Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit Review

Established in 2015, Vaporesso is one of the largest and most advanced vape brands in China. Vaporesso is specialized in vape kits for a long time, based on its extensive experience and edgy techniques, Vaporesso has launched a wide range of different types of popular vape kits including compact pod vape kits, versatile pod mod vape kits, and powerful mod kits. And MOTI has received multiple top venture capital firms' favour since its inception in 2018, and MOTI also launched first-class pod vape kits in the market, for instance, the MOTI Classic pod vape kit and MOTI S Lite pod vape kit are popular among MTL vapers, and recently MOTI also extends its business in disposable vape market. We would always like to see co-brand products from strong enterprises because they often bring us surprises and joys, now a surprising co-brand vape product from an alliance between giants has come to the vape market - Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit.


Elegant, very elegant. That’s my first impression of the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit. What’s more, it is the unique sense of technology emerging and standing out from the form that makes it differ from others. The high light designs of the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit are the sleek space capsule shape and transparent visible circuit design. Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit as a whole, features rounding off every edge from head to toe, it is sleek and portable, offering a comfortable grip and ease of carrying. However, Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit can not stand up on a table on its own due to the round bottom of the device which means you’ll have to lie it down on your table if you can not find an upholder for it. The good news is that it won’t leak any e-liquid thanks to the seamless pod and the solid zinc alloy built device.

As mentioned above, the unique designs that differ the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit from others are the sleek space capsule shape and transparent visible circuit design. Thanks to its 100% transparent out shell design, from the outside in, you can clearly see the circuit and battery are well-placed in the chassis. Let me emphasize that the outlook of the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit as a whole is really cool which perfectly represents the combination of industrial style and futuristic style, creative and artistic.

Main Features

·Sleek and portable
·Innovative and interesting space capsule design
·Intelligent adaptive power control
·Mini body for mega cloud
·Adjustable airflow control
·RDTL vaping
·Dimensions: 73.3 mm x 25.4 mm (diameter)
·Honeycomb Mesh 0.35Ω DTL coils
·1150 mAh built-in battery
·Charging current: DC 5V/1A Type C
·Material: Aluminium Alloy/PC
·2ml e-liquid capacity(TPD version)

“Mini body for mega cloud”, it is a brief and accurate description of the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit. A large capacity of 1150 mAh battery is housed in the sleek mini body, delivering up to 29W output, and it comes with a pre-filled pod or a refillable pod, subject to the TPD Compliance, the pods have 2ml e-liquid capacity, the honeycomb 0.35Ωmesh coil is pre-installed in the pod, a mini canon for the mega cloud!

Even a novice vaper can easily handle this pod vape thanks to the MCU chipset, it can adjust to suitable output based on the coil resistance automatically. And a high VG e-liquid is recommended to use with the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit to create a big cloud and smooth RDTL(restricted direct to lung) vaping experience.

It is worth noting that it is a button activation pod vape - you press the fire button to vape. Here comes an awkward situation, you would misfire the device when you put it in your jeans pocket or bag which may cause unpleasant results - overheating, dry hit, and burnt coil. To avoid these from happening, you’ll have to turn it off by hitting the fire button 5 times rather than lock it down because the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit does not include a lock mode. It somehow spoils the convenient experience but it is not a big deal in the whole experience.

A mini cannon for a mega cloud. Truth is that the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit offers a convenient and easy road for novice vapers to reach an authentic and smooth DTL vaping experience with its compact and sleek body. To use, you do not have to worry about the wattage setting or coil choice, for me, I chose the refillable pod and filled it with my favourite high VG e-liquid. Before use, you will have to press the coil into the pod, and then all you have to do is to fill the pod with your preferred e-liquid and start vaping!

The airflow control is realized by the combination of the pod and the device, and the pod features a magnetic connection to the device. When a pod is connected to the device, you can revolve the pod to adjust the air inlet for a looser or a tighter inhale, namely you can adjust the airflow to produce a tight MTL vaping and a loose DTL vaping.

The function of the firing button is rather simple:

·Turn on/off: hit the fire button 5 times;
·Activation: press the fire button to vape;

What’s more, there is a real-time blue light that indicates the current using status, the light will shimmer when:

·Atomiser functioning: Long blue light;
·No pod detected: Blue light flashes three times;
·Low battery: Long blue light and half brightness;
·Overheat protection: Blue light flashes 8 times;
·Over vape protection: Blue light flashes 10 times;
·Battery charging: Continuous flashing blue light, the LED stops flashingwhen the battery is fully charged;

Subject to the TPD Compliance, the pod can only contain 2ml e-liquid which leads to an inconvenient situation - you will have to refill the pod more often because sub-ohm vaping and high wattage output generally consume e-liquids quicker. Never mind, it is easy and convenient to refill the pod - the pod features a bottom refilling port, it is easy to refill and offers a good leakage-proof.

In short, after a couple of days of using, the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit did not let me down, on the contrary, it brought me rather a good time of enjoying a smooth DTL vaping experience. With such a small body and innovative design among the mod vape kits, there is hardly any product that can compete with the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit. On the other hand, there is no such powerful and capable vape in the pod vape kit team as the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit. Basically, the Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod Kit is the best option for novice vapers to start their DTL vaping experience.