review/A Solid Built Kit

The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W pod mod is an 80W device, more suited for Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vaping and incorporating a 3000mAh internal battery. It has a semi-rugged look and feel and it’s constructed out of zinc alloy and leather. The pod is re-fillable and accepts PnP coils with slider controlled twin airflow slots on the mod itself.

E-liquid capacity in the pod is 4.5ml (standard) or 2ml (EU version). A really lovely touch, the pod is NOT smoked in color, it’s virtually clear so you can visibly see the level of e-liquid you have left in the pod.

All of the settings are displayed on a really clear and crisp 0.96 inch colored OLED display and controlled by the GENE.TT chipset.

My initial thought when I first saw the Argus Pro 80W pod mod was it reminded me of the Ageis Boost. The colored zinc alloy frame running through the ruggedized body is reminiscent of that design. Even though it looks ruggedized, I don’t think it’s IP rated as it’s not mentioned in the spec of the design.

The Argus Pro 80W pod mod is the bigger brother of the Argus pod in that its power is increased from 40W-80W. The chipset is slightly different and the display is bigger. Also, the charging circuit has increased from 1A to 2A.

It’s also worth mentioning that while the version I received from Newvaping comes supplied with a DTL pod and coils, Voopoo also have a MTL pod and coils option for the Argus Pro pod mod. There’s also an RBA coil available for those wishing to build their own coils.

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Review

Features and Specifications

·Dimensions: 124mm (118mm EU) x 35mm x 31mm
·Weight: 170 grams including e-liquid
·Construction: Zinc Alloy + Leather
·Pod Material: PCTG
·Charging: Type C USB 5V 2A
·Output Wattage: 5 – 80W
·E-liquid Capacity: 4.5ml  / 2ml (EU) Pod
·Pods: Refillable, Replaceable PnP Coil
·Resistance Range: 0.1ohm – 3.0ohm
·Battery Specification: Internal 3000mAh 
·Output Voltage: 3.2V – 4.2V
·Display: 0.96inch OLED Color Screen
·Airflow: Dual Slot (Adjustable)
·Chipset: GENE.TT

What’s In The Box?

·Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod
·Argus PnP Pod (4.5ml / 2ml)
·PnP – VM6 Mesh Coil (0.15ohm)
·PnP – VM1 Mesh Coil (0.3ohm)
·Type-C USB Cable
·User Manual
·Hard Storage/Carry Case

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Design and Appearance
The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W pod mod is semi ruggedized and is constructed out of zinc alloy and leather. The shape is tubular with one flat side where the controls and display are housed.

It’s capable of delivering up to 80W of power from its 3000mAh internal battery. Charging is carried out via the Type-C USB port specified as 5V/2A.

Ultra-fast firing speeds of 0.001 seconds are achieved by the GENE-TT chip set, which also ensure the multitude of safety features are maintained, such as:

·Overtime Protection
·Output Over Current Protection
·Low Battery Protection
·Max Power Protection
·Over Temperature Protection
·Overcharge Protection
·Atomizer Short-Circuit Protection

All the controls and features are on the front flat side of the Argus Pro 80W pod mod, with the exception of the airflow control lever which is found on the reverse side. These controls include a 0.96inch OLED color display, a rectangular firing button and a larger square +/ – rocker button.

The Type-C USB charging port is located behind a rubberized flap, positioned just below the +/- rocker button.

Two adjustable airflow slots are located on each side of the mod just below where the pod sits. Adjusting the variable airflow is carried out by the slider button control, simply sliding to the left or right.

At the top of the Argus Pro 80W pod mod, Voopoo have included a metal loop for a lanyard to be attached (not included in the kit). I’m not sure I’d want this pod mod hanging around my neck but nice to have the option. The metal loop can be a bit frustrating at times as it does tend to rattle.

On the top of the Argus pro 80W pod mod is a recessed circular metal plate, fixed slightly above 3 coil spring loaded connecting pins. The pod itself has three strong magnets in the base around the perimeter of the PnP coil. When inserted into the mod, the magnets attach to the metal plate and the coil presses against the 3 connecting pins.

There are 5 colors available in the Argus Pro 80W pod mod range:

·Carbon fibre and black
·Vintage grey and black/silver
·Denim and black/silver
·Litchi leather and black/red
·Litchi leather and black/blue

The one I received was the litchi leather and black/blue version which is seen throughout this review. The color change between the designs is limited to the zinc alloy frame feature and the leather inlay. The rest of the mod is a rubberized matte black finish.

One side of the mod has the words “Voopoo” and the other side has the logo “Gene” and the words “Gene chip inside”. On the leather inlay are the words “Argus” in the same color as the alloy frame.

At the base of the Argus Pro 80W pod mod is a knurled circular section that resembles a battery cap. After fiddling and trying to see if it unscrews, no joy! It’s purely decorative.

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Design and Appearance
The pod is manufactured out of clear opaque black lightweight PCTG material. I love the fact Voopoo have chosen to use a see-through tint rather than the normal semi-opaque type where you can’t really see your e-liquid through.

