Vaping Without Exhaling Vapor [& How This #1 Helps You Unlock the “Ninja Stealth Vape” Mode]

If you’re a vaper and want to keep your vaping low-key, there are ways to do it.

There are ways to vape — even in a crowded room — guaranteeing that no one will notice it. Which is definitely better than blowing huge vapor clouds that draw too much attention just for the sake of it. [Looking at you, cloud-chasers.]

There are two ways to vape without exhaling vapor [or exhaling as little as possible]:

1.Stealth vaping — minimal vapor. Use a smaller device (the smaller the better – check out our HIGHkey that we developed specifically for ninja vapers). Take small puffs, and exhale downstream.

2.Zero vaping — (hopefully) no vapor. Only possible with ultraportable vape kits. Cover your device’s LED light indicator, and take a small puff. Hold the vapor in your lungs for 3-5 seconds or longer. Exhale downstream.

Since vaping without exhaling vapor can be tricky to master, here’s a more in-depth view of how you do it…. and how you can become a ninja stealth vaper. Use this newfound power in a good way!

What is Stealth Vaping… & Why is Stealth Vaping?
Stealth vaping means using a vape device so no one can tell you’re using one.

Big whoop, right?

Basically, stealth vaping is vaping without exhaling visible vapor [or exhaling such small quantities of vapor that it’s virtually unnoticeable to the people around you]. So, it’s vaping without enveloping people in big clouds and drawing too much unwanted attention.

You do this by using small vapes that don’t produce much vapor in the first place. 

So the number #1 trick is to have a discreet vape device that doesn’t use sub-ohm tanks and doesn’t light up like a Christmas tree. Generally, these devices are designed for a tight MTL draw, meaning that you’re inhaling minimal vapor… so there’s not much to come out in the first place.

Now on to the tricky question of why stealth vaping is a thing at all.

Why is Stealth Vaping a Thing?
There are two reasons, depending on what you’re vaping on.

#1] Current social attitude toward vaping is misinformed and toxic.
We can thank the FDA and ‘save children from vaping’ campaigns for this. People are worried about things like secondhand vapor [which doesn’t exist]; nicotine particulates, popcorn lung… a whole host of things that don’t make sense. So some vapers prefer to do it without being noticed.

Others, however, want to vape in places where vaping is prohibited. This isn’t something that I would advise doing. Some public places and institutions like airports, airplanes, hospitals, restaurants, movie theaters, schools, campus, libraries, public spaces, public transportation, and similar ban vaping on the grounds that it’s no different than smoking [again, thanks FDA!]. If caught vaping in some of these common places, you can expect a backlash, a fine, or even trouble with the law. Still, some vapers use stealth vaping to circumvent the rules… and often get away with it.

The second reason why covert vaping is popular:

#2] People who vape on THC/CBD oils tend to use it to stay under the radar.
CBD/THC vape cartridge users can face an even fiercer backlash for using their products in a public space. If you’re one of those users, you obviously want to hide what you’re doing. Stealth vaping will help with that. I just want to point out here that discreet vaping on THC/CBD is a bit more difficult because of the smell and the flavor associated with those products. The scent is instantly recognizable to people who’ve used weed, so keep that in mind if you’re doing it in a crowded space.

How to Stealth Vape

There are a bunch of different stealth vaping techniques and methods you can employ when trying to be sneaky about your habit. In fact, I’ve counted no less than seven of them. But, the best technique for exhaling as little vapor as possible from your vape device is also the simplest.

Here it is:

1.Choose a smaller vape pen – like a disposable or a pod system, or similar devices… or even those pens that are cleverly disguised as lighters, USB flash drives, or key fobs . Anything with low power output. Sub-ohm tanks, coils, and big-ass mods won’t work here. The smaller the vape, the smaller the plume of vapor it will create… remember that.

