Combustion Vapes (aka, Vapes for Smoking)
The average dry herb vaporizer gradually heats its material to the point that it generates vapors that become suspended in the air, and the gentle heat never breaks down the herb completely. As such, these models—referred to as convection vapes—can represent a healthier alternative to smoking.
Instead of using hot air to heat the material, though, some dry herb vapes utilize an exposed metal coil to heat and burn the herb, similar to a flame and a smoking pipe. These are classified as combustion vaporizers since they combust (i.e., cause it to catch on fire) and subsequently break down the herbs.  Granted many users are looking for the healthier, Convection vaporizer, however, there are many who prefer combustion because smoke and vapor have differing traits, including how it impacts the smoker or vaper.  Below we have compiled a list of why people enjoy using Combustion Vapes.

10 Reasons to Use a Combustion Vaporizer for Smoking
Below, we will lay out 10 reasons why you might want to spend your hard-earned money on a combustion vaporizer for smoking.

You Enjoy Smoking
Some people simply like the process of smoking herbs, and using a vaporizer is just another method of achieving this, just like there are many different forms of traditional smoking, including pipes, bongs, rolling papers, and so forth.

Smoking Discreetness
Between pulling out a smoking pipe, packing it with dry herbs, finding a lighter, and then putting a flame to the material, traditional dry herb smoking is not very discreet and can be fairly cumbersome.
On the other hand, it is much easier and more discreet to pull out your pre-charged, pre-packed dry herb vaporizer, press a button, and then enjoy a puff, especially when you are out and about in public.

More Portable & Smells Less Than Pipes
There is a lot of paraphernalia that is required when smoking a pipe, including the pipe itself, the dry herb, a lighter, and (usually) some sort of bag where you can keep everything together and take it with you when you are on the go. And even then, the smell will alert everyone around that you are smoking when the time comes.
On the other hand, dry herb vapes are more compact, all-in-one devices that do not require you to cart around bulky materials. What is more, combustion vaporizers typically generate less of an odor than traditional smoking pipes.

Wind & Cold Resistant
Because you do not have to worry about an open flame (or a flame at all) like with a lighter, dry herb vapes can work as a great option when you are enjoying the great outdoors, especially in cold, wet, windy conditions, such as while snowboarding.  Try rolling and lighting up in that – or you can just press a power button and enjoy.

Convert a Combustion Vape to a Convection Vape
By implementing glass screens that act as a barrier between your dry herb and the hot coil, you can convert your dry herb vape into a convection vaporizer.  The glass screen barrier will make sure the intense heat from the coil doesn’t touch the herb, therefore not burning it and only heating via convection. This is great because you can choose whether or not you want to burn the herbs, which could further reduce smell and increase discreetness.

Some vapes, especially desktop vaporizers and the higher-end convection, can be very expensive.  However, dry herb combustion vaporizers have become increasingly affordable over the years, as technology has advanced, and its cost continues to decrease.

Easy to Use
Despite their complicated technology, though, most dry herb combustion vapes are as easy to use as per-packing the chamber, pressing and holding a single button, and inhaling. Some models do not even feature a button, and instead activate with a dial, touch screen or some other sensor.

Techy Gadget
Some combustion vape models boast all sorts of advanced features, including built-in microchips, a variety of sensors, and extensive safety functions, which could be a lot of fun if you enjoy exploring techy gadgets.  You can even find vape pens that hook up to an APP downloaded to your phone – the App allows you to control the vape and monitor other measurements.

Blending in With Your Surroundings
It is one thing to try not to stand out, but it is another not to need to be discreet in the first place. Because many combustion vaporizer models look exactly like an e-cig, they can easily pass themselves off as just that.  On the other hand, a traditional smoking pipe will never blend in with your surroundings, especially if other vapers surround you.

The AGO Dry Herb Combustion Vaporizer
The AGO Dry Herb Combustion Vaporizer is a prime example of a vape model that is designed for smoking. However, you will also find kits available with dry herb and/or wax coils, depending on your preferences.
At just 6.25" long and 0.5" in diameter, the AGO is portable but also features a long-lasting 650mAh battery, along with an LCD screen that makes it super easy for you to know your remaining puff count and battery life. There is also a five-click safety feature to prevent unwanted firing.  Together, the AGO might be an ideal choice if you are looking to explore combustion vaporizers for smoking.