VOOPOO ARGUS P1s Review: Lightning-Fast Charging!

Product intro and specs
The P1s is the latest pod system in the ARGUS line by VOOPOO, which has become one of the most popular vape manufacturers since the release of the DRAG mod. Overall, I’ve found their products to be hit or miss, however some of their best products have been their pods—and especially the ARGUS line.

The ARGUS P1s is a pod system that focuses on being simple and beginner-friendly. Its internal battery is listed at 800 mAh, and it comes with pods that have a 2 mL capacity. The pods come with built-in coils and feature VOOPOO’s iCOSM technology that promises improved flavor and longer lifespan.

Price: $29.99 (at Element Vape)
Colors: Cyber green, cyber blue, cyber red, cyber white, cyber black, creed rose, creed cyan, creed black

·Dimensions: 112 mm x 25.7 mm x 13.5 mm
·Material: Aluminum alloy / PC
·Output power: 5-25 watts
·Output voltage: 3.2-4.2 volts
·Resistance: 0.5-3.0 ohm
·Battery capacity: 800 mAh
·Charging: Type-C / 5V2A
·Weight: 43 grams
·Pod capacity: 2 mL
·Pod material: PCTG

Kit contents
·1 x ARGUS P1s device
·1 x ARGUS pod (0.7 ohm/2 mL)
·1 x ARGUS pod (1.2 ohm/2 mL)
·1 x Type-C charging cable
·1 x PnP platform card
·1 x User manual
·1 x Lanyard

Build quality and design

The ARGUS P1s is a follow-up to the ARGUS P1 I reviewed earlier in the year. The P1 was a tiny square-styled pod system in the shape that was popularized with the Mi-pod a few years back. The P1s is a more traditional stick-style pod, which makes me think that the “s” stands for slim.

Its body features a metal ring under the pod, and the rest of the body is clear, much like the VAPORESSO LUXE Q2 SE. The difference here though is that the chip is visible through the clear body, and in the middle of the device, there are 3 LEDs that act as the battery meter.

The P1s weighs very little but feels really solid in the hand and doesn’t feel cheap at all. There are eight color options in total in two styles. The Cyber style comes in five colors (I got white), and the design is made to look like a circuit board, giving some Cyberpunk vibes. The Creed style comes in three colors—they didn’t send me any of those, but the design seems to be graffiti-inspired.

There are no buttons on the device at all—it’s inhale to fire. Also, no airflow adjustment. All in all, it’s a pretty simple device that has a single purpose—fill with juice and vape.

Getting started

The ARGUS P1s is a pretty typical pod system that’s perfect for beginners. No buttons, no on or off, no settings. Just inhale when you want to vape and pocket it when you are on the go.

Filling the pod is easy. The pod itself is magnetic and comes in and out very easily. After taking it out, you will see a black rubber plug on the side that you remove to expose the fill hole. On that rubber plug, you can also see which coil it is (0.7 ohm or 1.2 ohm).

The pod is fully exposed, and the tint is very light, so the juice level is easy to see. I wish all companies would do this since I’m always a function-first kind of guy and would much rather see clear pods. Their website actually lists it as a feature (“transparent pods”), so I’m glad companies are listening to feedback on this.

Overall, the usage is perfect for first-time vapers looking to quit smoking or someone who wants something small that doesn’t make a lot of vapor to get through the day.


The draw on the ARGUS P1s is a solid MTL with no adjustments. The device takes the same coils as the other ARGUS line pod systems, like the P1 I reviewed recently. The box contains a card to show you pod compatibility as well, which is pretty cool. It also comes with the same two pod options, a 1.2-ohm pod, and a 0.7-ohm pod.

I started my testing with the 0.7-ohm pod. In a device like this, the average lifespan is 10-15 mL per coil. I used 50/50 20-24 mg nic salt juices in it and got 16 mL on average. A little more than the last time I used this coil. The flavor was great for a pod system though.

Then I used the 1.2-ohm pod, same juices, and was able to get 24 mL, so it had a really good life. Flavor was about the same. Also got a little more out of this coil than last time.

Overall, I preferred the 1.2-ohm pod, but both are good, and you can try both for yourself to see what you prefer. Solid performance from both coils.

Battery life and charging

Battery life seems very sufficient for a device like this. It comes with an internal battery listed at 800 mAh and charging is listed at 2A. The port is USB-C and it is located on the bottom of the device.

I tested the battery, and for the charge rate I got 2.31A max which is higher than their rating. I would have found 2.5A acceptable as well, but great rating on them for overdelivering. For charge time, they list 20 minutes on their site, and sure enough, it’s 20 minutes. Most pods charge in 30-60 minutes, depending on the battery size, so the charge rate here is excellent. One of the fastest I’ve tested.

For battery size, I got a usable 620 mAh, which is a little below the rating. Most devices are rated about 20% higher than you actually get due to soft cell cut-off and other reasons I’ve analyzed in the past. This one is about 22% overrated. I would have rated it at 650-700 mAh. Nothing wrong with the battery size itself, as it’s pretty standard for this type of device.

It does not have passthrough vaping, which has been the case with various VOOPOO devices. No other company does that, so I’ll ding them for it. The LEDs on the inside act as a battery meter, but they went with the three steps most companies use instead of the better four-step indicator they had in the P1.

·Three lights: 60-100%
·Two lights: 30-60%
·One light: 0-30%

The lights stay on for about a second or two after you finish your inhale, but you can also pop the pod out and put it in again to see the battery level, which is a cool feature.

Pros / Cons
·Solid build quality
·Small and lightweight
·See-through case is awesome
·Two pods included (one of each)
·Clear pods (easy to see juice level)
·Good flavor
·Solid coil life
·Very beginner friendly
·Impressively fast charging (20 mins from dead to full)
·Excellent charge rating (2.31A max)
·Can check battery level by popping pod in and out

·No passthrough vaping
·Overrated battery spec listed (650-700 mAh is a fair rating)
·Three step battery meter (P1 had four steps)


Overall, VOOPOO made a great device to compete in the pod space, with the added bonus of really fast charging. Outside of the lack of passthrough, I have no real complaints about the device. It’s simple, good-looking, well-built, and durable. It’s a solid device that checks all the boxes in my book.