Vaping Hacks – Tips on Vaping at Work

According to Kevin Fenton who is the National Director at PHE, the evidence that vaping is less harmful than smoking is strong. Despite this, workplace vaping is a real deal. While vaping at the workplace, one may face a struggle in reaching a right understanding with the employer on how they perceive vaping to be. Some users need to use marijuana to boost performance in the workplace. A workplace should not ideally prevent you from vaping on a typical day. Some workplaces have stringent rules and it is of concern that members of the vapor community are struggling with their employers regarding vapor issues. We have decided to provide the best hacks and tips you can effectively use in the workplace.  Some employers and company rules may not be well versed with the vaping rules.

Top Tips on Vaping at Work

Choosing the right Products
There are umpteen products available and one has hundreds of strains. Choosing a good weed for your workplace will ensure you are the right amount of high. One should not be too high after vaping. So choosing vapes that provide relaxation and improve focus is important. A good vape will even give a boost to your creative juices.

Odor Elimination
To eliminate the tell-tale cannabis smell, it’s important to have some really good air freshener at your disposal. After all, not many of your colleagues would like you reeking of the smell. Keep it handy at your stash and spray it whenever you are done. You could also gently spray a little on the outer layer of your clothing, just to be sure!
Tip: Throw in the freshener even when you are traveling for business and hit the road.

Using Discreet Vapes
Now, even if it is legal to smoke marijuana, or whether your workplace allows it, intoxicants at the workplace are frowned upon by most. Irrespective of your beliefs, many do believe that it impacts your productivity albeit in a negative way. Ensure that with the use of cannabis, you are not putting yourself or anyone else in danger. Some vape pens are discreet and best for this purpose.

Know the Laws of your Company
Keep track of the local laws, your company laws and ensure your use is always discreet. Choose from the latest innovative products that help you keep your habit under wraps for your own good. Knowing the laws of the company will help one plan how to vape without drawing unwanted attention.

Choose Non-Smelly Vapes
Using a cannabis flower, edibles, or concentrate, choose vaporizers available in the market since they are discreet, do not produce any odor and make sure you do not smell like a joint yourself!
Not only is it good for health, but it can up your workplace consumption game. Many users say they actually feel better when they use a vape. Choose from an array of click designs, which is easily portable and looks like a nicotine vaporizer. While vapes are an initial investment, they are cost-effective in the long run.

Prefer Outdoor Areas
Vaping in outdoor areas is much better as it does not confuse an employer with smoking. Vapers are essentially those looking to quit and so hanging out with smokers will not add much impact. Als,o it does not contribute to the environment negatively as smoking does. So vaping is harmless.

Final Thoughts
Employers and those in the workplace responsible should actually make vaper-friendly policies to eradicate the negative effects of smoking. Since health is chosen as one of primary concern, employers should accept the positive change. Vaping is thriving as a healthy alternative and should be accepted with open arms by employers.