2.Bring the device to your mouth, carefully concealing that blinky small LED light indicator. Take a short, shallow puff — don’t drag it out because the more you puff, the bigger the cloud of vapor will have to suppress. Once you take a tight MTL draw, inhale through your nose and bring it all down to your lungs… let it sit there for a longer duration, two to three seconds, at least.

3.Take care to exhale inconspicuously. The best way to do it is to purse your lips — don’t open your mouth to exhale — and to blow the vapor down. Remember, stealth doesn’t mean invisible, and some vapor might still come out of your mouth. Hide it by not making a big deal of your exhale.

This stealthy technique should work nine times out of ten.

Other tips and tricks and methods include exhaling into your shirt [not very practical, though]; using propylene glycol vape juices [less vapor creation]; or taking multiple tiny inhales and swallowing them before holding them in your lungs for five seconds or more. Another great idea is to take shallow but longer hits and holding them in. 

Experiment with all these methods for exhaling as little vapor as possible, but remember that the two biggest factors are having a low power device and not inhaling too much.

Now, let’s move on to a more advanced stealth vaping technique called zero vaping.

How to Zero Vape
There’s an ongoing debate in the vaping community about whether zero vaping is actually a thing. After all, isn’t the goal of vaping stealthily to NOT exhale any vapor? Personally, I agree with this — zero vaping is just the best way — or the best outcome — to stealth vape.

Others disagree, though.

In a nutshell, zero vaping is the process of vaping while being completely undetectable. This means no exhale, no flashing LED lights, no perceivable device in your hand. There’s no proper technique per se, but I find this to be the best way to exhale no amount of vapor when using an e-cigarette:

1.Use a super small vaporizer — a tiny pod device or a disposable vape will be best here, but you can use HIGHKey with a bit of practice.

2.Bring the device up to your mouth making sure to palm it, so it’s not visible — turn the LED light against your palm so it doesn’t light up your face. Casually lean your hand against your chin, make contact with the mouthpiece, and inhale.

3.Take one puff on your cleverly concealed device — a minimal size puff, mind you. Or 2-3 even smaller hits. Hold them in your mouth. Inhale through the nose, swirl everything up, and inhale it deeper into your chest. Don’t puff your cheeks. Don’t cough. Don’t collect $200. Nada. Don’t tip your hand.

4.Keep that mo-fo in your chest for a second or two. If you can do it, it’s a good idea to inhale another shallow breath through your nose. Bring it down. Hold. [I know it burns. I know you want to cry. But that’s the price you pay for wanting to be a vaping ninja. Suck it up.]

5.Exhale slowly and downstream. And hope to God that there’s zero amount of vapor there… not a small amount of vapor. A zero amount of vapor. Otherwise, you’ve got nothing to show for all this effort.

The thing is… exhaling zero vapor is difficult. And it’s not without its dangers. If you start feeling dizzy or lightheaded, stop doing it. Go back to regular vaping. Especially if you’re using high nicotine liquids. Trust me — this is not worth passing out over. Just quit vaping where you shouldn’t and go back to vaping at all your common locations, like your sofa. Or sitting at the toilet in the bathroom.

Don’t Make a Big Deal Out of Stealth Vaping
Here’s the deal — in some places, public vaping is kind of a dicey thing. And there are definitely occasions when you’d want to take a puff or two without anyone noticing.

I get that.

But… e-cigarette use isn’t the devil. Keep that in mind. Electric cigarettes save lives, and the fact that you’re using one means you’re not smoking… which is all you should care about. That’s why I don’t like it when e-cigarette users stealth vape everywhere. It makes us invisible… and it makes the backlash harsher when the muggles do see someone vaping somewhere.

So if you’re in areas or situations where you shouldn’t really vape — but you want to and it won’t hurt anyone and you just shouldn’t vape because of some stupid rule — go ahead and be stealthy about it.

It’s a case-by-case basis thing, and it’s up to you to make a decision when to stealth vape. Vaping is not cigarette smoking. So you shouldn’t stress about hiding everywhere. But when you do have to hide it, here’s a great vape product that will help you do it.