A reasonably wide bore mouthpiece is fully integrated into the pod and the design is circular in shape. A stainless steel liner runs through the center of the pod which houses the PnP push fit coil.

E-liquid capacity is a pretty impressive 4.5ml (2ml EU variant) and the pod has a pretty large filling port at the base. Yes, it’s a bottom fill design. A silicon rubber flap connects to the pod and when you need to fill, simply unplug and fill up.

The filling plug is attached to the base of the pod by a circular rivet, similar in size and design to the magnets.

Three strong magnets do a very good job of holding the pod in place. Removing the pod actually requires a pretty strong grasp of the mouthpiece. I did find it easier to slightly lever the pod to one side which releases one of the magnets, making it far easier to pull free.

The pod, being circular is shape, will fit into the Argus Pro 80W mod no matter how you line it up. Simply place the pod into the recess at the top of the mod, gently push down and the magnets will attach and lock onto the metal plate.

As always, I’d opt for the larger 4.5ml pod version simply to negate the need for filling up as frequently.

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Functionality
The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W pod mod is very straightforward to use and is limited to variable wattage (VW) only. There’s unfortunately no temperature control (TC) mode but the firmware is upgradable via the Type-C USB port, so maybe an option will be available in the future.

All of the set parameters are shown on the 0.96 inch colored OLED display. These include:

·Battery Status
·Wattage Display (set by the +/-button)
·Mode of Operation
·Lock and Unlock of the Fire and +/- Button.
·Resistance of the Fitted Coil
·Voltage Applied to the Coil
·Puff Counter
·Puff (firing) Time
·A Graph Display of the Vaping Level

Mode of Operation
The Argus Pro 80W pod mod is both draw activated and fire button activated. Either option is selected by switching between the different modes. For auto-draw activation, select “A&P” mode, for button firing, select “P” mode.

The color OLED display really is very impressive. Everything you wish to know is very clearly displayed and very crisp. The use of color on parts of the display really does make all the parameters stand out.

To gain access to the menu options, you use the firing button and the +/- button as follows:

·Fire Button Pressed – Start Vaping
·– Button Pressed – Wattage Down
·+ Button Pressed –  Wattage Up
·Fire Button Pressed 5 Times – Power On/Off
·Fire Button Pressed 3 Times – Switches Between S/R Modes
·Fire and – Button – Puff Counter Reset/Data Clear
·Fire and + Button – Device Lock/Unlocked

Wattage is variable from 5W through to 80W in 1W increments. Holding down either the – or + button will cycle through the wattage quicker. The +/- buttons are not continuously cycling but stop once the minimum wattage is reached (5W). Once 80W is reached, the display will indicate “Max Power”.

The different modes of operation in terms of S and R are as follows:

S (Smart) Mode
Automatically selects and sets the wattage depending on the coil that’s fitted and won’t allow you to increase the wattage beyond that specified by the coil.
If you wish to vape at a lower wattage than the minimum recommended, you can do. If you want to exceed a higher wattage than that specified on the coil, a message will be displayed saying “Max Power”.

R (RBA) Mode
Normal mode, meaning you can adjust the wattage within the 5W – 80W range, irrespective of the coil you’ve fitted. I was a little confused with the heading of RBA. As most of us know, RBA stands for re-buildable atomizer. R mode really is just standard power mode.

P (Manual) Mode
This mode stands for PRESS (fire button activated only). It deactivates the auto-draw, irrespective of whether you’re in S or R mode.

A&P (Double Ignition) Mode
Selecting the A&P (double ignition) mode allows you the option to use either the firing button or draw activation.

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Pod Performance
Before getting on to the individual coils themselves, I have two observations worth mentioning:

Firstly, operating the device in P mode (push button firing), gives you a stronger and more responsive vape. The instant the fire button is pressed, the coil fires.

Secondly, draw activation (A&P mode) is not very responsive. With the airflow open, you really have to draw on the pod for it to activate. Restricting the airflow does help but to be honest it’s better relying on the fire button mode of operation (P).

PnP VM6 0.15 ohm Mesh Coil

Voopoo state the recommended wattage for the coil is between 60W-80W.
After having primed the coil with my 6mg freebase nicotine Mango Ice, I filled the pod and left to stand for 15 minutes.

I set the wattage to 20W to initially bed the coil in. My first vape was such a shock, the flavor and clouds produced were incredible. The hit I got was really powerful.

Normally at this point I would increase the power in 5 watt increments. Not this time. I reduced the wattage right down to 5W and tried again.

I couldn’t believe how much vapor I was getting and the hit was still surprisingly powerful. The flavor didn’t really change either, still crisp and strong.

I’ll be honest here and say I’ve not used these coils before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Vaping this coil at 5W is like 25W plus on another pod/mod.

Increasing the wattage back up to 20W, then to 30W, and finally to 40W, the flavor really was immense and the room was filling up with vapor. I was beginning to get a head rush.

I took a quick draw (and I mean a quick one) at 60W. WOW! This was way too much for me.

Vaping this coil at my ideal lower wattage of 15W was still really impressive, even though way below the specified ‘best fit’. Of course this will improve the battery life with minimal loss of flavor and vapor.

