Vaping Question: To Dilute or Not Dilute Your E-Liquid?

When it comes to choosing an e-liquid, we are usually concerned with two primary factors: the flavor, and the nicotine strength. We know that e-liquids are relatively simple formulas containing just a few ingredients, but the arrangement and quality of those ingredients, as can the quantities of each.

That being said, some vapers out there prefer that their vape juices are diluted. While this may sound like it would ruin a vaping experience, the reality is that e-juice dilution does serve a purpose.

What Does it Mean to Dilute an E-Liquid?

E-liquid consists of four ingredients:
·1.Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
·2.Propylene Glycol

Each of these four ingredients are balanced so that the e-juice is flavorful, delivers the desirable impact of nicotine and maintains the right consistency to convert from liquid into smooth vapor without either burning or clogging your tank.

We know that e-liquids can have some level of variety between the proportions of certain ingredients. For example, many e-juices come in various VG/PG ratios based on a vaper’s preferences in terms of their setup, with higher VG e-juices offering thicker clouds. So, there is some wiggle room when it comes to the balance of ingredients, which is why diluting e-liquid is actually an okay practice.

What Does E-Liquid Dilution Accomplish?
Behind every e-juice method, there is an end result:

·People tend to dilute e-liquid because of their flavor preferences. Most e-juices on the market are made up of about 10% flavoring. While this is fine with most vapers, some people find that the flavor is too strong, because they are particularly sensitive to flavor stimuli. They may benefit then from having an e-liquid diluted, so that they can enjoy the same nicotine level without so much flavor.

·A vaper accidentally buys too high of a nicotine strength. Rather than wasting an entire bottle of e-juice, they may choose to dilute it so that the nicotine concentration per draw isn’t as strong.

·Simply running low on e-liquid and not able to get more before it runs out. So, a vaper will dilute what they have to stretch the remaining vape juice before they can restock.

How Can an E-Liquid Be Diluted?
E-juice dilution can be accomplished in two ways based on the VG/PG ratio:

·With higher VG e-juices, adding a drop or two of distilled water is the way to go, because high VG e-liquid is rather thick due to the viscosity of vegetable glycerin. Thinning it then with water is fine. But, the water absolutely must be distilled so that no contaminants in tap water are inhaled into the lungs.

·With high PG vape juices, you can just add a drop or two of VG. This way, the e-liquid does not become thinner than it already is, as propylene glycol is a runny substance.

Can You Dilute Your Own E-Liquid?
You can absolutely dilute your own vape juice, but remember to follow the guidelines above, or else you can end up ruining what you have. Many vapers choose to dilute their e-juices at home.

Can a Vape Juice Brand Dilute an E-Liquid for You?
Some companies will dilute your e-liquids upon request. This can only be performed if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, who mixes bottles fresh to order. Sometimes, companies already do dilute their e-liquids because they want to spread out the ingredients to save money. Only cheap, low-tier brands do this, but if they do, diluting the juice further could actually lead to extremely disappointing flavor and nicotine content.

Is Diluting an E-Liquid Right for You or Something You Would Like to Try?
Whether you do so at home or find a company that will do it for you, make sure that you really do prefer a vape juice with a lower flavor or nicotine impact before choosing to go this route. Also, make sure that whoever does the dilution, it’s performed with safe ingredients and only a drop or two in order for the formula to remain vape-friendly.