VAPORESSO XROS 2: The Only Pod Vape to Receive 2022 Red Dot Award by Far

Award given for products that demonstrate outstanding design.

Innovative vaping brand VAPORESSO’s signature XROS series has always been beloved in the vaping community for its stylish design, and reliable functionality. This is why it should come as no surprise that the XROS 2, the star of the XROS series, was just selected by an international jury to receive a 2022 Red Dot award for aesthetic and practical design. The award was even more impressive considering it was the only open pod system to take home the award in 2022.

Visual design and functionality in perfect harmony
“A good vaping device shouldn’t just be about looks,” said a representative for XROS 2’s ID team. “We know users want more.” From its conception to its completion, VAPORESSO’s team adhered to the concept that a great product should not only be good-looking but also functionally easy to use. The end result is an open pod device that features an ideal fusion of aesthetics and practicality.

Dynamic tiding power display, controlled with each drag
With the XROS 2 we see a departure from VAPORESSO’s past product design elements such as the screen and three-colored power display light. In its place, we see a sleek new tiding battery indicator display, comprised of 4 separate single-point light sources. The concept is simple: With each light representing 25%, all four lights indicate full power, down to 25% when only one light is lit. More interesting however is the tiding indicator’s secondary function. When taking a drag from the XROS 2, the tidal light group will light up dynamically in response to the user’s suction, much like the fluctuations of an ocean tide. Overall, the minimal tiding display is refreshingly simple, elegant and practical in use.

Water drop air-inlet dials in precise airflow control
The XROS 2 eschews the old three-slot airflow design for a new water drop-shaped air inlet, allowing users more precise control over airflow. Now, users can dial in airflow to the perfect presentation of taste, no matter the resistance values in different pods, or user’s preferences. Aligning with users’ habits, the air inlet is placed on the back of the device, and the airway is easily adjusted by simply turning to the right or left.

Purpose behind every design decision
The XROS 2’s body design is a work of multifaceted craftsmanship that aims to be both tactilely and visually pleasing. The CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum makes for a lightweight body, with color gradient sandblasting anodizing, exposure imaging, and diamond cutting processes resulting in a final product that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold.

Craftsmanship down to the finest details
As stated by one of XROS 2’s ID designers, “Minor details shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, it’s those small details that require more attention.” VAPORESSO’s attention to detail with the XROS 2 comes down to the finest degree of precision. Instead of a simple right angle at its base, VAPORESSO utilized a high gloss diamond cutting process to create a 150° refined curve that makes for a more harmonious appearance and a more comfortable grip.

Cross the Limits
Through its pursuit of next-level craftsmanship and practicality, the XROS 2 has quickly become a best-seller on the market within a year of its launch. Meanwhile, VAPORESSO continues to explore boundaries and push the boundaries, as it works to continue improving the XROS series and create other high-quality products. In September, VAPORESSO launched a new color line for the XROS 2, XROS MINI and XROS NANO, along with new cartridge configurations for the XROS MINI and NANO, bringing greater variety and enjoyment to vapers.