Vaporesso XROS Mini Review

Vape product reviewer Peach Atkinson shares her thoughts on the newest member of the XROS range, the Vaporesso XROS Mini. This miniature version of the XROS is designed with MTL vaping in mind and is available in ten varying colours.

XROS Mini Specifications

·Dimensions: 98.9 x 23.4 x 13.5mm
·Pod Capacity: 2ml (TPD)
·Pod Resistance: 1.2Ohm (included) and 0.8Ohm mesh (not included)
·Battery Capacity: 1,000mAh
·Battery Output Power: 11W/16W
·Charging: USB Type C, 5V/1A

One of the most attractive features of pod systems is their diverse audience. They are a simple and inexpensive option for new and veteran vapers alike.

The Vaporesso XROS Mini encapsulates the very definition of a good pod system. It’s small, has refillable and replaceable pods that work best with high-strength nicotine e-liquids and also features a built-in, rechargeable battery.

It is compact, discreet, comes in a decent variety of colour combinations and has a textured finish on one side that also features subtle Vaporesso branding.

The outside of this device is about as simple as it gets as there is no screen display or operation buttons. The only functional addition is the USB-C plug on the bottom.

Despite its rather small stature, the XROS Mini has a substantial weight to it that emphasises a quality feel when holding the device.

The shape of this kit is rather boxy but has understated and subtle curves on the edges, making it extremely comfortable to hold.

The XROS Mini utilises a straightforward auto draw technique making it as easy as possible to use for new vapers.

How To Fill The XROS Mini
The Vaporesso XROS Mini makes use of replaceable pods with built-in coils, making it easier to fill and maintain, especially for those new to vaping.

Filling the pod itself is just so easy. A one-way valve accepts small-nozzled e-liquid bottles and significantly reduces any chance of leaking.

The pod is translucent in colour making it easy to see the fill level and avoiding over-filling. The only drawback I found was that taking the cap off the pod was rather tricky, and I had to use a lot of grip to remove it.

The pod (and therefore also the coil) included in the box offers a decent flavour and an impressive hit. I felt that the inhale on the 1.2Ohm pod was a somewhat tight mouth-to-lung and therefore found it worked best with 10mg-20mg e-liquids as it gives a smooth yet satisfying experience.

Coil longevity is adequate and lasts roughly five to seven days before losing flavour. Cloud production is minimal, but for me that is perfect as I enjoy having a discreet amount of vapour in public.

Battery Life
This small kit features an outstanding 1,000mAh battery whereas many similar-sized pod systems are around the 350mAh-750mAh range.

This means that battery life is incredible for such a petite kit. It lasted a full two days before it needed charging and with the USB C port, it took no time at all to be restored to full power.

Overall Impressions of the Vaporesso XROS Mini
The most basic goal of vaping is to quit or cut down on smoking, and the XROS Mini helps achieve that splendidly. It is truly a device for all, and the performance of this little kit makes it easy to see why.

·Super simple to operate and maintain
·The 1,000mAh battery lasts ages
·I liked how the pod was see through, allowing me to easily fill it without overfilling

·The top part of the pod was a little difficult to remove at first
·Having both the 1.2Ohm and the 0.8Ohm pods included would’ve been even better