Vaporesso Luxe Q Review: It Ticks All the Boxes!

Product intro and specs
The Luxe Q is the latest pod system by Vaporesso, a company that has established itself as one of the best vape manufacturers in the industry with many great devices over the past few years. The Luxe Q is a sleek pod vape in a small package with a clear focus on ease of use and portability. Its internal battery is listed at 1000 mAh and it comes with pods that have a 2 mL capacity. This is a traditional pod system, in the sense that its pods are refillable but the coils are built into the pods and not replaceable.

Vaporesso have produced a variety of devices in this product category, with some of them (like the Xros and the Osmall) hitting, or even exceeding expectations. Keep reading to find out if the Luxe Q is the beginner-friendly pod system you’ve been looking for.

·Dimensions: 91.85 mm x 26 mm x 16.5 mm
·Pod capacity: 2 mL
·Pods: 0.8-ohm mesh / 1.2-ohm mesh
·Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
·Charging: Type-C / 1A

Kit contents

Build quality and design


The Luxe Q is a small stick-styled pod vape, similar in footprint to most compact pod systems. Measuring at 91.85 mm x 26 mm x 16.5 mm, it’s shorter than the Caliburn G but a little thicker and wider, so it just depends on what shape you like. It also weighs very little but feels really solid in the hand. You can tell it’s well built and can survive everyday use and drops. The body comes with what they call a “leather texture,” which lends it a leathery look but is hard. They don’t list the material, but it feels like some sort of hard plastic. It is “anti-smudge,” so no fingerprints get left on the panels.

The Luxe Q is offered in seven colors and they all come with a silver frame, except for the black and brown editions whose frame appears to be gunmetal. I got the green one for review and the silver frame with green panels looks great. There are no buttons on the device, just a LED battery indicator at the top that is easy to see. All in all, it’s a pretty standard stick-style pod system, but it is well-built and done right.

Getting started

The Luxe Q is a pretty typical pod system that’s simple to use. There are no buttons or anything, no options, or added features. It’s a simple fill and vape device, making it ideal for beginners. The only adjustment that can be made is on the airflow, which depends on the orientation you insert the pod in. One side provides a tighter draw and the other a looser one, but there isn’t a major difference between the two. The pod itself just clips into place and pops in and out of the device very easily. To remove the pod, just grab it by the sides and pull it out. To put it back in, just pop it in until it clicks. Really easy and simple, as it should be.

The pods can be refilled in the same way as the pods on their Luxe PM40. You don’t need to remove the pod at all, just push back on the mouthpiece and it’ll pop off and expose a large fill hole that fits any fine nozzle bottle. There is a small airhole on the other side to let air out and make filling easy. Love this fill method for sure. The pod is thankfully clear and exposed well enough from the side to see when you’re running low. When running low, you do have to slant the device to see if any juice is left on the bottom. But it’s easy to see and works well. No complaints here and very happy overall with the simplicity of using this device.


The most important part of any pod device is going to be the coils—lots of nice systems have been ruined by poor coils. Vaporesso pod systems have had really good coils as of late, so we’ll see how this stacks up. Also worth noting is that since these coils are encased in the pod, they aren’t compatible with other Vaporesso devices.

The Luxe Q comes with two pod options:

·A 0.8-ohm mesh pod
·A 1.2-ohm mesh pod

Both pods offer a solid MTL vape. Not a tight one, but not loose enough to be a DL vape. I started off with the 1.2-ohm mesh pod. I used 50/50 20 mg nic salt juices in it and the flavor was great for a pod system. Very comparable to the top pods on the market. I ran 18 mL of juice in it, and it was still good, but starting to die. Really good coil life for a device like this that doesn’t burn much juice. I typically look for around 10 mL of life in coils like these, so the 1.2-ohm coil passes that. Overall, a great pod with no complaints.

Then I used the 0.8-ohm pod also with 50/50 20 mg nic salt juice. Flavor was good as well. Slightly better than the 1.2, but nothing major. It hits a little harder and produces more vapor, but not a major difference. As for coil life, I vaped 18 mL of juice and it was still good but starting to die. Both pods come with good coils, so it’s really up to preference. Can’t go wrong either way. Very happy with the performance of these pods.

Battery life and charging

Battery life on this device will vary due to your vaping habits, and which pod you use. The Luxe Q comes with an internal battery listed at 1000 mAh. They also list the charge rate at 1A, a charge time of 60 minutes, and the port is USB C. The charging port is at the lower part of the back side and not at the bottom, so you can stand it up while charging. I tested their ratings and for the charge rate, I got a max of 0.99A, which is on point. I timed a full charge at 64 minutes, so again great rating and close to the one hour which is what I look for in vapes like this one.

I measured battery capacity at around 952 mAh which is very close to their rating as well. All three ratings are pretty much dead on, so good job on Vaporesso for representing their product accurately. You get what they promise, and that’s important to me, and the reason I do all this testing. In real usage, you can vape through two pods before charging, so it really is an “all-day vape” for most people. The LED acts as a battery meter and works well:

·Green: 70-100%
·Blue: 30-70%
·Red: 0-30%

Good enough for the device and spaced out well. Finally, the device supports passthrough vaping, so you can still hit it when it’s plugged in for a charge.

Pros / Cons
·Solid build quality
·Lightweight and durable
·Very small and pocketable
·Easy to use and fill
·Simple but elegant design
·Seven color options
·Two pod options included
·Pods are transparent
·Good flavor and coil life from both pods
·Accurate rating on capacityarge ratearge time
·Good battery life
·Charges fast enough (64 minutes)
·Supports passthrough charging
·Not much of a difference between the two airflow options
Overall, Vaporesso really nailed it with the Luxe Q. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, but it’s a perfect device for new vapers and people looking to quit smoking. It does everything it promises in an affordable and well-built package. The coils are great, and it just works. I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. I only list one con for it, and it’s a nitpicky one since most pods like this don’t even offer an option to adjust air. If you are in the market for a simple pod device, the Luxe Q should be at the top of your list for sure.