Vaporesso Xros 4 & Xros 4 Mini: Worth the Upgrade?

The Vaporesso Xros series features some of the best pod vape devices ever made, so when Vaporesso introduced the Xros 4 and Xros 4 Mini devices I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

Unfortunately, we had limited samples, and I had to wait until our testers (Lloyd and Corey this time round) had taken their sweet time putting them through their paces!

Was it worth the wait? As always, it depends on your needs and preferences. The new devices certainly deliver some serious flavour improvements, while the Xros 4 also offers increased functionality. However, they may not be right for everyone, so let’s compare them with the previous Xros 3 and Xros 3 Mini devices on different aspects, to help you decide whether they’re worth the upgrade. 

The Xros 4 and the Xros 4 Mini bring subtle changes to the appearance of other Xros devices. The design is slightly more understated but at the same time looks more premium than the originals.

The biggest change comes with the display of the Xros 4. In fact, the Xros 3 didn’t even come with a screen but, as we’ll see, new functionality means it is now essential. 

This screen lights up with a delightful coloured curve which also handily highlights the device’s battery life, while subtle but clearly visible symbols indicate the mode being used. 

Both of the new devices are slightly larger than the Xros 3 and Xros 3 Mini, but the difference is small enough that you probably won’t notice unless you compare them side by side. 

Xros series pods are cross compatible across the range, so you wouldn’t think there would be much difference in the taste. Despite this, both new devices gave improved flavour, with the Xros 4 taking the lead here.

In fact, Lloyd said that:

The Xros 4 gave fantastic flavour and vapour production - the best I’ve experienced in a pod device. The strongest power mode takes it beyond any similar style of device I’ve used, in terms of performance, but it was even too much for me when using a 20mg liquid!

Corey made a similar observation with the Xros 4 Mini, noting:

Using the 0.6ohm pod with both devices, there was a noticeable difference in both flavour and vapour. The Xros 4 Mini seemed to have a quicker ramp-up time and delivered a better and more consistent taste.

As with the Xros 4, the Xros 4 Mini was a bit too much with 20mg nicotine salts, so if you use 20mg nicotine salts, you might be better off with the larger Xros 4 (set at a medium or low power mode) or with the Xros 3 Mini.

Do note that Xros devices work with both the original Xros pods and Corex 2.0 pod. We found the Corex 2.0 pods gave noticeably improved flavour. They also claim to last a third longer. While initial tests have shown they stand up well after heavy use for a few days, we’re holding back judgement on that until we’ve used them for a bit longer. 

Although it’s not new with this upgrade, it’s still worth mentioning that filling these pods is a delight - you simply pop the top off, insert the tip of the e-liquid bottle and squeeze. That’s much easier than using the fiddly bung method used by many other pods. 

There is one negative with these - after repeated use, the cap can eventually become loose. In fact, in the past I’ve ended up losing several caps, which basically means you need to replace the whole pod. 

Battery and charging
A major drawback of many pod devices (including older Xros devices) is that the charging port is located at the bottom of the device. As you have to lay it on its side to charge, you really should remove the pod when charging in order to keep the coil in the pod saturated. 

However, the new Xros 4 has its charging port located on the side of the device, which allows you to charge it while standing it up. I managed to stand this up fine when I tested it, but it kept falling over for Corey, so it’s an even bet as to whether this will bring you a benefit.

The battery life of the new Xros devices is unchanged compared to the original devices - which means it will last most users around a day. (The exception is the Xros 4 when used at high power mode, but even then it lasted over 6 hours with very heavy use.) It would have been nice if the Xros 4 battery had a little more capacity (say 1200mAh instead of 1000mAh), but I guess they needed to distinguish between this device and the Xros Pro.

One thing we did notice is that, like the Xros Pro, the Xros 4 charged super quickly. However, we didn’t notice any significant difference between the Xros 3 and Xros 4 mini devices. 

Functionality and ease of use
While the Xros 3 Mini came with fixed airflow, the Xros 4 Mini has an adjustable airflow slider on the back. This sounds like a big improvement, but the Xros 3 did have perfect airflow. Still, the airflow slider is very simple to use, and if you like an airier or more restricted airflow (or to switch between them) this is quite a big benefit.  

When it comes to the full-sized versions, the changes are rather more dramatic. The Xros 4 introduces a choice of 3 power settings (with the Xros 3 having only one). By changing the power, you can have quite a big impact on the flavour, throat hit and nicotine hit you will experience. 

However, that does come with a little more fiddle. To change modes, you have to press the button three times, and this also very briefly fires the device up. While the functionality might not be perfect, I think the end result is worth it. 

·If you simply want a basic device that you really don’t have to think about, you might be best off sticking with the Xros 3 mini. 
·If you need adjustable airflow, choose either the Xros 3, the Xros 4 or the Xros 4 Mini. 
·For the fastest charging time and the best flavour, as long as you don’t mind a little fiddling with the buttons, choose the Xros 4 and pair it with a Corex II pod.  

One final note - with the Xros 3 series, we recommended the Xros 3 Mini for most vapers looking for a simple but effective device. However, with these upgrades, I prefer the Xros 4 for its superior taste and functionality.