PnP VM1 0.3 ohm Mesh Coil

Voopoo state the recommended wattage for the coil is between 32W-40W.

Now being very cautious after my experience with the VM6 coil, I used the same e-liquid with this coil. Having primed and left to stand for 15 minutes, what was I going to find?

Setting the power to 5W gave me the same intense vape, lots of flavor and vapor. I really couldn’t believe how powerful these coils were hitting at such a low wattage.

Incrementing the wattage up by 5W each time just got more and more surprising. I stopped at 30W as the flavor, vapor and hit was incredible.

Coil Summary
Both the VM1 and VM6 coils are AMAZING. The flavor and vapor is off the charts, even at incredibly low wattages.

I’ve only been vaping these coils for a few days so can’t really comment on their longevity but so far I’m really impressed.

No leaks from the coils and the airflow adjustment is very good, perfect for an airy DTL vape or a restricted RDL vape.

Voopoo provide a wide range of different PnP coils, including an RBA coil that fits the Argus Pro 80W pod mod. All the coils are interchangeable with the standard Argus pod as well as the Drag range of pod mods too.

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Battery Performance
The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod is powered by an internal 3000mAh battery. Charging time is very impressive, taking approximately 80 minutes to fully charge, due to the 2 amp Type-C USB charger.

As a medium to heavy vaper, I was achieving a good days vaping from a fully charged battery. This was irrespective of what coil type I had fitted (but hardly surprising as I was vaping at such low wattages).

The battery display icon will turn red as the Argus Pro is running out of charge and the message “Check Battery” will be displayed when the Argus Pro 80W pod mod requires charging.

How Do I Fill The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod?

The Argus Pro 80W pod is a bottom fill design. You’ll have to remove the pod from the mod housing in order to fill with e-liquid.

The fill port is located on the base of the pod and is concealed behind a black silicon rubber flap. This flap sits pretty flush with the bottom of the pod. Handy that the rubber flap is attached to the pod so there’s no chance of it getting lost.

Because the fill port opening is pretty wide, it’ll accept those larger e-liquid/shortfill bottles.
Pull open the flap and insert your e-liquid drip tip into the opening. Once filled, re-insert the silicon rubber flap making sure the fill port is securely re-seated.

Quick Tip: If you are filling the pod for the first time, drip some e-liquid onto the wick of the coil first. Push the coil into the pod then fill the pod and leave to stand for approx. 10-15 minutes before you start to vape. This will help saturate the wick fully in e-liquid and help prolong the life of your coil.

How Do I Change The Coil in The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod?
Changing the coil in the Argus Pro 80W pod is really straightforward.

The coil design is a push fit (PnP) connection type with an O-Ring towards the base of the coil. Because the coil has an increased lip size at the bottom of the coil, simply grasp the coil and pull outwards.

Be careful when removing the coil if you have a full pod of e-liquid as spillage will occur. Small amounts of e-liquid left in the pod when removing the coil will remain in the pod.

When re-inserting a new coil, simply push in the coil and then re-fit the pod into the Argus body. As always when using a new coil, make sure you prime the coil first before using. Drip a little e-liquid into the side wicking ports and down into the top of the coil.

How Do I Charge The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod?

Using the supplied Type-C USB charging cable, plug the cable into the USB port on the Argus mod after releasing the silicone rubber flap. Connect the other end into a suitable power source (typically 5V/2A).

Whilst charging, the Argus Pro 80W pod mod will display the scrolling battery icon with the words ” Charging” above and the numerical percentage charged below. Once fully charged, the battery icon will stop scrolling and the numerical display will show 100%.

Charging time takes approximately 80 minutes to fully charge the battery using the supplied charging cable and an appropriate charging source.

The Argus Pro 80W pod mod doesn’t have a ‘pass-through” facility therefore you won’t be able to charge and vape at the same time.

As always, NEVER leave your vape device unattended while on charge.

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Price
For such an impressive pod mod, the Voopoo Argus Pro 80W pod mod really is worth investing in. For a compact, well built and incredible performing vape, you won’t get a much better device for the price.

Expect to pay in the region of £35/$35 for the Kit. 

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Verdict

·Good design and build quality
·Good airflow control
·Nice informative display
·Incredible flavor
·Amazing vapor
·Very quick firing
·Wide range of PnP coils
·Really impressive coils
·Good battery performance
·Pod is see-through
·MTL pod and coil option
·RBA coil available

·No pass-through facility
·Lanyard ring annoying
·Auto-draw not sensitive enough

The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W pod mod really is a well built device. It looks impressive and feels comfortable in the hand. The 3000mAh internal battery is very good for the size of the pod mod. No rattle from any of the buttons (except the lanyard ring) and the display is very good.

As for the PnP coils, I was so shocked at just how great they were. The performance, the flavor and the vapor was incredible. I will be trying the full range of PnP coils available to see if they’re as good as the ones in the kit.

Did I enjoy using the Argus Pro…? Definitely! Will I continue to use it on a daily basis…? Yes. Would I buy another…? Most definitely.

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful.