Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Review

This is the grand supreme of all hybrid pod kits. The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max, which we are reviewing today, is the next step in the evolution of vaping, and what looks like the future of the industry.

With the disposable ban fast approaching (April 2025 in the UK) and the chunky vape mod on a steady decline in popularity, the modern vaper seeks a device that can do it all.

One that can puff huge clouds, but fit discreetly in the palm of your hand for a casual vape experience. Something you can tuck away in the pocket during an office meeting but unleash huge clouds of vapour when called upon.

The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max is a beast – it follows on from the popular Luxe X and Luxe X Pro with a versatile combination of features and compatibility with the previous ranges of devices and coils. Let’s explain all you need to know, including why we think it’s one of the best pod-mods available.

Key Features
·Large 2800mAh battery
·80W power output
·RDL and DTL pods with the kit
·MTL coil and pod options also available
·Coil recommendation technology
·Seven different colour varieties
·Corex heating technology
·Leak-resistant SSS tech pods
·Smart touch button system

Important Specifications
·2ml TPD capacity pods
·0.54 Inch OLED display
·Compatible with all GTX coilsand Luxe X pods series
·Axon chipset
·Fire-button only device
·Charging current of DC 5V/2A
·Type-c charging
·2 x RGB LED Lights System (can be turned on or off)
·106.5mm x 32.1mm x 26mm

How Does it Compare to the Others in the Vaporesso Luxe Series?
Vaporesso are fast becoming the most recognisable and reliable source of vape devices, coils, tanks and pods to millions around the world. The Luxe series is a fine example of innovation and excellent technology that delivers a range of versatile options to different vaping levels and interests.

Currently, the Luxe range has an offering of vape kits with pod systems that allow vapers to refill their vape juice levels and inhale nicotine e-liquids on the go effortlessly.

The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max is the shining light of the range, with not only itsown new XR pods for direct lung (DTL) and restrictive direct lung (RDL) vaping, but the XR Max device is also compatible with Luxe X pods too.

Therefore, you can vape in a range of styles and utilise the plethora of Vaporesso GTX coils and suitable resistance that can produce a little or a lot of vapour.

Why the Luxe XR Max From Vaporesso is King
What stands out with the Luxe XR Max compared to its predecessors is the battery capacity.It’s a huge 2800mAh battery with an ‘ultra high-density battery’ design. Vaporesso states that it delivers a 40% longer life than similar products, which tests show is truthful, but you also must factor in the coil and vape juice used.

If you use the Sub-Ohm GTX coilsfor example provided with the kit – 0.2 Ohm or 0.4 Ohm, you need to vape at a higher wattage (roughly 45W) throughout the day with a thicker high VG e-liquid.

This will produce amazing cloud performance but burn through your coil quicker and run through your e-liquid levels faster, and therefore your battery life.

Thankfully with the Luxe XR Max, you have such a huge battery capacity, within a compact vape kit, with tons of coil and pod options, that this hardly matters!

How to Use the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max: Simple Setup Guide
1.Insert the chosen pod (two featured with the kit) into the device, and press the fire button five times to turn on.
2.With the kit, you get two coils as mentioned and as a bonus two extra pods (an RDL and DTL pod). Each pod states the type. Match the RDL pod with the 0.4 Ohm coil and the 0.2 Ohm with the DTL pod.
3.You can reverse the pods position around to alternate the airflow.
4.Three clicks of the fire button activate the wattage adjustment setting, which is customised up to 80W by pressing the very responsive touch screen up or down buttons, which automatically locks upon use.
5.Four clicks of the fire button to enter the menu, where you can operate the LED lights, puff counter, smart mode to recognise the current coil.
6.Note that the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max is fire-button activation only with no auto-draw.

How Does it Vape?
The Luxe XR Max is a truly surprising jack-of-all-trades device. Its cross-compatibility with all the previous GTX coils and Luxe X pods means you can vape as low as 0.2 Ohms for a huge lung hit or even a restrictive tight draw 1.2 Ohm MTL vape.

Whatever e-liquid you pick, the flavour is consistently dense, rich and satisfying, while the battery capacity means you can easily enjoy the device all day long without searching for a charging area.

If you just opt for the coils that come with the kit, it’s perfect for RDL and DTL vaping, but you can mix and match to try different styles.

The adjustable airflow toggle on the side of the device and coil options mean you can get just as much pleasure from a nic salt vape juice or high PG e-liquid when vaping a high Ohm resistance GTX coil as you could with a high VG e-liquid and the airflow wide open.

Thanks to the smart mode recognising your coil, it’s always on point to get you started on the right track in terms of flavour and cloud production.

Appearance and Build Quality Overview
Overall, the look and feel of the device are fantastic. It’s slightly larger and heavier than the previous Luxe X and X Pro, but more than makes up for the size difference based on the performance, versatility and reliability as a well-rounded kit.

We love the various colour schemes on offer and the stylish touchscreen and chipset display on the front of the Luxe XR Max. The option to light up the LEDs or turn them off is also a cool feature!

It’s a very compact and sturdy pod-mod that provides a powerful and user-friendlyexperience at all levels of MTL, RDL and DTL vaping for just over £30, so it’ssuch a bargain.

What are the Advantages of the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max?
·A large battery life that can last up to 24 hours with a full charge
·The huge range of capabilities to use different pods and coils means you can vape with any style
·Up to 80W of adjustable power is impressive for this compact device
·Huge clouds for such a small kit
·Compared to previous versions, the added adjustable airflow control is a welcome upgrade to customise the vapour production and feel for a tight or loose draw

Are There Any Disadvantages with This Unique Vape Pen?
·No auto-draw function
·Slightly on the heavy side for a pod at 123g but worth it considering all the features and performance level

The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max is one of the must-have vape kits of 2024. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey following putting down cigarettes for good, or looking for that next device to step up to DTL vaping, it delivers on so many levels.

Its versatility with different types of e-liquids and coils ensures that the Luxe XR Max can produce high cloud production, amazing flavour or a discreet performance in equal measure.

For the price, the stylish design, the power output and its compact nature, it can not be beaten and once again shows why Vaporesso is one of the premium manufacturers of high-quality devices.